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A lens or two on an interesting board
Thanks, Richard. I didn't have it to hand (gave away all my old Bridge Worlds when I moved to the UK in the 90's). Ian C
Bidding Improvement With Weak NT?
Hi Monty. That is one main advantage. The other is to change the usual declaration to opener. This is a large advantage opposite a 2NT opener, a moderate advantage of a strong 1NT opener, but is neutral or goes into reverse with a WK NT opener. Then you need to ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Yes, Kerry. That was the intent of the question. We do, for what it's worth. Ian C
A lens or two on an interesting board
Hi Martin. Sounds very similar to 5th Suit Forcing - not sure if what you have was developed independently or not. Here is a Bridge Winners link to it from Chris Mulley: The players Chris refers to playing it by the mid 90's (and ...
Odds on Doubling
Hi Kerry. For what it's worth, we play exactly as you outline. Whilst in general, I think it's better to get the single suiters off one's chest asap (there is an argument to do this undoubled too opposite a WK NT, as opposed to playing tranfers) I ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Hi Martin. The confusion was caused by me - for whatever reason, I read your opening 1 as an opening 1. My apology - but at least I hope what I thought I was saying makes sense now (even though not applicable)? Is it a form of "5th Suit Forcing ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Hi Kerry. I'm sure on reflection you can see the linguistic difference between [i]"Schuler Shift only applies after a major suit opening" [/i] and [i]"We only play Schuler Shift after a major suit opening"[/i] However, situation now understood. As to Gazzilli/Gazzevery, our starting rules are ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Fair enough, Martin. However, with all methods there is no free lunch. For example, after 1 1 I would like to be able to game force with 1 (if at all). However, I don't know your methods and I'm sure you have good reasons in ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Hi Kerry. For a scratch partnership, maybe, but you can play it however you want in a decent partnership. Wouldn't it be useful to show 6+ on the rebid when you may only have shown 3 initially? In any case, our card was clear - it did apply. Further ...
A lens or two on an interesting board
Hi Steve. You're right - I made the mistake during editing when adding the king parity bit (somehow convinced myself the final ask wasn't needed when it was) - too much going on and trying to document it right. I originally had the second scan on diamonds in (stopping to ...
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