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Howard Liu
Howard Liu
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July 15, 2010
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May 29
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about me

Software engineer for Occasionally down-the-middle bridge player.

United States of America

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Winning a 64+ board open KO match for the first time
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Open BAM 2nd
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Adam Meyerson, William Watson
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Gold Life Master
Ron Smith, Howard Liu
2 over 1
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Will Watson - Howard Liu
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Rob Brady
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Ethan Liu
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can you field a psyche based on opponents mannerisms/ questions?
I did score up -900 legitimately in 3NT in a sectional pair game. At unfav, RHO opened 3 and I had a strong NT with Qx and stopper, so I bid 3NT. LHO started by cashing 8 top hearts. I saw that -400 is still worth some matchpoints ...
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: --- K932 AKQ9862 AT
Let's not press our luck on finding partner with the right cards for grand. If we bid 5, they're going to realize that spade lead vs 6 is futile. I'll take our 1430 when they lead a spade into partner's QJxxxx and out.
Injunction Lifted
Maybe you should consider hiring someone who purportedly has small hands.
New MyACBL Password Requirements
At least it prompts you about the password requirements at login, which is tremendously helpful for remembering it. This is already much better than numerous other login sites that I have to use.
Ethics, what is allowed?
My partner also psyched on that board. Our action was 3-Dbl-4-Dbl-5-Dbl-5(error)-Dbl-6-Dbl, so we went for 1100 instead of 800.
Victor Chubukov's bidding problem: Jxx Axx Qxx ATxx
Only 1NT and 3 are in the game. 2 is too low and 2 gets us overboard. This is on the high end of 1NT, (5) 7-11. If partner passes, it looks like 1NT will make more often. Imagine any hand partner has with 3 clubs. It ...
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: QJT985 J6 --- QJT43
Suppose you pass, do you act if the auction continues 2 P 3 ?
Howard Liu's bidding problem: --- AT64 K875 J9854
I think partner is extremely unlikely to run with a 2-suiter. For all he knows, we may be making 4S, and/or opener may be about to take it out. I could see a 50(71) hand running after first testing the waters in 4S, but that's about it.
Congratulations to USA Girls Rona Cup Team
FWIW, the players actually submitted their own blurbs.
Open USBC Trials Discussion Thread
Two teams will be eliminated. It's a fairly safe bet that team BYE will be one of the top 12 teams.

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