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Ian Grant
Ian Grant
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

EBU rank: Premier Life Master.

I play my own "Grumpy Club" system in partnership with my wife.

Short (forcing) 1C (11+hcp, no better bid) with forcing 1D response (neg or natural)

Natural 1D , 5 card majors, weak NT.

Multi 2C, 2D and 2NT opening bids, Ekren-style 2H, normal weak 2S.

See website for EBU convention card.

United Kingdom

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is this double?
I've got about 33 follow up questions after I get the useless 'could be short' non-explanation and I'm going to ask them all to teach the swines a lesson. They may as well have said its 'Martian Polka-dot Lambada'.
What signal do you give?
...and sometimes a switch may prematurely expose your holding.
I apologize for this question
Quote from an Irish chap I once played in a team with: "Don't apologise, it's a sign of weakness!" Sounds best in a Belfast accent.
Adam Janas's bidding problem: 87543 AQT86532 --- ---
3 already says that for me, too worried about being vulnerable to bid 4..
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Axx Q QTxxxxx Kx
If I can't bid 2 as my first bid I am changing our system.
Giorgio Provenza's bidding problem: J963 85 K753 752
I've no idea what partner is doing but 2NT must be forcing so I'll make my cheapest bid.
opening two suited hands ,
Ok, good luck with your methods, I hope they work for you.
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
We haven't discussed it, but divorce is a possibility...
opening two suited hands ,
Pure GF 2-suited hands are very rare; so its usually quite safe to open at the one level and then jump rebid. e.g. 1-1NT-3 This means that your special methods have to be at least as efficient as this at showing the strong 2-suiter; I'm not ...
Competing against mini-NT
We use our own Grantsino defence: 2C = 4+ clubs and at least 3-2 in the majors (2D asks for better major) 2D = majors (can be 4-4) or S+D Opening strength or better, can be a bit weaker when protecting. We even get to play in 2C after the opps ...

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