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Hanoi Rondón
Hanoi Rondón
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Sept. 11, 2011
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I used to work for the Venezuelan bridge federation and now for the Chilean bridge federation.


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Peter Lieberman's bidding problem: T9x KQx KJxx KQx
Isn't 4 in response to 3 a little repetitive? I expect partner to bid 4 if he has five.
Lost in Translation?
Because they pose a threat to other human beings?
Drop-Outs from World Championships
Is something powder, pills or running naked in Beijing after losing a bet or poker hand?
Drop-Outs from World Championships
I don't think Justin Lall is too different in Bridge prowess to Joe Grue. However it is certainly bad that one of the previous winners of the BB is not able to play again and defend his title. Similar situations have been suffered by others, not able to go ...
Drop-Outs from World Championships
The mixed category is new. Was this taken into account yo do the math?
IMPS at stake
I think having this hand we'll be flabbergasted to be left playing in 2 Spades. We'll surely have another shot at bidding. It's similar to opening 1 club on a 22 HCP hand with no spades: you'll be surprised to be left playing One Club, so ...
An instructive deal for the non-math types
So all the Eddie Kantar's articles in the Bulletin about percentages and chances meant nothing for Lady Luck in this Tournament?
7NT On a Double Squeeze
It is a double squeeze because each opponent guards a suit and there is a third suit that both opponents guard. When one of the opponents stops guarding the common suit, the second opponent seems to be subjected to a simple squeeze. A double squeeze is a simple squeeze on ...
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you for your contributions, and also for being available and supporting with Bridge and youth bridge.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: QJ7 K K75 KQJ974
2 is not forcing.

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