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Leaping Michaels over a Multi
Hi again, Simon. I just realised I didn't answer your second question. I've never defined how to set trumps here - and thus far, it hasn't mattered - the 4m actions are infrequent enough. However, Michal's answer below looks entirely reasonable - perhaps also with 4OM (i.e. 2 ...
My curiosity's been piqued
Hi Dominic. We play a NF Pass (which shows clubs, as it happens) which can be up to a Strong 2, though limited to to 18 hcp if BAL (our 2NT opening is 19-20 BAL). It has on more than one occasion gone Pass (Pass) Pass ?. The funniest one was ...
Leaping Michaels over a Multi
Hi Simon. "Should" is a strong word. Even that aside, what you "could" play depends somewhat on the rest of your defence. For someone who plays, like we do, the core defence as DBL = T/O of & 2 = T/O of , then (2) 4m IMO should ...
My curiosity's been piqued
Hi again, Dominic. I had a bit of a trawl and found this. I suspect the "Blood Red" system alluded to is what I refer to as "Red Terror" above. Might be of some interest - it at least has some continuations. Ian C
My curiosity's been piqued
Hi Dominic. It's pretty easy to construct a 0-37 hcp opening system based on shape. IIRC, my former team-mates Appleton & Green did so back in the day (I believe it was called "Red Terror", red being the classification of such systems back then, in Australia at least). I've ...
What is partner's double?
Hi David. This is indeed an unusual auction on a couple of levels. I'm also not sure how to categorise my view as a vote. In the Bridge World lexicon, I would say this closest to "Co-operative Penalty" - I'm guessing that places me somewhere between your second and ...
Ruff risk or tackle trumps
Hi Richard. I don't think 2 is dubious with Ulrich's example hand. Underweight, yes, but at least you're likely to get to the right strain if that's your approach. A 1NT rebid, to the taste of some, is not mine - if I weren't going ...
Ruff risk or tackle trumps
Hi Kit. I hadn't considered that possibility - it does confer an additional advantage to the one I was contemplating! Is that how you would play the hand, on reflection? Ian C
Way to Recover
Hi Christopher. I don't know all Kit's methods (of course) so can't consider the merits in that context. As a matter of principle, however, I agree with you - if you can get all 4432, 4333 (and perhaps some or all 5332, 4441 etc) in via 1 ...
Way to Recover
Hi Kit. Four thoughts, building on Dave's comment/question. One: Could you have opened 1NT systemically (whilst keeping possible 4M contracts on the table) and if so, how would you forecast the auction to have then gone? Two: Given the essential balanced nature of the hand, I expect that ...
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