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Helene Thygesen
Helene Thygesen
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Sept. 6, 2011
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Aug. 5
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
"No, my queen won over your king, this is a feminist bridge club, you know!"
Bridge Accomplishments
Played 1st division fylde league teams, one 1st and one 2nd place at Blackpool congresses
Regular Bridge Partners
Fred Kreek, Malgorzata Hirsz, Inge Okkes
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Harrogate, AMC, IJburg
Favorite Tournaments
Tolani Grand Prix (Mumbai), EBL Women's Festival, Pula Festival
Favorite Conventions
T-Walsh, K2, NLM, Cheap Transfers, transfer freedbids, Rumpensohl, Vinje signals, Coded Minors
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: 6 QT98742 4 KQT4
If we had a natural 4 available last round (not a splinter?), then yes, I agree that 4 now shows something like this. Could be just 6 hearts, though.
"I always ask"
I agree in principle but I don't experience this as much of a problem in practice. Sometimes partner didn't ask because he already knows. Sometimes he asks out of curiosity. Even if it is so that asking strongly suggests a hand type that would act differently over different ...
Forcing or Non Forcing
Forcing to game (or maybe forcing to 4 or some such) should be considered also.
What is this pass-then-double?
I can live with the shape restrictions for the t/o double. Obviously I have at least 4-4 in the red suits but on the other hand, almost all hand with a 5-card suit would either have bid initially or be too weak to double now.
The Price of Information
I strongly believe the 40,000-trick is sound. Samples do not have to be independent as long as the statistical analysis takes the dependency into account. The trick does not reduce the SE bij a factor sqrt(100) (Han acknowledges this), but the correct SE can still be obtained and ...
The Price of Information
Ah right, sorry. Now I see that you play a version where the 3 response just denies a 5-card major.
Inverted Stayman and Transfers
A somewhat popular convention in the Netherlands is Heeman which uses 2 for invite+ with 5+ in a major, and transfers for weak hands with a long major as well as for invite+ with four cards in one or both majors. It is supported by the Jack software. http ...
The Price of Information
If we blast consistently, the Stayman auction becomes even more informative, although I suppose that is not so helpful to opps. OTOH the blast auction becomes less informative so when we have a classical blast (no 4-card major), sometimes opps will lead a minor because our blast did not deny ...
Negative Doubles Over NT - Questions
Was that based on all pairs, or only on those who play strong nt?
Impossible Auction?
Normally, when preemptor doubles in front of his partner it shows that he wants to compete further, while when he doubles in balancing seat (like here) it shows that he has assets useful both for competing and for declaring. It is rare because preemptor has transfered captainship to partner, and ...

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