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Hendrik Sharples
Hendrik Sharples
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July 28, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Member National Ethical Oversight Committee, 


Member National Appeals Committee, (before they did away with it)


D20 Disciplinary chair, former D20 Recorder, playing duplicate since 1978 or so.


Personal property appraiser (real life: as in antiques road show meets hoarders)


I tell people what their stuff is worth, sell some of that stuff on behalf of my clients


I golf once a week.  Before bridgewinners I used to do other things, but not so


much any more......

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting my wife (of course!)
Bridge Accomplishments
hundreds of regional wins, no (sigh) national wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Gerry Marshall
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Seaside, almost any National
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Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Assuming 4 is forcing (and it must be), N denied a red suit control by bidding 5 (IMHO)
Ridiculous results, doubled or redoubled
Worst -3400 5 XX Best 4th suit force 2 xx +2040
Yet Another Suit-Combination Analyzer
tried A10987 opposite Q654, I get line H, but it doesn't tell me what that line is, nor does it compare alternative lines. (I can figure it out, of course). I would like something that tells me the merits of (for example) A, then low to the Q; as ...
Should this Q-bid be Natural?
Extra values, no direction, usually 3. If I have a club heart two suiter I can bid 2 then 3 if I'm strong enough, but otherwise I have no good bid.
Part I - GNT Subsidies for Winning Teams
D20 subsidizes winning teams in each of the four flights $2000 to help with travel expenses: $1800 from club-qualifying game fees and the general fund; and $200 from Grass Roots FUNd game distributions. Since the final is on-line there is less expense getting this NABC subsidy than some other districts.
The "last suit" convention
Over inverted raises I like next step asks can I make 3NT? The step responses yes, no, but you might make 5m, no. Or extended first two steps the same, then no, fourth step do you remember the worst inverted minor you have ever seen me make? This is worse ...
South's bid is so horrible that I have to blame S 100%. I give 43% to North, 100% to south.
BIT ruling
Paul, in an ideal world the poll would include more answers. But I disagree with the logical alternative question. If 10 players were asked, all 10 bid 2, and all 10 said pass was a logical alternative, it strikes me that it isn't really a logical alternative when ...
A bidding poll with a twist
Ed, one of my first rules of bridge, a zillion years ago: Never claim against assholes. So I agree with Will that changing your tactics depending on the personality of the opposition is perfectly reasonable.
A bidding poll with a twist
Max, would you feel bad if you accepted a lead out of turn and got a top? How about if you got a top due to a 2 trick revoke penalty? There's nothing wrong with getting a top because of a bid out of turn. Don't feel icky.

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