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Understood, Michael. The theory at least. I played relays for a long time. We used to continue relaying until R+2, but after a while, we dropped out of relay when the interference was natural - preferring to use T/O DBL's (or, if the auction were already FG, then ...
Hi Craig. It may not be strictly optimal, but has the merit of being easy to remember. DOPI: Interference at 5 level or below DEPO: Interference at 6 level or above Mnemonic: DBL/First Step always shows "zero" Further, I can't recall it being remembered correctly and not working ...
Indeed, Kieran. However, as BWS polls have suggested, it is the North American way. There is some variance of view, but it appears the consensus only rebid 1NT with 4=3=3=3 - preferring 1 with 4=3=2=4 and similar (it can depend on which red suit ...
Kickback applied to Jacoby
Hi Mike. I think Patrick is basically right, though I am unsure of the exact meaning of "capacity" in context. We played 1 2 as an FG raise from the early 90's - with Balanced Hand Principle continuations - hence used the space well. In a related way, we ...
All the aces
Hi David. It's tough for natural methods (relay methods would do it in their sleep, at the risk of an occasional early, inadvertent, wrong-siding of NT). In a 2/1 FG context, I think it should probably start 1 2 2 2 3 3 ...
All the aces
Hi David. No idea if it works and/or is best, but I reckon I would have tried something like the following A A Spade ruff with 2 A Spade ruff with A (and then assuming no K popping) Heart ruff Spade ruff with Q K pitching club club towards ...
Thinking early in the play in various jurisdictions - and potential UI
Also, Ed and Paul. It may be that 1st hand, as well as 3rd hand, needs to consider the implications of trick 1. Ian C
Thinking early in the play in various jurisdictions - and potential UI
Hi John. For clarity, do you believe that holds true in all (1) to (4) above, and at any stage during the play? Ian C
Rusinow leads - "in depth" structure?
Hi Tomaz, If you're interested in a discussion of the broader theory of honour leads, you might look here pp1-11 (with Rusinow mentioned on p7). Indeed, it might cause you to think wholly differently! Ian C
3NT Overcall over Pre-empt. Methods?
Hi Robb. I agree with the tenor of Chris' approach, but not some of the detail. My thoughts ... 4 to ask hand type makes sense - and is also strong, interested in bigger things. 4NT should show MIN BAL in context - after which, play the equivalent of your 2NT complex ...
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