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Henk Jan Prins
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Sept. 16, 2014
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First of all.. Am I the only one who does not like a Splinter on a void? Is slowing down the bidding with 3 not promising much better chances to avoid this disaster? Who am I to disagree with Sylvia...? :) But I really like Kick-back or Crosswood if ...
Struggling on high level
Well, the notion mixed raise might not be fully correct. The cue-bid intended anyway to show 3 card fit and 10+
Struggling on high level
Excuses for some typo's
New suit in competition when partner opens
Just study Transfers in competition as a very flexible tool :)
for those who play (or know) Criss-Cross
I play Criss-Cross without interference. However, when opponents interfere with a double or overcall I highly prefer the so-called Transfers in Competition. See for instance:
Inference from playing Reverse Flannery
Herstein published an interesting article on Bridgewinners some time ago "Better advances after 1 minor" discussing improved bidding agreements after the auction 1m - 1M - 2m. He proposes an approach that enables Responder (with few exceptions) to: • Invite in his Major at the 2-level. • Bid 2NT or 3m as invitational. • Make ...
2!C-Multi ?
It is very nice to use the 2 opening for a Weak-Two in combined with strong One- Two- and Three suiters, or strong (semi-) balanced hands. After the NF 2 Relay a slightly modified version of the Scrambled Kokish approach deals with all these type of hands.
Decidedly an unusual hand.part 2.
Ok with corrected lay-out not much is different... Leading J is down 2... all other leads should result in down 1, exceprt leads as said of K or K
Decidedly an unusual hand.part 2.
It is correct.. Lead of K normally results in down 2... But all other leads except K or K still result in down 1...
what is the correct opening bid
I agree with the 4NT option... However, playing a special version of Kokish you are able to show any GF strong two-suiter also...

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