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How do you play this bidding sequence.
I note that in standard methods, neither 2nt nor 3 need be forcing, so in that sense the choices are inadequate since none of them express that option. I'd personally rather play some sort of 2nt game try relay, so that 3-level bids are GF with slam interest ...
Forcing bids after we double their 1 NT
Having passed 1ntx, haven't I mostly denied the kind of hand that I might want to have a NF new suit bid for? I can't have a light, distributional one-suited hand like Kx x Axx KJxxxxx or else I might have rebid 2 instead of passing. I ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AJT5 AQ653 --- AKJ3
@Richard, note that I carefully said that I didn't have tools, not that tools didn't exist :). Thanks for the new tool in my toolkit.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AJT5 AQ653 --- AKJ3
Knowing of a distributional hand with 5 hearts opposite, I can't picture a hand that doesn't give slam a play. Even a hand like Xxx Xxxxx KQxx X Could find the Kx of hearts onside with split side honors. Frankly, I'm a little worried about missing a ...
The Unlucky Expert
Got it. Thanks for the clarification and apologies for the obtuse misinterpretation :(
Henry Sun's bidding problem: JT942 Q74 7 T532
I would have splintered to 4 as well, but then I always try to follow the dictum, "pose bidding problems from your point of view, not partner's." Still, do you want to be in 4 opposite, say xxxx Kxx Qxx Qxx
The Unlucky Expert
Thanks for the tip, by which I understand you to mean "cash one trump before leading a low heart to the queen"?
The Unlucky Expert
I'd win the diamond, then play a low heart to the queen. If West rises with an honor, I'll will the club shift with the ace, play the deuce of spades to hand and a low spade to the nine (in case hearts are 5-1 and spades 2-2 ...
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: A9875 KQ2 AQ6 Q9
When I played Precision, opener's pass in this type of situation usually showed the balanced strong 1nt opening bid (with "balanced" being a somewhat loosely held term). It seems the perfect fit opposite a potential zero count like x xxxx xxxx xxxx
Todd Holes's bidding problem: AJT AQJ96 K9 AQ5
4, setting diamonds as trumps, although I'm doubtful that I'll find out what I need to know to bid a grand slam, which could be cold if partner has, e.g. xx Kx AQJxx Kxxx

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