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Who Will Direct the Directors?
All teams in the EC would have a negative score if all infractions were penalized. All pairs commit more than 20 infractions each match.
Well what do I know, I've only played strong club for 25 years so probably do not know how to best handle interference over 2. Not showing my hand when I have the chance and risk the next hand raises to 3 or 4 will never ...
Michael, there is virtually only one hand you can have when you pass 2 and then not pass the double, and that's 4 and 5. If you thought about passing then you will bid 2NT/3NT 100% of the times you decide not to pass 2 ...
It's completely impossible that the opener thought about passing 2!X and then instead decided to bid 3. If you have an almost pass hand you would always bid 2NT now. So the hesitation tells us his hearts are two bad for 2NT. (the bidding so far has ...
Yes, but in the end decided that 7532 in hearts were not good enough to pass...
What is the best treatment ?
Whatever, as long as the responder can choose if the opener should declare 4M or not. You don't want the lead through the responder if he is the only one with a stopper.
What is the best treatment ?
With a club stopper, respond as usual. Without a club stopper, pass. Partner will redouble to ask for majors again, then 2 is spades, 2 is hearts.
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
I actually totally agree that opening 2 is what you should do on that hand. In my case you were a bit unlucky third hand had passed on AKQJTxx - x AQJxx
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
One of my teammates had something like xx AQJxxx KQx xx, he opened 2 in 4th seat...-980 (as in opponents bid 6 and made it). I follow the rule of 15.
Comparable Call Issue
So what has that to do with comparable calls? You could forbid a spade return in the 2007 laws as well.

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