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Hendrik Sharples
Hendrik Sharples
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July 28, 2010
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Dec. 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Member National Ethical Oversight Committee, National Conduct Committee


Member National Appeals Committee, (before they did away with it)


D20 Recorder (for many years, took a decade off, now I'm back), former D20 Disciplinary chair, playing duplicate since 1978 or so.


Personal property appraiser (real life: as in antiques road show meets hoarders)


I tell people what their stuff is worth, and sell some of that stuff on behalf of my clients


I used to golf once a week, no longer (bad back and bad golf is a terrible combination). 

Before bridgewinners I used to do other things, but not so much any more......

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting my wife (of course!)
Bridge Accomplishments
hundreds of regional wins, no (sigh) national wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Gerry Marshall
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Seaside, almost any National
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Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A Request from Ms Manners
IMHO, only a total moron would comment on this post :)
How would you rule?
Before polling we got a few really bad rulings that had to be appealed. Since polling has started, we see very few appealable rulings. So there has been improvement. Ideally of course the directors would ask 100 peers for what they would do, but that isn't particularly feasible. I ...
How would you rule?
IMHO, when 2/5 state they wouldn't bid, passing becomes a logical alternative, and therefore should be disallowed over E's value showing hesitation. If polled I personally would vote for bidding, but that makes me one of the 60% majority - not enough of a plurality to allow the ...
How much did the ACBL ode in Hawaii?
Esperanto for lose your ass
When you move a pawn to the 8th row and ask for a queen, does alphazero say "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"?
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
Poker players are 25, bridge players are 70 (by and large). Not surprising that the fitness level of the bridge player is much worse than the poker player. However, I agree that the fitness level of bridge players leaves a lot to be desired.
ATF, no not THAT ATF. Assess the futility.
I think the last four calls are all bad. I think 1 - 2 (forced by system), 2 - 3NT (must show 16-18 balanced, right?) is pretty straightforward
HNL: Blue Ribbon A!D: MIA
Sorry I wasn't clear, in the last two nationals where we had player committees, the ones before before the player committees were eliminated, from however many years ago, we were told.....
HNL: Blue Ribbon A!D: MIA
What puzzles me, is in the last two Nationals in which there were player committees, we were told we must rule as the floor director did unless we found fault in the application of the law, the polling, and the like. So essentially those committees were rubber stamp reviews. Yet ...
Director call in local club
Hear hear Ed, especially considering the publicity of two rather famous C&E cases on essentially the same subject.

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