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Hugh Kevill-Davies
Hugh Kevill-Davies
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Basic Information

Member Since
May 17, 2011
Last Seen
Nov. 11
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm a self employed motor mechanic with retirement looming up. Happy memories of time spent on football and cricket pitches. My dream is to play a tournament in New Orleans and fill every gap between sessions listening to hot jazz!

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
1st. tournament win
Regular Bridge Partners
peter mallett, joanne norman, jon holland, phil norman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
allendale b.c., christchurch b.c.
Favorite Tournaments
autumn congress, bournemouth, u.k.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A pet peeve in club games
If you double opponents it's worth insisting on seeing a pass card from everyone to avoid an argument at the end over whether or not you did actually double. My partners know (I hope!) that if I haven't put out a pass card it's because I don ...
A remarkable bid
If south paused after the 4H bid, he might have been just complying with local regulations about calling after a skip bid. Anyway, I can think of plenty of north players in my neck of the woods who would have done the same.
Dummy's Rights
Dummy is allowed to try to prevent an irregularity (law 9A3). Surely, playing on under these circumstances without calling the director constitutes an irregularity.
Flying to Lyon? Be prepared. Flying out? Leave many hours or you may miss your flight
Lyon has been the worst airport for departure queues since long before we started worrying about terrorists.Check-in staff have an attitude problem worse than Parisian waiters. Once you're through the interminable security/passport check the catering and seating is hopelessly inadequate. When you're in the city and ...
Experimenting with weak NT
Rafael's escape from 1ntx is called Houdini in this neck of the woods, and is widely used by good club players.( Our top experts hardly ever use a weak no trump.) Useful add-ons include the ability of responder to look unruffled when he has a rubbish 4333 hand and ...
Should Michaels require an alert?
You think this is a problem? Come over here (U.K.)and you'll regularly get players bidding 2D ghestem (or 2nt or 3c). Partner doesn't alert because the wretch has forgotten which of three or four different versions they are playing or, just as likely, the 2d bidder ...
Excuses, Excuses
I just say I'm working late. If you don't like that excuse,I've got others, as Groucho Marx said about his principles.
How would you rule?
North an experienced player? He's an idiot for making a bid like that without a clear agreement. Just asking for trouble. Surely director should score it 4hx +1, with small percentages for = and +2
Proposed changes to laws 2017: some examples
Why are we tinkering with laws that are not really that much of a problem?Since the 2007 law reviews I've played and directed in 1200 odd club sessions and have seen all the situations mentioned above. Not once has any player hearing a ruling commented that the law ...
Bid meaning
No problem for majority of UK players. Open weak no trump!

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