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Helene Thygesen
Helene Thygesen
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Sept. 6, 2011
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Feb. 19
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Bridge Player
New Zealand

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Favorite Bridge Memory
"No, my queen won over your king, this is a feminist bridge club, you know!"
Bridge Accomplishments
Played 1st division fylde league teams, one 1st and one 2nd place at Blackpool congresses
Member of Bridge Club(s)
UK:Harrogate, Lancaster, Leeds, Pannal. NL: AMC, IJburg. NZ: Waikato
Favorite Tournaments
Tolani Grand Prix (Mumbai), EBL Women's Festival, Pula Festival
Favorite Conventions
T-Walsh, K2, NLM, Cheap Transfers, transfer freedbids, Rumpensohl, Vinje signals, Coded Minors
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
2NT natural or not.
I would assume Lebensohl. Scrambling would be useful also, and to some extend you can combine the two, i.e. it is ostensibly scrambling but some follow ups (for example 2NT .... 3, when opps' suit is spades) is Lebensohl, so a direct 3 is stronger). Natural would make ...
What does 4!C mean?
"For the minors". Does that mean one minor, or both?
What does 4!C mean?
My favourite treatment would be a transfer to diamonds, I think. But without discussion it is natural, forcing.
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: AKT753 AKT63 3 4
Dbl. I have quite good defensive values in context. With no trump stack and a 3-card in a major, partner will remember that I bid 4 before.
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: AKT AT Q975 5432
Partner passed over 2 so it doesn't look like we have a game contract to protect. Not sure what to make of 3, but in any case I chicken out, quite happy to have lifted opps to the 3-level. At MP I might consider dbl, I do ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: K952 92 J97652 7
IMHO there's no reason to let it depend on the length promised by 1 since we pretty much know it to be a singleton. P will have 6 cards most of the time at this position, and RHO will rarely leave it in with less than 5.
Is this 3!d bid forcing?
Fair enough, but then you don't have the natural NF 2NT. I suppose 3 or 3 will rarely be much worse than 2NT. But is opener supposed to bid 3 with a singleton clubs, then? Even if we always have a 7-card minor suit fit, we ...
Is this 3!d bid forcing?
This. Although one could play 2 as Ingberman here, we would need a NF 3 after a 2 rebid, so we might as well play it as NF here also, for consistency.
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
I'm not sure if it's ever a great idea to propose 3NT while concealing spade support. Maybe opposite a passed hand. But an unpassed partner can have slam interest so we should not mastermind. For example, if he has AKxxx of spades he may bid 7 as ...
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
No system, I just made it up :) But the general principle could be something like: - we bid stoppers naturally if possible, or 3M if not possible - if 3M is not available to show fit, we use 4M-1. - 4 always shows the double fit - With spades as our major, 4 ...

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