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Missed Game-YBTJ
By my lights, a dbl then 2nt shows a hand too strong for a 1nt overcall, so something in the 18-20 range. In that context, I can't fault advancer for passing. However, if the dbl then 2nt shows a hand that is a 2nt opening bid equivalent (i.e ...
Bidding Options
Given the AK doubleton of spades, I'd consider this a normal strong 1nt, but if someone looked at the 6 controls and the reasonable 6-bagger and chose to treat it as an 18-19 point balanced hand, I wouldn't object to that either.
Poaching Jon Green's Post regarding the Common Game of 2/12
On your second auction, I've always thought that "forcing unless advancer rebids his suit or doubler gives simple preference" was the standard method. On the first auction, 1nt promises values, hence advancer cannot have a bust, hence the qbid should be forcing to game.
Do we want to be in slam here?
6 is a very good spot and 6 rather poor, as folks have commented upthread, but I'm going to guess that relatively few pairs would find 6 instead of 6, even on an uninterrupted relay auction where East shows power, West shows a 5=1 ...
Best way to bid this hand?
If I can buy this hand at 2M, I'm happy to do so, and if the opponents compete to 3, I'd compete to 3 on the assumption that both minor suit queens are working. As for missing game, which is possible if partner has the perfect ...
Bid these hands to the right strain in 2/1
David, point taken, although in my older KS training, opener would prefer to rebid 2nt over 2 with a spade stopper and 3 hearts (so that KJx Qxx x AQxxxx rebids 2nt, not 3), and thus my knee-jerk reaction is that the raise to 3 denies a ...
Bid these hands to the right strain in 2/1
These comments are interesting. And yet, I wonder how people would bid the South (responding) hand if it had been, e.g., xxx AKx AQxxxx x i.e., a hand too weak to make a SJS (and with a suit not good enough to boot) but too strong to make ...
(1H)-P-(2H)-P-(P)-2S continuations
"Your actual hand was ♠Axxx ♥x ♦A9xxx ♣xxx." Assuming that this is advancer's hand, I'd pass although I can imagine hands that have play for game, e.g. KQxx xxx x AKxxx and overcaller has an awkward choice over 1.
Do these auctions show support/preference for first suit?
I must be missing something. Isn't the second auction a game try with spades and diamonds? The first auction must have club tolerance,otherwise responder would have no safety with a hand too weak to bid 1 immediately.
1NT or not?
Michael H., perhaps she is playing a system where all balanced hands out of range for 1nt are opened 1.

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