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Inverting Majors after 1D opening
Hi Ben/David, In a slightly different context (transfer openings) we do similar: completing the transfer acts like a forcing 1NT and 1any shows 5+. I like this general idea, though admittedly slightly easier of over a transfer openings than a natural one, better than inverting the major suit responses ...
Percentage Shift
Hi Rainer, Kit et al. Whilst I agree with the general sentiment (i.e. open light in 3rd if you can sensibly do so) my take is that people overrate their success in this area. When it's the oppo's hand and you disrupt them successfully tends to dominate ...
Percentage Shift
I agree, Christopher. Even the simple discussion about the order of cashing the clubs (if one is going to cash them) is useful. What I have most desired, for some time, is a truly complete set of carding agreements for/from an expert partnership. I wouldn't mind if it ...
Out of Control
Hi Michael. You beat me to it - that what I was about to suggest might make sense (I don't play the method, only defend against it, so couldn't speak with authority about semi-constructive options). I can see Andy's thinking though - indeed I agree with it when the ...
Out of Control
Hi Andy. I understood your auction to be broadly equivalent to 2 (P) 3 when opener has hearts (of course, this assumption may have been wrong). Assuming not, I'm guessing most would play this as pre-emptive rather than invitational. Hence, my extrapolation that someone who might bid ...
Out of Control
Ah, Kieran. You meant as responder as opposed to overcaller! Agreed. Ian C
Out of Control
Hi Andy, Your point is valid (though I would still prefer to have both T/O's in the armoury) - "compromise" is the correct word. That said, an opponent who might bid (2) P (2) P (4) might also roll the dice with (2) P (2 ...
Out of Control
Hi Kieran. You may be making a more subtle point than I currently envisage, but for us, it's just as easy: (2{=Multi}) 2 is how the auction would start. Ian C
Out of Control
Hi Kit, That is accurate in and of itself. The question which is worth asking is how often you'll want a (safe) T/O DBL of versus a 2 overcall. On a frequency basis, I would suggest the T/O DBL has a higher utility. On a ...
Out of Control
Hi Kit. To answer your final question, it is not based on simulations, but rather, very long experience (both personal and that of team-mates, who usually play something different). On many deals, any reasonable defense will get by. However, I have rarely, indeed don't recall ever, hearing a post-mortem ...
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