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March 26, 2014
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How much did the ACBL ode in Hawaii?
Esperanto.... that's a language not referenced often, these days.....
Is this a weak two bid?
Peg,you may remember Edgar's two conditions for a weak2: one trump too short for a 3-bid, one A short of a 1-bid by which he meant turn your highest non-trump honor into a trump (would you open 3?) and turn your lowest trump into an Ace (would you ...
Is this a weak two bid?
In an even seat at unfavorable, it's optional - meaning, I'll let partner decide whether this is a pass or 2 and go along with his view. EDIT: If he leaves it to me, this is a bad hand / bad suit minimum weak2.
ATF, no not THAT ATF. Assess the futility.
You don't agree with 1? You'd rather open 1, given that we are playing strong 1nts??
ATF, no not THAT ATF. Assess the futility.
ROFL, maybe we should get a game together sometime :)
ATF, no not THAT ATF. Assess the futility.
I prefer 1-2; 2nt-3nt myself, on the assumption that 2 was forced by system and 2nt shows the character of the hand. The more interesting questions to me is, would opener splinter to 3 over 2 with a 1=3=5=4 minimum (my answer ...
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Thanks for the clarification.
Discuss this convention
At first glance, this sounds like Fantunes 2-bids, but having never played or played against it, I could easily be mistaken.
John Liukkonen's bidding problem: JT AJT AT98 J852
What he said ^^^, with the qualification that with 6 fitting honors, I'm driving to slam over opener's rebid. If he is highly distributional, say, AKQxxx KQJxx -- Qx and they find a club lead, then too bad for me.
First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)
As of Sunday 12/2 bulletin, table count is 5651.5.

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