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Hendrik Sharples
Hendrik Sharples
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 28, 2010
Last Seen
Nov. 20
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Bridge Player
about me

Member National Ethical Oversight Committee, National Conduct Committee, Member National Appeals Committee, (before they did away with it),

member both Goodwill and Charity committees 

D20 Recorder (for many years, took a decade off, now I'm back), former D20 Disciplinary chair, playing duplicate since 1978 or so.


Personal property appraiser (real life: as in antiques road show meets hoarders)

 I tell people what their stuff is worth, and sell some of that stuff on behalf of my clients 

I used to golf once a week, no longer (bad back and bad golf is a terrible combination). 

Before bridgewinners I used to do other things, but not so much any more......

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting my wife (of course!)
Bridge Accomplishments
hundreds of regional wins, no (sigh) national wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Gerry Marshall
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Seaside, almost any National
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Funny acbl 1nt opening rules glitch
I have not seen the correction to the no 7-2-2-2 rule. Where is that posted? BTW hadn’t seen the no 10 cards in two suits rule either.
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
Clearly passing 4 with a stiff isn’t logical. You have ui and ai and you can’t use the ui. I don’t know the follow ups to this but assuming 4 is keycard is 4NT cue bidding spades? If that’s what’s going on than ...
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
You could go to the club and play, instead of discovering that the event was restricted to left handed blue eyes seniors with between 350-500 masterpoints. You could look around the club and recognize most of the players there. The standard of play of the field was much stronger, and ...
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
There was a time when I could see a significant number of the top US pros on the phone (in season, of course) between every break on weekends. As far as I could tell they were betting every college and pro football game, which, IMHO, means you are losing in ...
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
I have two way written in less than one typewritten page. It isn't complicated at all. In fact: In auctions that start 1m - 1M - 1NT: 2 forces 2. This sequence is to play 2 or to invite game by taking another call. 2 forces game ...
Duck or Fly, the sequel!!!
Multi Leading a singleton trump
Two over one GF game tries
Either no help in clubs with a max and diamond cards, or accepting and cue bidding in case you have a moose, to be (hopefully) clarified later
MI (?) Ruling
So N/S have no idea what they are doing in what must be a common sequence, get to their 2-1 “fit”, S didn’t notice the double, but they score up 650? Sorry I don’t see this as a good ruling.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
I will very politely ask an opponent I have mentored, or one that frequently asks for my opinion, if they would like some help on a trouble hand. Otherwise I keep any advice to myself.
Ethical Or Not?
If partner made a preemptive bid with a LR hand, something happened that alerted you to that fact. Whatever that something is, it is clearly UI. And you must pass, IMHO.

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