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Also when you are under a lead restriction where the opponents have demanded a lead in a suit. If you have a card in that suit but still play another suit and wins that trick that's a two trick penalty.
Bid or Pass?
The player facing this problem opened 2. I guess he was the only one facing that problem. (Third hand had passed a 2 looser hand with 13 black cards ;=) )
Should I have troubled the TD?
You don't count seconds. You make a pause, and it's up you you if that pause is 7 10 or even 15 seconds. That's the main point. Nobody else should be able to tell if you actually were thinking or just waiting. If you count seconds and ...
Should I have troubled the TD?
Should I have troubled the TD?
In Sweden we use the stop card differently. It's always the next bidder who decides when the 10 seconds has passed. The one displaying the stop card can't control the tempo. If I estimate my 10 seconds has passed I can make my call no matter if the ...
I trust David has much better knowledge of the case then I do. :-) as always, a good story becomes even better after being told for a while ;-)
Gunnar Hallberg, playing for England was playing 6NT and made a claim where he stated he would play for a double squeeze. The opponents objected and Gunnars got somewhat annoyed about this and decided to play the hand out. In his state of mind, he lost his concentration and discarded ...
You may be able to persuade me otherwise but.....
And for the record, replacing stayman with puppet stayman is ok. Both bids asks for length in majors, what the responses are doesn't matter.
Monkeying Around
It might work...but if it does, the unfriendly TD will apply 72C ;-)
You may be able to persuade me otherwise but.....
No it does not have to have a less draconian wording. You just have to read what the law actually says instead of making up something of your own. Nowhere in the laws is mentioned a subset of the hands that would make the withdrawn call. The law only talks ...

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