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ATB: missed slam
@Michael: "No, to me the answer is pretty simple, if one accepts (as do I) 1N on the way to showing a 3 card limit raise: raise 2H to 3H." Michael, are you referencing the different auction 1-1nt; 2-3 as opposed to the actual auction 1-1nt ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
I see no plausible way of bidding this hand to slam following the preempt, so I assigned no blame. Sadly, that wasn't an option, so I abstained instead.
Is this double take out or lead directing?
I suppose this would have to be lead directing (what takeout hand could I have that couldn't bid over 1 but now wants to enter the auction when responder has shown values and opener has forced to game?) but I have to admit that I'd never make ...
ATB: missed slam
If North bid 1nt because he thought his hand was too good for an immediate single raise and wanted to show a 3-card limit raise, then following opener's reverse he shows that hand by bidding 4, absent some specific gadgetry that we haven't been told about. Now ...
2D weak one major
When I played this convention, we agreed that 2-2; 2-3/4 showed hearts, with 3 being forcing and 4 being to play.
Forcing or Not?
@Dave, if I wanted to show 5+ spades and GI values, couldn't I just rebid 3? Why would I look for an alternative strain if we have a 5+-3 spade fit?
What is the correct TD decision and why?
@Richard: "East could have had Ax AK10xx Axx Kxx (not a shabby hand by any standards) and 6♥ would have been a poor (though not hopeless) contract." It's been a while since I played BTC (Paul Friedman, remember those days??) but I think this hand is excluded because opener ...
Forcing or Not?
Point taken, Ronald. I suppose that I could argue that hearts are probably 4=4 but I know that's not quite true (hearts could be 5=4). But even with a hand like AKx QTxx AQx QJx I'm not 100% certain I want to rebid 2nt when I ...
Forcing or Not?
I don't think 3 is forcing, but I'm curious as to what doubler might have for his double of 2. In addition to showing 3 spades does it show a balanced hand too strong for a 1nt overcall, in which case it shows 18+ opposite some ...
Richard Willey's bidding problem: 932 K942 9 AKT62
I'd bid 3 if available as a fit showing jump; if that agreement isn't at hand, then I'd qbid 2nt to show a maximum pass hand with heart support. Note that if I were an unpassed hand, my understanding of the 2nt qbid would be a ...

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