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Hanoi Rondón
Hanoi Rondón
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Sept. 11, 2011
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I used to work for the Venezuelan bridge federation and now for the Chilean bridge federation.


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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Becker Wins Reisinger
Why are there .72, .19, .53 if the score is 1, .5 and 0?
Oh no, not again
There's no happy solution to this.
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
I'm sure the poker guys were helpful in taking bridge down.
What hasn't been said yet
"During the finals of this tournament, while relaying a (similar) story to a WBF official about a slow switch from a doubleton which was subsequently ducked, his response was "Everybody does that" That's pretty a pretty sad commentary on bridge ethics." Even though I agree that the tone of ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Sabine, I hope you remember the most important maxim from the internet so that you learn to deal with all the comments and blaming and bad blood: 'Haters gonna hate'
The Last Five Days
Excellent response to this terrible mess. I hope all the discussion could end up in a more responsible management of the tournaments and the neccessary changes in the rules. But to join the chorus once again, what a classy act from RW&SA!
In the Well: Brian Platnick
Greetings Mr Platnick. Regarding the preparation and use of Convention Cards: 1- Who is/was in charge of your card and Hampson-Greco's CC? Who did this job for Lall-Bathurst? 2- Do you think WBF's convention card (as opposed to ACBL's CC on the back of the scoring ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
"I don't give a rat's *** if that is the definition of “reschedule” in oxford dictionary, it ain't for most people." That's more or less one of the main problems with this matter: If you had 3 opportunities to be an opener in third seat and you ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
What is a 'legitimate third hand action'?
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Michael R: You say 'If you had played against Zia and me, and Zia had made the bid, you would have received the explanation.' Does that mean Zia explains it differently or you just don't know how he explains it or does it mean you play it differently?

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