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Defence to Weak 2NT opener (minors)?
Nobody mentions that after a pass, you get another chance to bid. So direct bidding shows a good hand, and after first passing then for instantie doubling 3m is a lees hand with the M's.
Defence to Weak 2NT opener (minors)?
After (2NT): D is points or any (very) strong hand 3C is both M (54 or 45), hereafter 3D asks 3D is Both M (5-5) A few days ago, opponents bid (after my forepass) 2NT as 55 m, my partner doubled with a very strong hand with long S. The ...
Opener jumps after partner has passed your opening bid
With Interest in game you could double or cue bid. So, 3D is not interessed in game, for me. In stead of minimum,medium or strong, it is perhaps better to determine the amount of losers/winners, regarding the vulnerability.
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
What about a fit in openers' M, but not enough for a GF bid (2NT)? Because 1M 1NT is semi forcing, that leaves only 2 and 3 M for invitational hands with fit? And what if responder has a weak hand with 4c fit: Just bid 1NT or 4M?
BW 2/1: 100% GF?
I used to play with a partner that 1/2 was gameforcing with one and only one exception : 1M -2m - 2X- 3m. We needed this exception because we played Bergen raises en we didn't want a wide range for 1M 1NT 2X 3m. This agreement suited us well and ...
Signal on first trick in trump contracts
I guess you are looking for "rules" how to play after seeing dummy. Could there a basic rule that if the dummy has no losers in the suit, then it must mean something else then attitude? If so, I prefer Lavinthal
Equal Honour Signal in Trump Contracts
Partner need to know if a safe return in the suit is impossible. It needs a specific agreement with partner to do otherwise in such case (doubleton honor in dummy). If there is no such a agreement, play according your principal.
CAS Ruling on Fantunes
My (other) suggesion is that no one and no sponsor or country ever select or pay these guys for playing bridge.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
it depends what the agreements are about the 1 no trump opening: could it be with aan 5-card M? If yes, then it looks like 2H is a 6-card, exception is with 5H4S, a minimum and no stop in diamonds.
A Fun One
After 2D shows the opener his distribution. 3D shows at least 5K and 4D. But it depends on your agreement on the 1C bid: i presume that with a 2352 distribution 1D will be bid. After 3D Just bid 4C to establish the trumpsuit.
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