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Henk Uijterwaal
Henk Uijterwaal
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Dec. 29, 2011
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21 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned the game from my parents at the kitchen table in 1973 or so. Started to play club games and tournaments around 1980, give or take a year. NBB member since 1980 as well. ACBL member when I lived in the US, DBV member when I lived in Germany.

Certified director with the NBB since 1987, running everything up to the national championships in Holland. Accredited teacher since 2013.

Current activities:

  • District director District 7, responsible for running all district-wide games in the Arnhem region.
  • Teacher/Trainer for the TD directors course.
  • Teacher for the beginners course in Doesburg.
  • Playing in the national teams and pairs competition.
  • Blog at:
  • And a zillion other things, including my blog.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reisinger Semifinals in 1998
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Denktank, Interbridge, Dombo
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Indemnity insurance for bridge teachers
Yes, I have this, it is part of my insurance package as a free-lance trainer/coach.
Fantoni live on BBO
don't click on the table. It is like TV, if I don't like a channel, I'll switch to another one or switch it off.
What's in a Name?
I think we should ask this to a bunch of 20-odd year olds, not to the BW community. (And BFF stands for something else around here).
Opponents remind you of your own failure to alert -- AI or UI?
I agree with AI. Richard: I doubt that UI is going to work in practice, how can one ever make a difference between a player who forgot to alert, and a player who forgot the convention and woke up when the 4th hand asked.
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
- - - This is nutty beyond words. How many bridge cheats are playing *after* they have been found to be cheating? - - - Lots of them were playing in the time between the tournament where they were cheating and the moment that the legal proceedings started. In, for example, the FN case, the Europeans ...
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
The problem isn't that one cannot take these drugs. One can, if one files the necessary paperwork showing that this is part of a therapy and the player needs it for health purposes. The problem is that Mr. Helgemo didn't file the paperwork.
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
I got lost after the first paragraph: - - - In applying the relevant consequences that follow a violation of the Code, the Panel automatically disqualified the result of Team Zimmerman and the Team was therefore considered to have lost the final. - - - OK, that is clear but then: - - - The Anti-Doping Tribunal found that ...
WBF alert procedure
David: If every possible meaning is alertable I agree that that this is indeed possible, but then I don't see how a missing alert can damage anybody, as everybody knows that there should have been an alert.
WBF alert procedure
From what I understood from the players: North 1NT (10-13)-East P- South 2H(natural). West thought 2H was a transfer and doubled to show hearts, east realized that 2H was natural and expected it to be take-out. When the smoke cleared, EW were -800 for a bottom. TD ruled ...
WBF alert procedure
none :) but that is not the rule.
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