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Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
Other. Neither LTC nor Work points take into consideration things like majors versus minors, good intermediates versus poor intermediates, and so on. Plus, I'm not sure that a 5-loser hand like Kxxxxx Kxxxxx x -- is better than a 7-loser hand like AQx Axx Axx Axxx for the purposes of ...
How do you get to Slam?
If I had this auction, I'd pass 4 myself instead of asking for key cards.
How do you get to Slam?
Assuming that the 2 bid is systemically acceptable (I prefer 1 with AKK, 2.5 honor tricks, and the ten of spades), I wouldn't get to slam in my normal methods which are Ogust-like. Even a singleton ask wouldn't help me since opener doesn't have ...
Marten La Haye's bidding problem: QT954 K974 3 A85
If 2 is strong and artificial, I want to keep the bidding open; if 3 is natural, then I'm not worried about being in 2 instead of 3. And if partner is misbidding a hand like x Kx AJxxxx Kxxx then he'll know better ...
How weak can your protective double of 3C be?
Me too. I'd balance with 1 but not with any of the others because of my balanced shape. Move a small club into my diamond suit, and I'd balanced on 1-4 and be on the fence with 5.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: Q8 Q98 AKQ95 A83
I'd view responder's perfect minimum expectation as being closer to a perfect maximum for opener: 16 pure hcps and no diamond wastage isn't a perfect minimum in these days of frequent upgrading.
Assess the blame or credit
Preempts sometimes work :(
Playing 2NT as Spiral, what does a direct 3NT mean?
I would, in the absence of a firm agreement, interpret 3nt as a quack rich, control poor, choice of games with no slam interest, so perhaps something like KJx QJxx QJxx Kx or the like.
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: Q8 AT64 KT63 T75
Undiscussed, I'd be very concerned that partner would take 5 as a qbid and not a good 5 raise without a control :(
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: Q8 AT64 KT63 T75
If I knew for sure that 4 is a qbid, I would bid that. Apparently, that agreement isn't in play here. So I have to choose between 4, hoping for 2 losing clubs, or 6, hoping for a stiff club, in opener's hand. Since there ...

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