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Board 16 Forum May 21
This was the last board of the match, Kate as ever the bridge enthousiast played against us at 6.00 am Chicago time. The bidding was all Kate (N) and Axel (S). 1H - 2c (art GF) 2d (Spades)- 2H (Q) 3d (4531) - 3H 4c (4 controls)-4d 4H (no A ...
Board 11, 21st May
Nothing similar at our table - as per usual Kate and Axel have many gadgets in their arsenal. Axel opened 2S showing 4S and 6 cards in a minor. I bid 3H and of course Kate had all the H. Double ! and -500 it went. If I pass what is Kate ...
Board 4 21 May practice - BB 2007 Sweden v Netherlands QF 1/6
I also bid 4H agressively on a 5 loser. I got a favorable d lead. And now i didn't apply STINK: Stop and Think. I was eager to get rid of a club, thinking 2 potential club losers. Kate falsecarded playing the J of S. I cashed the AK ...
Board 13 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden Netherlands
We had very challenging opposition in Kate and Axel. Kate opened 2NT: which was minors, preempt or GF. (2NT) p (3d p/c) p (p) and now Helena with a very reasonable hand bid 3H for a -300. Drijver and Brink bought the hand in 3d after initial pass, 1NT ...
Opposition for Tuesday?
good to hear - we can make it 6 am your time Kate ! that would be 21.00 here
Board 26, May 14th, Norway vs USA2
the Robots went down at our table. I didn't fancy bidding 2S over the 2H pass out. Helena led a small S from Qx! I cashed AK and declarer ruffed. Next H and another S and overruffed by Helena. Underlead of A of c. Declarer cashed the A of ...
Bd 24 Norway vs USA2 14th May
1d (2c) pass (2NT) i doubled showing a good hand, and partner bid 3d. That's where we played
Board 31 from May 14 matches
I also doubled with the N hand and partner left it in for 1 off. I agree with all the reasons above not bidding 2H.
Board 32 Forum May 14
At our table it went (1c) 1d by me (1S) and partner bid 2NT showing a 4 card d raise. I prefer a double over the S, showing H and at least 2 card d suport. West passed over the 2NT, i bid 3H, knowing that i can always go ...
Board 25 (9) May 14 Norway vs USA2
i did not consider passing partner's x in the pass out seat, even with 2 bullets. I did consider 3NT, however keeping in mind the x could be balancing, i bid 3d. If partner is better bidding a Major now i can take it to game. 10 tricks +130

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