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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Hi Max et al. I know the article you refer to and your letter to the editor. I have a vague recollection of disagreeing with you (and implicitly other eminent players above) previously, but can't remember if that was expressed on this forum. In short, there is a difference ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Hi Ed. Each to their own in their evaluation of the standalone merits of a convention. However, in the context of Lin Li's article, it's meeting of the following important design considerations emerge (1) 1M 2NT is freed up from its modern Jacoby (or similar) use and can ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Hi Leonard. We did this from the early 90's more or less. 1 2NT and 1 3 as the FG raise, 1 2 and 1 2NT as the BAL FG (though in fairness, it may have been the other way around at some ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Hi Howard. Jan 2017 according to the TBW catalogue. Ian C
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Thanks Michael and John. As per my post, there is lots going on, sometimes inter-related. My apology for any lack of clarity, before or now. Even in the 90's, we never lost the bid showing a balanced FG (IIRC, we used 1 2 and 1 2NT ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Hi All, I've found the responses to this article surprisingly interesting. Commenting on them in rough order ... On 1 1 auctions being (particularly) problematic, I appear to have been blissfully ignorant. Given this blissful ignorance, I prefer the space saving, major showing 1 response, reserving 2 ...
Equal Level Conversion Parameters
Good point, Barry! Corrected the two errors (curiously, I had it right once too). Also fixed up the mis-spell of "comfortable" :) Ian C
Equal Level Conversion Parameters
Hi Michael. To answer your second question first - where the conversion could have been completed below game (in my partnerships). In practise, this means the highest application is doubling one major with the other major and diamonds, at least as long, converting 4 to 4. This helps answer ...
Trust the Lead
Hi Mike. Only if you have a partner who is interested in winning the post-mortem, rather than the match. If that's the kind of partner you have, perhaps change partner? This is not about violating system willy-nilly, it's also not about "forgetting" the system, but about using judgement ...
Trust the Lead
Hi Kit. I like the declarer/defence analysis. I also like to think I would have tried to ruff a spade at the point you suggest, but (1) pressure/tiredness in such an event, and the related (2) that the seven is a high "low" spot, meaning that declarer may ...
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