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What Does This Double Mean?
Top of range, whatever that means, with exactly 3 hearts and a willingness to play 3x if opener. To my way of thinking, that's probably a 4=3=4=2 hand. But given my passed hand status, my lack of a qbid bid advance, and overcaller's failure ...
how do you bid these hands?
@Paul?? I think the OP is saying the (1)-2-(p)-3 would be a jump shift showing a fit.
4th suit?
Partner should have a 4=1=3=5 shaped hand in the strong 1nt range or thereabouts. It's therefore constructive but not forcing, with game interest if responder has a diamond fit and/or a maximum for his 1.1nt sequence.
how do you bid these hands?
Unlike the others, I don't mind the 2 overcall because it is so space consuming, but I don't understand why 3 should be a fit jump since responder has passed your overcall (hence the auction is no longer competitive in my understanding of the term). In ...
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: J96 A6 KQ9 AJ987
I'm going to gamble a pass in the hope that partner doesn't have a doubleton club.
Unusual NT or Not
For my taste, hand #1 is a 1 overcall (I have game aspirations despite the opening bid), as is hand #2 (I have too much defense and not nearly enough offense to justify the 2nt overcall). Hand #3 is also a 1 overcall for me, since the fastest ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
I chose 1, but I do think it is a close decision. Opening 1 means that I most likely have to underbid a little (1.2) or overbid a little (1.3) in most sequences, whereas the 1nt opening bid expresses my strength pretty ...
I didn't like 2nt and I don't see any justification for 5, so the best I could do with the given choices is to assign both players 50% of the blame.
ATB, and silence the resulters
Rich, I think that depends on whether EW are playing the OBAR style so that the 3 overcall is pre-balancing.
Ray, whether the 2 rebid is conservative or not depends, I think, on whether NS have a mechanism to show a jump based on power vs a jump based on distributional playing strength. So for example, after 1m - (p) - 1M - (simple overcall), I prefer to play that hands with ...

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