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Huub Bertens
Huub Bertens
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Aug. 16, 2015
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Aug. 8
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Some good, some bad, but winning the CAVENDISH in 2006 was for sure very special
Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple National wins in the Netherlands, 2 european titles, 1 bermuda bowl bronze, NEC cup, YEH brothers, WHITE house, and CAVENDISH. 5 times winner of the MP race in the Netherlands.
Regular Bridge Partners
Member of Bridge Club(s)
WAC, CRASH (netherlands) Bend bridge club, Bend ,Or.
Favorite Tournaments
Dutch MASTERCLASS competition, Bermuda Bowl
BBO Username
H Bertens
ACBL Ranking
Curtis Cheek & Huub Bertens
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EC Montecatini Italy 2017
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Jacoby 2NT, my way
This all depends on your definition of a limit raise. We will rarely bid 1M-2M with 4.card support. This means some hands fall in between a mixed raise and a limit raise. We like to be able to sign off with those hands.
Jacoby 2NT, my way
We play those jumps as natural and invitational with a good suit.
Just another claim
I really led the 5 but the generator told me there where two of those in the deal........changed the wrong one......
Just another claim
It happens, I don't like it, but I don't dislike it that much that I complain about it.
Evaluate the calls in this auction to 7!S
I would pass 6 without thinking. as my first great partner, Piet van Besouw, used to say: "1 stu...fu...ash.. at the table is more then enough".
Declare or Defend?
On trump lead/ switch it's very easy to make, pull all of them and play .
Delayed Cuebid+Raise?
Not my agreement, it's in the ACBL defense data base. English is not my first language, maybe this is more clear.
Delayed Cuebid+Raise?
Pass followed by double is penalty I assume. If responder is 4+\4+ in the majors, with values, pass makes sence at this vulerability. Responder can't have only , he would have bid 1. Only question is, if there are 2 cuebids available (2/2) what ...
Single raise or Drury
After drury 2 should force 2M. Other bids by openers are GT, whatever you like to play, short, long, help. After you forced your partner to bid 2M all bids are ST, same as before, whatever you prefer. A direct 2M over drury should show a hand that would ...
Btw, 4 was a great bid, only made by the wrong player, should have been south.....
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