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Hendrik Sharples
Hendrik Sharples
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July 28, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Member National Ethical Oversight Committee, 


Member National Appeals Committee, (before they did away with it)


D20 Recorder (for many years, took a decade off, now I'm back), former D20 Disciplinary chair, playing duplicate since 1978 or so.


Personal property appraiser (real life: as in antiques road show meets hoarders)


I tell people what their stuff is worth, sell some of that stuff on behalf of my clients


I golf once a week.  Before bridgewinners I used to do other things, but not so much any more......

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting my wife (of course!)
Bridge Accomplishments
hundreds of regional wins, no (sigh) national wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Gerry Marshall
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Seaside, almost any National
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Platinum Life Master
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ATB - Flannery
Rich, when I voluntarily bid a Vul game I kinda think I'm going to make it. Thus I think I showed values. If this auction isn't forcing and they need to bid 4 first to establish a force, that's fine (especially against me), but they shouldn ...
Does this sequence show anything extra?
Nothing is 100% on bridge winners, including this comment.
ATB - Flannery
It appears you don't have an agreement whether S pass of 5 is forcing. Hard to blame either partner if that is the case.
ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
I like 3 = a comfortable 2 bid, and X to show better hands. According to Kit that's wrong, so I guess I should rethink....
A CC/UI hypothetical
2NT as a forcing inquiry certainly includes hands that open 2NT, so I think it is allowed under the new laws. W can not take advantage of the fact that E is "known" to have 20 or so HCP, and if they take an action that appears to do so ...
Pass out of Turn
The idea is to make the penalty for POOT less draconian. How these laws will be applied remains to be seen, but I'm guessing that almost all (maybe all?) non GF responses would be allowed.
Finding the Q - any inference?
Against a BBO robot, opening leader holds a trump void....
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
There's no problem with you bidding 4 assuming 3 is some game try. However, the result should be rolled back to 2 - partner has no semblance of a 3 bid, and certainly appears to be bidding because of your explanation.
Marc Zwerling's bidding problem: 72 A972 AKQ62 J5
I don't know there's anything more for me to add. As I said, I expected the last call to be rolled back. But there is a strong bridge argument for bidding 4. In the last year of national committees we were supposed to live with the polls ...
Defense is hard
I guess I'm missing something here. With no side entry why didn't I play A at trick 1? Now when I continue with the Q partner may well give me a suit preference signal. Or is the play of the Q now just standard, regardless of the number ...

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