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Huub Bertens
Huub Bertens
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Aug. 16, 2015
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Oct. 5
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Some good, some bad, but winning the CAVENDISH in 2006 was for sure very special
Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple National wins in the Netherlands, 2 european titles, 1 bermuda bowl bronze, NEC cup, YEH brothers, WHITE house, and CAVENDISH. 5 times winner of the MP race in the Netherlands.
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Member of Bridge Club(s)
WAC, CRASH (netherlands) Bend bridge club, Bend ,Or.
Favorite Tournaments
Dutch MASTERCLASS competition, Bermuda Bowl
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H Bertens
ACBL Ranking
Curtis Cheek & Huub Bertens
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EC Montecatini Italy 2017
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Naren & Huub
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Is this 3 club bid forcing or not forcing playing 2over1 using standard agreements
Funny, where I come from this is standard NON forcing. “All good hands start with double” Surely worth discussing. Good case can be made for dbl=kind of a 2nt bid or better so you can use 2nt as a bid that forces partner to bid 3cl to SO in ...
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David, according to your earlier comment I was not supposed to know that he showed heart support and shortness in spades. If this is true, and I think it is, how could I alert 3 ? Am I missing something? Or is this just to difficult.
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read it all, over and over again.
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Sounds like nobody read what I had to say about all of this and it’s getting quit ridiculous. This is just not how bridge works. 2-2-2-...... what you EXPECT is 2 or 2NT and you are ready to alert this. Suddenly the CHO bids 3 ...
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Not defending myself at all, but if you know you screwed up, yes by the 3 bid, you try to find an ethical solution to this problem. That took me a while and it is absolutely possible I didn’t find it but for sure doing it in tempo ...
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David, very good point. I never realized till I read your comment, that I am not supposed to know partner has heart support and a stiff spade. We play 3NT after we established a fit in a Major as a cuebid for the other Major. That is the main reason ...
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1. I woke up because of the non existing 3 call (although I must admit I hesitated already when I put the 2 bid on the table, no idea why) 2. We have an agreement that almost all of these kind of jumps are splinters. Not specific over ...
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WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Love the discussion, here is the explanation. With this partner I changed the system to 2clubs and 2d both being artificial and strong. 2cl singlesuited or some balanced hands, 2d 2 suited or some balanced hands. Before this we always played a standard American 2cl opening WITH ...
What accomplishment earned this letter
In the Netherlands we have 2 systems, the firstis just your Total nummer of masterpoints, in other words, how old are you, and the second is your accomplishments over the last 4 years. It counts your best 5 results of the year and halve of your next 5 results. Last ...
Not your typical lead problem
In other words, I would NEVER lead a Diamond from a broken holding if partner doesn’t double.

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