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Meaning of 1NT rebid after a fourth hand double?
I have a flaw-less 1nt rebid (with flaws, I pass) without 3 hearts (with 3 hearts, I redouble). Whether "flawless" has to do with strength (maximum vs minimum) or stoppers (both unbid suits stopped versus one unbid suit stopped only) is a matter of agreement. I prefer the strength definition ...
So to be clear: am I understanding you to say that 1-1M; 2-3 is also a case of NMF and would be labeled as such? If so, I reiterate my comment: that seems weird...
What does 3 diamonds tell you?
A strong 4=4=1=4 hand could also rebid 2, which I suspect would beget a "what's the problem?" comment from many commentators.
What does 3 diamonds tell you?
Penalty pass?
A lot of this depends on system (I assume you aren't using any kind of reverse flannery 2M response), but to me it boils down to how responder forces with a hand like: AKxxx KQx xx Jxx I'd rather lie about diamonds than lie about hearts, so with ...
So Craig, on that reasoning would 1-1M;2-3 also be NMF because it's not necessarily natural? That seems weird...
I realize that I haven't played F2F bridge in probably 10 years, and so some of the linguistic changes are beyond my knowledge, but I thought that NMF applied to 1nt rebids, no 1m.2m sequences since the unbid minor is a new suit and is hence by definition ...
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
North opened a marginal hand (to put it politely), showed his 4 card spade suit, and opted for the position 2nt rebid over a more descriptive 3 rebid. South opted, by choice or by system, not to show a gigantic balanced hand via an immediate JSJ to 2 ...
Systemic lead from doubleton w/ two touching honors
My memory of the "lead low from touching honors" only applied to leads at tricks 2 and following.
True enough...
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