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Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Which largely confirms my supposition, Tom :) Anyway, enough of putting my head above the parapet - all's well that ends well. Ian C
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Fair enough, Tom. But I'm not sure the preceding conversation would have been that much different had the tens been smaller pips. Ian C
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
I understand, Andy. And was slightly - but that's not an uncommon feeling in bridge in my experience - in a game of imperfect information, one often has such choices. {Richard} Yes, one could reasonably, but it faces much the same consideration as the decision to only rebid 2 in ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
I may do on occasion Kieran, that's true. But I'll gain some other times when we avoid a poor 3NT. I'm unlikely to have the problem type enough to know which is better in the long term. However, as alluded to above, I think there is merit ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Of course, Kieran (and others). But this is bridge and specific hands as refutation are the last refuge of the scoundrel - anyone can construct them to all but the most obvious actions :) What's more likely on the auction through - AQxxx of spades (and out) or some hand with AQxxx ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Eye of the beholder, Richard. Reversing on a 16 count when partner's bid your void is not to my taste - similar rationale for a jump rebid of 3. Maybe I should have gone with my second choice of 2. {David} As it happens, partner had a 19 ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Hi Kieran. Funnily enough, I had one recently - you might have even been playing. 18th September TGR Superleague - Board 11. I held - KJT7 AKT643 KQ7 and took the low road with 2 after partner's 1 response. Not everyone's choice, I know, but not off the wall ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Hi Nick. I don't think WJS's (not everyone plays them) or SJS's (they aren't pertinent to the range needed, as Kieran observes) are relevant here. I think the "modern standard" way to play this is as INV - and that's the way I have always done ...
Inverted Minor holding a 4-card major
Hi Dave. For what it's worth, I agree with Michael. We take the pain (in a WK NT context) by playing 1m 2m as an FG raise and 1m 2NT as an INV raise. We also allow 4 card M's in the FG raise - Rubens originally coined the ...
Defense to Opposing Actions Showing Two Suits
Hi Bill. As a matter of theory, there are two considerations {1} That you save the most space when strain is uncertain, and {2} You don't go past partner's suit if raising and limited In applying these, {1} should apply unless over-ridden by {2}. How does this work ...
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