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Harold Feldheim
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Sept. 19, 2015
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Nov. 10, 2018
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Play Bridge with Reese (new ed)
Simply The best card play book ever written. (Also, See 'Play These Hands With Me')
Decision No. 2 of IBF's Special Ethics Committee
The head honchos of bridge, i.e. ACBL, WBF, EBU, et al are, as noted, proceeding in responsible fashion against the known cheats. Kudos for this. My problem is that no one is considering the aftermath. As I noted before, this may well be the tip of the iceberg; sure ...
Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!
Sometimes, the epicenter of cheating is very strange. For instance, Steve Sion was one of the best players I've ever seen. Why he cheated was outside my ken. (Fine players agreed and played with him for the same reason). Sponsorship being a motive is also hard to understand. With ...
Newsweek Speaks
The assumed cheating by the Blue Team is both annoying and reeks of poor sportsmanship. The facts are, Avarelli, (a retired judge) and Belladonna (a club owner) might spend 40-50 hours practicing and polishing their system and style. Belladonna produced so many masterful play hands that for a time, any ...
Count the ACBL In
Gene Saxe made a very important point without which, we are simply flailing at the air with no objective. As with any other legal process, there should be clear definitions with defined penalties. For instance, what is the dividing line between cheating and "sharp practices"? We can start out by ...
The Pathology of the Germans and other cheaters: Is one time really only one time?
Mel is, of course, totally correct in his observations. However, there is a reason these cheats are not drawn and quartered more quickly; that being, potential legal action. One need only remember the '65 Reese-Shapiro or the Sion-Cokin scandals. In each case, the accusers were placed in serious financial jeopardy ...

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