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April 10, 2014
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June 9, 2018
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Bob Okker's bidding problem: KJT 765432 Q42 8
Suppose partner has AXXX-KQJ-K-AXXXX.Do you think he will go on bidding ?
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 73 T874 63 AQJ96
3 .Mix raise ,better than 2,worse than 3 , i am sure good pd realize it this way ..
Neal Smith's bidding problem: KQ543 K3 A6 AKQ5
I know Zia'method here is :(correct me if i am mistaken) 2 = 3 cards trump support big hand or kind of big hand 3 = 4 or more cards trump support with big hand .
Hasan GüNer's bidding problem: Q3 75 QT852 AJ94
I totally agree about both 4 and pass bids and actually bidded 4 at the table.What i am saying now, thinking is not an overbid -just try to imagine pd hand possibilities.
Hasan GüNer's bidding problem: Q3 75 QT852 AJ94
Absolutely not . Your pd had AK10972 - AKJ KQ75 And the field bid 4 with his hand 22/35. Absolutely there is something WRONG here .Even 4 or PASS..
Steve Moese's bidding problem: AK32 AQJ982 KQ3 ---
4 on this board also may be good idea instead 4 as well :)
Steve Moese's bidding problem: AK32 AQJ982 KQ3 ---
European championship could be changed on a hand like this. Israel-Monaco match Board:2 AKJ10874 A1093 A Q Your right hand opened 1NT (strong) and Israel player Fisher bid simply 4.The other table bidding is different; 1-X-3-P-X-P-5-P-5 all pass. When ...
Peter Hainsworth's bidding problem: T QJT43 AJ953 52
limits decrease when competiting especially on that passed hand . so 2 seems to be the answer.
Nira de Waele's lead problem: 3 A8762 KJ985 85
so better i start playing for money ? :)
John Portwood's bidding problem: AT4 AKJ92 --- QJ853
The solution of this hand's problem is not at that level i am afraid.Maybe it is best to play 4 over 2 is + strong hand and after there, some key card asking questions to be reached 7 or 7NT .

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