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Hristo Gotsev
Hristo Gotsev
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Nov. 5, 2018
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May 26
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Bridge Player

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Darmstadt Alert, Germany
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Hristo Gotsev's bidding problem: KJ97 A8 K97 A843
you can read thru the back of cards :)
Fantoni live on BBO
BBO broadcasted all matches from Table 1 only from Milano (Swiss teams). Only in the very last round Fantoni's team got to table 1 and so he was broadcasted. BBO didn't choose to show especially F.
Hristo Gotsev's bidding problem: A4 T AKJ82 AJ932
I like Lebensohl approach here too. 2NT over 2 asks partner to bid 3 (apparently with weak or ) Then 3 or 3 directly over 2 should be Forcing. Anticipating a 3NT bid by N, South can continue then with 4. What would ...
Hristo Gotsev's bidding problem: K986 92 AJT7 A82
Thanks again. I like the 4 splinter bid over 3. This will hold up responder to 4 due to wastage and missing cue.
Hristo Gotsev's bidding problem: K986 92 AJT7 A82
Thanks for comments. The point is how to abstain from slam, which doesn't look that good? Partner do have: QJ54 AQ85 - KQJT6 opposed K986 92 AJT7 A82 The bidding went: 1-1NT 2-2 2-3 3-4 ...
A Little Help
great article, appreciated it. But somehow getting stuck at the meaning of 4 as "might have but does not promise control in ". It makes it hard to get over 4, if partner does not have A, considering my holding. Even if South would have a beautiful ...
Hristo Gotsev's bidding problem: AKQ9 --- A87 AKQJ87
OK, it seems that DBL is the most favorite choice for South's hand, as from the poll. Can you please advise now, what should poor North bid on 2D X ? 64 T98654 T62 62

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