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4th suit?
Hi Alan. I think the basic question is easy to answer - definitely not game forcing. You can't bid a (presumably) NF 1 then come out of the bushes and stipulate something is FG when partner hasn't promised extras. I was then going to say 2 is ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Hi Nick. As per your comments about scenarios being up 2 (steps), I believe much is anecdotal. Interestingly, I have recently been faced with an analogous consideration - how to do symmetric(-like) relays for a Strong Pass shortage showing system - think Delta, because it's close enough. What I have ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Hi Nick. I'm not sure that I agree (nor am I sure my disagreement is correct). Let's consider auctions which are predominantly NF thus far (as if the auctions are forcing or game forcing, there is less differential in the long run). I'm thinking semi-POS responses to ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Hi Nick. I know we've had the odd "which Fert" discussion in the past - and certainly if it's going to be a ! Fert, 0-7 hcp is playable, 0-10 hcp (as per Max's original) perhaps not. Similarly, if it's going to be a 0-10 hcp Fert ...
Gazzilli Question
That would surprise me, Steven. Was it by chance the a New Delhi Bridge Association newsletter you were thinking of? You can find links to the PDFs at the bottom of the link below. Even if not, it is decent reading (and opens ...
Cuebid swap?
Hi Stefan. Whatever you judge to be the merits of the two approaches you outline (or any other), consider where you need the space. When you have strain identified, you need less space. Hence, all other things being equal, having the cue-raise the step below the single raise is the ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Hi Ron. I played a lot of relay stuff back in the day, but never got down to discovering a useful stray jack (or one of those magic 4-2 fits where you take a high ruff in the short trump hand). Our success stories were typically much more mundane. One ...
Gazzilli Question
Hi Ian B. As you're already seeing, there are a bunch of versions of Gazzilli, including a transfer version a former teammate of mine swears by. However, if you regard the versions played by the top (current and former) Italians as reference versions, their basic structure seemed last time ...
Gazzilli Question
Hi Chris. I like playing 1 4 (or more broadly, 1any anyGame) as natural. As such, I prefer 1 3 as a splinter. Given that I don't think think showing (or getting to) hearts is particularly problematic, Gazzilli or no Gazzilli, we push the INV ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Hi Wayne. I think that the issue you have with passed hand WK/Mini NT's can be obviated, if needed, by some minor structure adjustments in response to 1NT only. I don't want to change my whole structure (and the advantages of it) however - which is where I ...
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