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MULTI 2D Responses
Hi Ron, For the avoidance of doubt, I do not play and to the best of my recollection, have never played, anything like a classic Multi 2. I'm just trying to help ... and perhaps encourage more people to keep playing it against me ;) That said and temporarily ignoring ...
MULTI 2D Responses
Hi Adam, Ron (and of course, Tom). Adam's basic idea to use 2 3m to explore the majors, and in particular, partner's other major, is sound. I almost gave up trying to find it, but if you are interested in a short treatise on the idea, look ...
For the Relay Nerds
Hi Phil. It depends at lot on your methods. In a relay then controls structure (QP's, i.e. A=3) I would "kick" with Base+4, i.e. an extra A&Q or K&K or more. If the last shape was 3NT or below, I would "run on ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi Adam. I think I'm agreeing with the context you outline, but I don't see as much downside as you do. Further, there is no free lunch - if there is a problem caused by ambiguity it is likely counter-balanced by restricting further pre-emption which might have been possible ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi Adam. No, I believe I explicitly addressed that in the last paragraph above. I also addressed earlier which bids should be natural and what option variant they were catering for (which gives clarity in your sample auction, if I've understood it correctly). However, I do agree with you ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi Andy. The basic approach for the defence would stay the same (indeed, it was developed for use against CRaSH, where the possibilities are equal - I just think it works slightly better again when the probability is weighted towards the T/O DBL handling the more common option). In short ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi John. No - a typo by me - now corrected by the insertion of "Inverted" in italics above. My apology. Yours (and Adam's) are "straight" Psycho Suction. Ian C
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi Michael. I don't see the issue. For example, versus [i]Inverted[/i] Psycho Suction 2 (minors or hearts) DBL = T/O of (the most likely scenario) 2 = T/O of the minors etc So yes, advancer can swish the 2 bid if desired, but ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Hi Adam. I know a few people, including you, have mentioned Mathe. Must be a US favourite - I had to look it up. Interestingly, were I going to play something like it (e.g. DBL showing both majors and most other stuff natural) then I think 1NT might instead be ...
Please settle a bet!
Hi Dave/Michael. In case it may help your discussion (it may not) The Bridge World offers the following definitions? [b]Cooperative double[/b] a double that asks partner to judge whether it is better to pass or bid [b]Cooperative-penalty double[/b] A double that suggests that partner pass ...
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