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What does double mean here?
I play it as "I want to bid again unless you want to double" but that's no way standard.
Comparable Call?
That depends on what your RA has decided on law 40B2(a)(iv). If they have not decided it's forbidden then it's ok by default.
Another Comparable(?) Call
I still can't understand why we are having this discussion....If 1 was a intended as a natural opening bid, then a change to 2 showing diamonds is a change that will allow the bidding to continue no matter if it's comparable or not.
Another Comparable(?) Call
Responder does not deny one major, he is forced to bid 2 to keep the bidding alive. The bidding has not started 1 - 2 so what that bidding shows is irrelevan and there is no UI.
Another Comparable(?) Call
You got it right. They ended up in the same contract they would have if the IB never took place so no adjustment.
Another Comparable(?) Call
If 1 is replaced by 2 under 27B1(a) there is no UI. If the bidding is allowed to continue after a replacement, comparable or not, there is never UI.
What's He Doing This Time?
ATxx KTx xxx xxx, I want to defend 2HX if my partner has the hand from the OP. If we are lucky declarer has x AQxxxx Qxx KJx. +500, It will be very hard to get that playing 3m.
What's He Doing This Time?
Both 2 and 2 X may be still be your best contract. 2NT removes both options. X shows what he had 2NT weaker and more cards in the minors.
What's He Doing This Time?
Take-out, normally only 2 spades.
What should be the correct ruling on this
I didn't...I said IF they knew....of course there might be things that makes the TD think they did not know.

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