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Helene Thygesen
Helene Thygesen
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Sept. 6, 2011
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May 23
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Bridge Player
New Zealand

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Favorite Bridge Memory
"No, my queen won over your king, this is a feminist bridge club, you know!"
Bridge Accomplishments
Played 1st division fylde league teams, one 1st and one 2nd place at Blackpool congresses
Member of Bridge Club(s)
UK:Harrogate, Lancaster, Leeds, Pannal. NL: AMC, IJburg. NZ: Waikato
Favorite Tournaments
Tolani Grand Prix (Mumbai), EBL Women's Festival, Pula Festival
Favorite Conventions
T-Walsh, K2, NLM, Cheap Transfers, transfer freedbids, Rumpensohl, Vinje signals, Coded Minors
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is double on the 2!S relay to multi 2!D ?
I just realize that "t/o" maybe isn't clear. I meant it as "short spades". Does anyone play it as short hearts?
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Some fifteen years ago there were a few Dutch and Belgian pairs that played Lorenzo when nonvulnerable and some more normal system when vulnerable. Lorenzo means that all 2-openings are 0-7 HCPs and can be a 4-card suit. Hence, pass in 1st/2nd seat shows 8-11 points. The advantage of ...
Transfer or Not?
Yes, opps once had an accident when I opened 1NT, partner's rho doubled to show a t/o of diamonds but his partner thought it showed a generic strong hand, so I played 2NTx+3.
Transfer or Not?
People rarely bid game against strong notrump so there isn't much need to preempt. If playing against pairs which are good at finding games against strong nt, I might try stayman and then hopefully it will be possible to correct 2 to 3 if it gets doubled ...
Transfer or Not?
This reminds me of one of the beginners at my local club who raised her partner's 1NT to 3NT on a yarb. When her p asked why she did it, she said she had been taught that 1NT is the most difficult contract to play so she didn't ...
Can we trust the statistical analysis in the Bridge?
If you construct the optimal "hcp" scale by fitting the regression model 3nt_makes ~ #aces + #kings + #queens #jacks to DD data sets, you find that a queen is only 1.7 points or such, less than two jacks. This is probably because for a DD declarer, it's not so essential ...
Can we trust the statistical analysis in the Bridge?
If you want to explore a very specific hand type that comes up once in a thousand boards or less, and maybe analyse the effect of bidding and lead methods which are rarely used in practice, while at the same time have sample size in the thousands, there's really ...
Just finished reading Under the Table......
Sorry, I should have been more specific about Toine's claim: He is not disputing that the hand layout and the leave-in of the double was authentic. What he says is that the most plausible explanation is that the vugraph operator missed the first round of the auction so instead ...
Forcing or not
Yes, I think 2 as non-forcing with four spades has little merits. If responder has an unbalanced hand he might want to be in game opposite a minimum with four spades, and to sign off in 3m rather than 2 if opener has three spades.
Forcing or not
Yes, 2NT shows four spades

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