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Jan. 25, 2019
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Board 21, 5 November, Italy vs Pakistan
I agree no need for me to ruff the K of S. I was too anxious to play a H through after Ruth doubled 2H. Better to sluff 2d - we should get at least 7 tricks.
Board 27, 5th November
1H - 1S - 3d would be a splinter in our system. Our bidding went 1H - 1S - 2d - 3c - 3d - 4d. Partner bid 4NT, i showed 1KC and she bid 6d. We had expert non-paying robots - they led a club: sad (DT). We were doomed once partner took control and bid NT ...
Bd 3 (19) BB 2011 Italy vs Pakistan - Tuesday November 5th
agree to bid 4H over 3S. When you have 1 bid, make it asap. It takes up cueing 4H for the opposition and guesswork for them to bid more than 4S.
Board 31 Nov 5 matches
next !
Bd 8 29th October
a whole new concept bidding a forcing 2NT with 6M. But definately to consider and up for discussion. Infinite ways to bid a hand. Thanks Kate
Bd 8 29th October
Definitely up for discussion with partner. Bidding is like a journey, so many routes to reach the desired destination. And the fun part on this forum is: how did you get here ?
Bd 8 29th October
Yes 2NT by opener is forcing for 1 round, showing a non-minimum hand: e.g. 1S -2x -2NT. 2NT by responder is forcing: 1c - 1S - 2c - 2NT is forcing enquiry. Opener could have 6c and 4H but not strong enough to reverse. 1c - 1S - 2c - 2NT - 3H showing 6c and ...
Bd 8 29th October
We didn't feel there was a problem with the way we bid. But saying that we are open to other ways and finetuning our system. I do appreciate what you and Kate are saying, how to look at a hand. This forum that Kate set up is so very ...
Board 5, 29 October, Italy vs Bulgaria
got you !
Bd 8 29th October
With a poor 11/12 count our rebid is 2S. If responder has a bare minimum we can stay out of game. 2NT enquiry works well for us. We can describe our hand further. We can show a 2nd suit, show the 2S was a genuine 6 carder, support partner ...

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