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Howard Weinstein
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Nov. 9, 2011
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Dec. 13, 2019
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Grand Life Master
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2/1 except in competition; Transfers over 1!c ; many transfers in competition
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Senior Conditions of Contest Approval VOTE
Adam essentially makes the point I have tried to make for several years -- apparently ineffectively . We preferably should not be using any senior performances from the trials or from the now extinct Baze KO. I still remain convinced that unless we use something like mean seeding points per Senior event ...
Easiest GCOC change (I hope)
The extreme case of this issue arose 10 years ago in the trials. Declarer, an unnamed top technician, is playing in 6N, 12 top tricks, with no realistic play for the overtrick. The defense (Garner and I) took 5-10 minutes defending, trying to beat the hand. In another match, they ...
Easiest GCOC change (I hope)
My serious issue is when the opponents cause our side to waste our time (or vice versa). When declarer is playing out for an overtrick, or could/should be claiming, the defense will often reasonably take a lot of time -- but IMO this time should be allocated to the declaring ...
Who Goes There?
sorry - asked stupid question and deleted
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I personally have enough trouble trying to remember my own system. Trying to go through say 60 pairs ASFs or SSFs, some of which may actually have things worth addressing in advance, then having to remember those defenses ahead of time when the chances of actually playing that pair in ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I haven't run into this issue behind screens, possibly because I have never played anything in decades where the opponents would use written defenses, and I have never been aware of partner consulting notes -- possibly because partner is quite quiet or perhaps because I am hearing challenged and oblivious ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
Aren't all matches, even the RR ones, behind screens? If the opponents playing the convention have provided each opponent with a written defense, there should ideally be no source of UI. If an opponent is carelessly making sounds audible to the other side of the screen from handling the ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I am going to disagree with Michael. I strongly believe not allowing written defenses, particularly if open+ is allowed in the RR, is both unfair and onerous to the opponents. Written and approved defenses should be supplied to reduce the obligation on opponents, with the option of being able to ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I agree with this approach. BTW, are we allowing open+ in the short RR matches?
Senior USBC seeding from 2020 on
Put me in David's column. I would much rather have a completely objective method based upon current performance than a method which subjectively includes events like prior senior trials where not everyone was eligible or was otherwise unable or unwilling to participate. I also strongly prefer using the RR ...

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