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Harry Hasiotis
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Sept. 24, 2015
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The Kibs Are Not Alright
"If someone had the discipline to cheat, say only once every 50 or 100 hands, it would be hard to catch her / him." If someone cheated once every 100 hands, they would improve their score from 57.1% to 57.2%. Why would anyone bother?
Polish Premier League Finals - live now and in person
Really well presented
The World's most complete bridge player.
"By the way, David, a professional cheat wouldn't even necessarily cheat every event. Win one week; take the next week off to let your stats return to normal. Even get things wrong deliberately..." This would increase the standard deviation of your results, which is in itself a sign of ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
Michael Clark: "I believe the game of "can I cheat in this position without raising any suspicion" is a more complex and skilful game than the game of bridge itself." Indeed. if you are smart enough to cheat plausibly, you are smart enough to win legitimately, so why bother cheating?
Off-topic: Alternative Corona Pastime: Killer Sudoku
I also subscribed to that YouTube sudoku channel about a month ago, Nick. Good to know I'm not the only one going barmy during the lockdown.
Bridge Periodicals
Not sure whether these were original magazines articles or books which were serialised in magazines, but Ron Klinger's Kosher Bridge, Bill Cole's Fishheads and David Bird's monks were very entertaining
Only Connect Series 15 Final
Nausicaa is a great name by the way, rare even in Greece. My aunt is the only Nausicaa I know.
Only Connect Series 15 Final
All 28 episodes are on YouTube now, I'm half way through it, can't wait to see how our boys (and gal) went in the final. This is one tough quiz show (except for the final round with the missing vowels, that's relatively easy)
Jorge Barrera Wins Spring NABC Robot Individual
Eugene Hung, mild-mannered editor of Bridgewinners by day, robot slayer by night.
Slow play and campanology
It appears that there were more than one YA at the table (Thrusting or otherwise)

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