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Howard Sandler
Howard Sandler
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July 6, 2012
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Retired college professor.  

United States of America

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Scoring 800 on a set of Bridge World MSC hands and seeing my name listed on the panel of experts (January, 1981).
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Vanderbilt Bridge Club, Nashville, Tn.
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Best line in 6!C
Frances, If West has Kxx of hearts, Then the hearts are 3-2. I win the return at trick 3, draw the last trump, and claim 3 spades, 4 hearts, 1 diamond, and 4 clubs. 12 tricks. What am I missing? Thanks, Hms Edit: I am missing the fact that the ...
Best line in 6!C
A and a heart to the Queen. It picks up stiff K with West.
An Unusual Gain
Oren, The final position in the last diagram is wrong. You have East playing the 5 (which has been in North's hand for most of the play). This leaves 4 cards for East and only 2 cards for North. Hms
Howard Sandler's bidding problem: J7 852 KJ32 KJT7
Jay, Kieran, Here is the board: In practice, 2 was doubled and lost 300. 2 doubled can be made, but generally went off at least one trick. You can look at the results chart at the common game link for more detail ...
Tournament Standards - Let's Grow Brand Equity
JH, Ed answered exactly as I would have. As for the dealing machines, I don't know. The cards do get changed more often than would be otherwise necessary. hms
Tournament Standards - Let's Grow Brand Equity
JH, Food is everywhere at the club where I play. The cards tend to be disgusting. Further, there is barely room for my properly filled out system card. Luckily, the opponents rarely have one, thus leaving more room for mine. Sometimes, they even complain that they can't see dummy ...
Tournament Standards - Let's Grow Brand Equity
JH, A jacket? Not possible. There would be food and drink stains all over it. Dry cleaning is expensive. ;-) Hms
Jump shifts into minors after a major opening bid
Fit jumps
Not Dead Yet
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
Jan, The math folks do this sort of thing all the time. As an example, 0! (Zero factorial) is equal to 1 so that you can can calculate such things as how many 6-0 splits there are of 6 cards. You know that the answer is 1, but the actual ...

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