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Henk Uijterwaal
Henk Uijterwaal
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Dec. 29, 2011
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned the game from my parents at the kitchen table in 1973 or so. Started to play club games and tournaments around 1980, give or take a year. NBB member since 1980 as well. ACBL member when I lived in the US, DBV member when I lived in Germany.

Certified director with the NBB since 1987, running everything up to the national championships in Holland. Accredited teacher since 2013.

Current activities:
  • District director District 7, responsible for running all district-wide games in the Arnhem region.
  • Teacher/Trainer for the TD directors course.
  • Teacher for the beginners course in Doesburg.
  • Playing in the national teams and pairs competition.
  • And a zillion other things, including my blog.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reisinger Semifinals in 1998
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Denktank, Interbridge, Dombo
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Jackpots in club games - Increase attendance?
It is fairly common around here, in particular during the summer months. Players seem to like it, in particular when the non-top pairs have a chance to win something.
Web Movement?
Yes, I have used them but as a TD, I prefer appendix Mitchells over web. Mainly because it is easy to add a full table during round 1. As a player, I don't care, as long as a movement is used where everybody plays about every board.
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
182-23 puzzles me. Since the late 1800's, there is a set of movements for 14 to 25 tables, with 26 boards in play, where every pair plays every board. Late pairs can be added up to the end of round 1. Why not simply make those mandatory? Yes, it ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Well, maybe we should provide showers and force everybody to use them prior to entering the playing area. The public swimming pool here doesn't have a problem enforcing this. Seriously, creating a policy that cannot be enforced is a waste of time and energy.
Board of Directors
In the second paragraph, you are mixing the EBL BoD's equivalent and the BoD's of the various NCBO's (that is, the organization in the member countries). The former indeed meets f2f about once every two years but it only deals with matters that affect the whole of ...
Google Translate says: - - - - In the appeal proposals of the lord Fantoni and Nunes for the revision of the sentence n.6 / 16 surrender of this court on 10.6.2016 with which it was inflicted to the same the sanction of years tree of suspensions. Read the art.42 of ...
Leave ACBL?
When asked, I tell people that masterpoints are the way bridge measures your performance, similar to chess, a golf handicap, tennis rating, and whatever else you have. No need to tell them that the system might be flawed. And about money: 99% of the players are amateurs, but so are ...
Sportsmanlike Dumping Arises Again
There are 32 teams, thus 16 matches each round. Surely there must be 16 football fields in a country as big as Russia. A simple solution would be to play all the matches at the same time. Done. The additional advantage is that the local TV can only broadcast 1 ...
Do records of the 1951 BB (USA v Italy) exist?
The librarians of both the Bridge Museum and the Filarski collection have told me no, books covering the full event were only produced from 1953 onwards. The encyclopedia says the same. I have all the books since 1954, if anybody has a copy of the 1953 book for sale, let ...
The cost of a bridge game
Chris: I think every club here in Holland has a bar, or access to a bar. Players consider it normal to be able to get a coffee, beer, glass of wine, etc, during the game and a club without a bar wouldn't last long. The biggest games here (Arnhem ...
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