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Howard Sandler
Howard Sandler
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July 6, 2012
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about me

Retired college professor.  

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Scoring 800 on a set of Bridge World MSC hands and seeing my name listed on the panel of experts (January, 1981).
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Vanderbilt Bridge Club, Nashville, Tn.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1S 2S 2NT
We mostly use Kokish 3-way game tries. 2NT is the trigger over spades, and 2 is the trigger over hearts. An alternative, which I use with one partner, is that 2NT is a general try with 3-level bids being short-suit game ...
The cost of a bridge game
Member-owned club (~600 members) that owns the space (with a modest mortgage). Yearly dues $40. Game fee $7. Daytime table count is in the 10-20+ range, with smaller games in the evening. There are a few smaller games weekly in the area, generally in church basements.
What a lot of discards
Matt, The first trick seems to have the A in both the West and North hands. Hms
More or less likely to ask?
Jim, Maybe not foolproof. Hms
Marching Towards Goofyville
David, Great article. With enough lobbying, one director at the local club announced yesterday that she was going to enforce the cell phone policy, including a procedural penalty. Now if the other directors would just do the same.... Hms
Adjusted Master Points
Danny, I like the concept, but there is at least one other group (mine, of course) that I hope you will include in your thinking. Like some on BW, I started playing back in the late 70s, played for about four years, got caught up in family, career, etc., and ...
Steve, I am pretty sure that 2 would be insufficient. Hms
What would you have done?
Tom, Is that right? I think of the "normal" cue bid as showing a limit raise or better, whereas the transfer advance cue might show a constructive raise or better. It seems that the latter should be alerted. Hms
What would you have done?
Ovunc, It is possible that they were playing transfer advances, in which case your suspicion would be correct. Depending on their agreements, 2 might have been natural/NF. hms EDIT: The transfer advance should be alerted.
Minor Suggestion for Convention Card list
Randy, I realized that, but I thought the existing info might be useful to you if you weren't aware of it. Also, given that the info is already on the card, it shouldn't be that hard for the BW folks to add it to the list to meet ...

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