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Ian Greig
Ian Greig
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Jan. 26, 2013
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Jan. 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Former junior player in England (of no particular distinction) now living in Vancouver, BC and slowly returning to the game after a 10+ year absence. 


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2nd place, 2013 Cambridge University President's Teams.
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The forgetful and the damned.
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Vancouver Bridge Centre
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Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
JoAnn, I suppose a particularly selfless pro and similarly selfless and deep-pocketed sponsor (with a somewhat perverse sense of humour) might hire a cheating pair and sit them out for the entirety of the relevant competitions.
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
Newspapers that don't mind making fun of the university would, I'm guessing, have fewer qualms about making fun of bridge players...
International Court for Sport?
I think you might be referring to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, headquartered in Lausanne. Coincidentally, the University of Lausanne's Law School also houses some of the leading experts in the field of Bayesian analysis of evidence provided in legal proceedings.
What does this BIT suggest
Partner's BIT pass could well suggest 'I have a convertible values double but don't want you to screw up whether to pass or not - please double so I can screw up the decision'.
Thorvald Aagaard's bidding problem: AQJ4 AJ752 63 A7
Not sure that in this auction 4 is unambiguously a cue. what about a hand with 4 cards in other major, and long clubs (maybe over 3 this hand would bid 3 but if partner bids 3 over double this might get murky...).
Thorvald Aagaard's bidding problem: AQJ4 AJ752 63 A7
I agree that partner has shown a minimum takeout double. This for me could be a weak NT with (43) in the majors so I am happy to reach what I hope will be the best game via 4 holding a doubleton diamond. Would be interesting to see if ...
Ethics, what is allowed?
Hi Gary, my point was not whether this hand merited a think (which is clearly does) but rather concerning the variety of expert opinion in a 'textbook' situations. I also freely accept the possibilities that I might be reading the wrong textbooks or that I might be doing the textbooks ...
Ethics, what is allowed?
For anyone who wishes to see the variety of expert opinion regarding what is a hand that is bidding game to make opposite an opening preempt then look no further than hand 27, QF2 of the recent BB/VC/d'OC: Holding... T A874 KQJ8 AT95 ...
Ethics, what is allowed?
Not procedurally correct for me (though I am neither high level nor a TD). First, a player of any standard has had the benefit of a suitable pause by RHO after partner's bid to perform any 'analysis' needed (further, a high level player should arguably be more capable of ...
Statement by WBF ( Oct 9, 2015)
Sounds eerily like the UCI's initial response to the USADA investigation of Armstrong and US Postal...

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