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Howard Sandler
Howard Sandler
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July 6, 2012
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired college professor.  

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Scoring 800 on a set of Bridge World MSC hands and seeing my name listed on the panel of experts (January, 1981).
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Vanderbilt Bridge Club, Nashville, Tn.
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Backwash Squeeze or What?
Leonard, Try this code: {handviewer n=s2qh2atd23jc239at&e=s34h34569kjd9kckj&s=s567akh78d45aqc45&w=s89jthqd678tc678q&b=1&d=e&v=-&a=1h1sp1n2h3dp4sppp&p=hqh2h3h7c6c2ckc4hkh8c7had2d9dqd6s5s8sqs3s2s4sks9sastc3h4c5c8cacjcth5s6cqs7sjhth6d7d3dkdad4d8djh9c9hjd5dt} It was generated by this website: (thanks to Will Roper for posting it originally) hms
Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1!H or 1!S
I play 2 as Drury with almost everyone. It has worked well. I do play 2 openers as weak. This frees up the 2 bid in this auction to show a “weak 2 in clubs”. It may not be best (I would prefer transfers), but it is ...
BBO Declare Only Hand
OP: matchpoints
BBO Declare Only Hand
to the A. Ruff a . K, A, ruff a , cash s. Throw in East with the last if possible. Otherwise, to the J. If West has the last , and leads a low , let it ride to the 9.
Open .lin files downloaded from BBO
Try this:
Cuebid After Bid and Raise
2NT= two places to play. To quote Richard Fleet, "not necessarily strong but not crazy".
Hapax legomenon
James, One hapax legomenon and then another one. Hms
Arrogant or Obvious
Some universities use “The” as part of their names. “The Johns Hopkins University” is one example. There is also a large state university in Ohio for which “The” is an important part.
System notes
John, Nor to me. In the 70s we used postcards to exchange moves. The only problem was walking uphill in the snow (both ways) in order to mail them. Hms
Smolen Convention -- Is it used for 6-4 in the Majors?
Here’s a shocker: by agreement.

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