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Precision interference
If my 2 rebid denies a 4M, then I prefer to play this dbl as penalty: we've shown strength, responder is limited, and they are at the two level, so our system has given us an advantage over the field. If my 1 rebid is artificial and ...
Steve Moese's bidding problem: KQT5 AK KJ83 T98
I'd pass but I wouldn't argue with a double. My guess is that partner has moderate values and a 5 card minor that he couldn't show over the double. If he has 5 diamonds, I will wish I had doubled, but if he has 5 clubs I ...
Apart from Kit's suggestion of transfers with 3 = negative double, if I have a penalty double of 3m I can at least bid 3nt and get my game bonus if double is takeout, but if double is penalty and I have anything like a takeout double then I ...
Another Forcing Pass??
FWIW, I would not have assumed 4 is 'extra-length Michaels' having never heard of that treatment until now.
Another Forcing Pass??
Assuming 4 is some commonly used / unfamiliar to me convention showing a strong 4 preempt, then I would treat the pass as forcing and showing heart shortness (i.e., almost any hand with a worthless doubleton in hearts would double 5).
ATB - reaching a bad slam
This is a slam reached on momentum that is a 5th diamond or the J short of making, and even so makes on a red suit squeeze because East has a singleton heart [added later]. I'd never worry about reaching 6, even if it goes down.
Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
I'd consider this a forcing pass situation if responder bid 4 (strong two suiter), or even 4, since it can't be a GI call when it goes past 3. 3nt, as unlikely as responder might be to bid it, would also set up a FP ...
Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
When partner raises himself to 4, he assumes captaincy and hence this is not a forcing pass situation. If he wanted your input, he would have bid something other than 4.
Melanie Manfield's bidding problem: 875 KJ52 AK5 J98
Hate opening 4333 12 counts at unfavorable :(
Alan Frank's bidding problem: KJ6 9 AK53 J6432
I prefer to show where my strength lies when the decision is close. I don't want partner to undervalue, say, AQxxxx Axx QJx x opposite a 2 response, nor to over value AQxxx Axx x QTxx even though the 2 response could go badly wrong if opener ...

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