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Is the double a comparable call?
Richard, you will just have to play with the rest of us slimeballs who think the laws actually mean something.
Good ruling?
Your last paragraph has my 100% support David.
Good ruling?
David, lets assume you and me agree to meet 18.00 in the bar. I write down 18.00 in my calender, you write down 18.00 in your calender. I think we can establish now that you and I have an understanding to meet 18.00, agree? Now checking ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
But does it show 5 hearts? Probably not. If I have a rock bottom minimum weak 2 in hearts, I would still bid game if I knew partner has 5 hearts.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
The TD takes the offender away from the table and they sort out if there are any comparable calls or not, after that, they return to the table and the player chooses a call. After that the TD tells the table if that call is comparable or not. So the ...
Good ruling?
Didn't say it would be better, only shorter ;-) Maybe the answer just is to keep facts and opinions in different subthreads. I do think that opinions from players of your level is important to improve the laws.
Is the double a comparable call?
Well it was 12 years ago... And I agree nobody did complain, now everyone has decided they do not understand and the new law is crap even though it's basically the same, we only allow a few more calls (actually we have been doing that since 2009 when it ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Most probably south has no call to show exactly that. I play Multi and there is no call even close to show an opening hand with 5 hearts.
Is the double a comparable call?
What you are saying is that nobody understood the 2007 laws either since it's 90% the same law. The comparable call concept was introduced in the 2007 laws for insufficient bids but it was called "same or more precise meaning" The only difference is that we change same to ...
Good ruling?
"in my opinion" would be shorter ;-)

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