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March 20, 2011
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March 9, 2019
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Testing the Field in BBO Robot Tournaments
What is the point of measuring the strength of the bot? Obviously you would want to do this, if you were a bot-developer. You would want to compare the strength of different versions. The main problem with bots is that they have some terrible bugs (or should i call the ...
Tournament Format
A) It's shorter Yes, that too. But this was not my point, so I ignore this in my discussion. The shortness is already taken into account in the calculation of 1.15. The key observation is: The variance of top half is smaller than the variance of the whole ...
Tournament Format
There is an error in the definition (and calculation) of x. Only top half advances to Day 3, and their scores are in range (50%; 60%). In the final, the scores are in range (40%; 60%). In other words: the variance in scores of Day 3 is greater. You should ...
BBO format
I think BBO has done a great job with providing the software free for everyone. The alternatives I have tried (there are three of them) are way behind BBO. BBO is far from perfect. Dropping the support of legacy version is a difficult but necessary decision. I am sure it ...
Crowdsourcing Workable Definitions
[i]Among the primary goals of this task is to remove ambiguity on the chart. [/i] Good luck with achieving this goal! Suppose we want to remove ambiguity of the word "forest". 1 tree (obviously) is not a forest. 1,000,000 trees (obviously) is a forest. Now we can ...
Scoring with a small number of tables
Avoid butler-scoring, if possible. "Average score" a hack: 1. Average of +620 and -100 is 260. 620 vs 260 is 8 imps, 260 vs -100 is 8 imps. So difference between 620 and -100 is 16 imps total. Actually it should be 12 imps. 2. Excluding the extremes also proves ...
On Testing Bidding Systems
"80 to 85% of the hands which we all get right because they are easy." You say that there are (on average) 13 easy hands in every 16-board segment, which we all get right. Have you tried to experimentally verify this claim? I think you will have hard time to ...
Length of matches and probability of an upset
In this fantasy game, you prefer 16 boards. This gives you 24.2% chance of winning and 0.00000000000000000003% chance of tieing. With 17 boards you can minimize the probability of losing. You win 6.3% and tie 18.7% of the time. If you play 8 boards you win ...
A bridge club gets busted
The limit is actually 52*ln(10) = 119.73 cards, which is rounded to 120.
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
How does the Hybrid know the cards/deals? Do we need internet and BBO for that? Or BBO account? Are there any security issues concerning data transfer? Someone might eavesdrop the electronic communication. Actually the same question can be asked about Bridgemate system right now. I have never thought about ...
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