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Fit Non-Jump
If I were to play this convention, I would play 4 in comp as a fit showing response. To me, it is far better to let opener decide if we have a double fit than for me to show a club suit since we have no guarantee of a ...
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: --- KJT862 QT98765 ---
But I don't think the OP is playing control showing responses
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: AKT4 8 AKT AK854
@Kieran, what you say is true. I think it was Rubens who made the counter argument that if you advance 2 and partner has a strong hand, he will often bid his suit and then you can pass, whereas if you advance 1 you may cause partner to ...
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: Q9732 A42 J4 982
Thanks for citing chapter and verse.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: Q9732 A42 J4 982
I believe that the original definition of a mixed raise (maybe in the Rubens series on transfer advances?) was a 4 card raise with a fairly flat ODR, so it was 'mixed' because it had a little defense combined with some offense. I could of course be completely misremembering things.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: Q9732 A42 J4 982
I like having spades, so I prefer a semi-preemptive 3 raise to a mixed raise (3) even if a mixed raise is available.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: KQ A7 AK9853 KJ5
Oopsies... time for new glasses :( Thanks for the gentle correction. And in that correct context, 4 assuming it is forcing would be my choice.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: KQ A7 AK9853 KJ5
If partner has a penalty double of 3 and I pull it to 3nt we might still survive with an OK MPs score (even though not a top), but if partner intends his double as takeout and I pass it, we are likely not to do well, so in ...
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
Having not read through the entire thread, my views are (1) 3 is a terrible underbid, and I agree with those who prefer a value-showing 2nt; (2) since slam has play opposite as little as xxx x Jxxxxx xxx Doubler's failure to bid more than 4 is ...
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
To answer your two questions, with the proviso that I have not read Precision Today: (1) I would simply force to slam by bidding 5nt to give opener a choice of slams. In the absence of a known 8-card fit (couldn't opener have, e.g., AKxxx AKxx Kxx x ...

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