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Huub Bertens
Huub Bertens
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 16, 2015
Last Seen
10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Some good, some bad, but winning the CAVENDISH in 2006 was for sure very special
Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple National wins in the Netherlands, 2 european titles, 1 bermuda bowl bronze, NEC cup, YEH brothers, WHITE house, and CAVENDISH. 5 times winner of the MP race in the Netherlands.
Regular Bridge Partners
Member of Bridge Club(s)
WAC, CRASH (netherlands) Bend bridge club, Bend ,Or.
Favorite Tournaments
Dutch MASTERCLASS competition, Bermuda Bowl
BBO Username
H Bertens
ACBL Ranking
Curtis Cheek & Huub Bertens
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EC Montecatini Italy 2017
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Naren & Huub
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What accomplishment earned this letter
In the Netherlands we have 2 systems, the firstis just your Total nummer of masterpoints, in other words, how old are you, and the second is your accomplishments over the last 4 years. It counts your best 5 results of the year and halve of your next 5 results. Last ...
Not your typical lead problem
In other words, I would NEVER lead a Diamond from a broken holding if partner doesn’t double.
Not your typical lead problem
Double would ask for a diamond lead. Simple rule, you doubled a cue-bid for the lead, not knowing at that moment it would be your lead. If partner now doubles it asks for the suit you doubled.
Do you consider this pass forcing?
We have a pretty simple rule. “pass is only forcing if we BOTH know that we have bid game on strength”. Vulnerability has nothing to do with it.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
David, this is not completely true in the USA. The rule is that if you are late in a round you have to make up the time lost within 2 rounds. That means if you couldn’t do this you used, again, to much time.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
It helps if a director stands behind people, but only behind those people who care being late. The habitual slow player doesn’t give a shit. Famous remark from one of them. “ I won’t play faster, they don’t give me a penalty anyway”.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
David, you to, this is completely NUTS. Although I don’t mind playing with tablets, it’s NOT the solution. Playing by the rules is, and for directors to enforce them. Your proposal is to find a solution that helps the people who can’t play by the rules, ok ...
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
See above. To make sure, only for habitual slow play, not for someone who is a little late once every 3 sessions.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
Where is the I like it a lot button???
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
Peter, that is insane. The rules are there to be enforced. If a director can’t do that he should be relieved of his function. He gets paid to enforce the rules. “ a well, let’s not give them a 1 trick penalty for a revoke, he might get more ...

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