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Hank Youngerman
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Aug. 30, 2011
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Direct Cue Over Weak 2S (Poll)
I think the "modern" treatment is to play Leaping Michaels, so that 3 would be stopper-asking and 4 and 4 would show that suit and 's. If I sat down in a rubber bridge game with an expert tournament partner but no discussions other than "Expert ...
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
I played (if you call it that, looking at my results the term "played" might have been a misnomer) in one world championship, 2002 in Montreal. I found language impediments, and I didn't find it overly social because it's not like I knew many of the players. It ...
1993 Kansas City Spring NABC Appeals Committee Decisions now available online
What a rarity. An appeals book from the 1990's that didn't have my name in it! (Although I think I only played 2 days.) Is the Fall 1995 book coming eventually? I lost an appeal there and I've been trying to recall the entire hand ever since.
Multiple Errors
It would normally be, but since an opening 1N would be 10-13, a balancing NT can't be 10-13.
Multiple Errors
The diagram shows a ? for East's call, but that's not at all the focus of the post. The auction is over; I should have included three passes.
Hank Youngerman's bidding problem: A873 K82 K9 A987
We do play support doubles. In KS, a double by opener here would have said "I have a strong NT." However (a) KS uses a 12-14 NT, so the double shows 15-17, which really is not that much different than 14-16, and (b) KS long preceded the support double, which ...
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
My own notes say that "An unusual jump above the Kickback suit is exclusion; an unusual jump to 4NT is exclusion for the Kickback suit." I don't play precision so it's not clear that we have "agreed" on diamonds, but if your 2D bid agrees diamonds (subject, I ...
Hank Youngerman's bidding problem: T6 KQ5 KJT95 975
On the actual hand, 4H is cold. Opener's hand is AKQJx JT9xx Q Ax. It's clearly not a jump shift; in standard methods the only sensible bid is 2H. I agree with the comment that with a weak 6-4 I wouldn't have introduced 's. But would ...
What would you expect partner to hold?
In my regular partnerships it would be Kickback. But if I was yanked into being a substitute in a national event because someone's partner had become indisposed, I'd treat it as a splinter. If his next bid was 4NT I would treat that as Exclusion RKCB.
ACBL Board Happenings
I haven't played in one of those extended team events in many years, but - if they are alive and viable in other places - I would hate to see them go. Yes, they were social and fun. I remember playing in one at at attorney's office one October evening ...
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