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Harald Berre Skjæran
Harald Berre Skjæran
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May 16, 2011
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about me

Started playing bridge at home when i was 9 years old - filling in when there was only three players.

Started playing in a club at age 12, and played my first tournament at 13, with my brother (one year junior to me).

Became a district authorized TD at age 17 and certified as a national TD in 1991. Got an A+ at the EBL TD seminar in Amsterdam 1992. Been chief TD in our national pairs championships final 10 out of the last 12 years.

I don't play very much, later years most


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Becoming a Norwegian Bridge Champion
Bridge Accomplishments
Nordic School Teams Champion 1987, Norwegian Swiss Teams Champion 2010
Member of Bridge Club(s)
bliBest.bridge (Larvik)
Favorite Tournaments
NOR Club Teams, NOR Team League, NOR Swiss Teams
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BZ new video. Anybody seen this? What do you say?
Not exactly news.
Wrong information?
With screens, that explanation was given by south.
How would you rule?
Roll back to 4x+1 for -990. And might even consider a PP for north. Bidding 5 is egregious.
NAP-B report: two more hands
But you can't play a spade up as you say, after having discarded a spade on the last heart.
A Diversion
On page 5: "This may induce South to cover...." It should be East.
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: K63 4 K82 KQJ753
I guess 2NT more often wrongsides NT than 3m does.
Control? Or Choice of Slams?
Yes, I agree that it's easy to imagine hands across where another strain is better. But that doesn't mean you should have the ability to switch trumps at the 6-level. You need those bids to explore a grand. Other strains have to be explored at lower levels; here ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: Kx 976x Jxx K9xx
It's a reverse by definition; it forces responder to a higher level to give preference to the suit opened. The promised strength is a different matter.
Could we have done more?
That might be. South, in addition, doesn't know how to evaluate his hand.
Control? Or Choice of Slams?
3NT showed the A/K, responder knows about the king thus, but not the queen.

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