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March 27, 2013
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Is this AI or UI?
David, you seem to mean that when the 2 is forced, that he would never have played that card if it was not forced. How can you know that? Why can't the 2 not be the card he wanted to play as well as the card he was forced ...
Is this AI or UI?
Two wrongs doesn't make a right... And you are wrong on both statements.
WBF Commentary on the 2017 Laws
Supplement. The minutes are part of the law.. This document only explain how the law is to be applied.
Is this AI or UI?
Yes they did. They knew it was safe to win the King. Without the AI from the mpc they might play low and if declarer has AJxxxxxx that would mean they would get no trump tricks in the defence.
Is this AI or UI?
How about trying law 52 which is the specific law on failure to lead or play a penalty card.
Is this AI or UI?
I mean the law as it is written. I don't know why you on the British isles insist on making up your own laws and then complaining about how bad those laws are :=)
Is this AI or UI?
According the the law issued by the WBF they would definitely not both become major penalty cards. Obviously the law according to Burn is different.
Gambling Actions (L-12)
The law does not in any way imply that bidding 5 over 4 in general is a gambling action. The example just says that on that very hand 5 was ruled a gambling action. What hand? Yes, exactly there is no hand because the example is not ...
Failure to announce
What do you open with ten diamonds? ;-)
Is this AI or UI?
Well. I think you have answered your own question already. There is no information that can be derived from an accidental exposure of a card, thus there is no UI from the accidental exposure. From a card played however there are a lot of information that can be derived, depending ...

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