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Ian Hodges
Ian Hodges
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Feb. 26, 2019
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April 7
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Like unusual systems, Currently trying to see if Roman Club is playable in any way.  If anyone has a suggestion for what dbls shd be other than the penalties of the original let me know.

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rules question
I'm guessing you are in the USA.
Poll: Did you find this site’s April Fool’s joke funny?
it's a completely stupid tradition. I didn't log on till it was over I guess, but would have found it annoying I suspect whatever it was.
Who is Einar?
Liked the section p117 to 148.
Change "Best Hand" in robot individuals?
The problem is knowing you have the best hand means that a system involving a lot of "psychs" is almost certainly better than the standard method. If the next hand might have a 22 count and be ready with double a 1NT with a flat 12 is less likely to ...
Change "Best Hand" in robot individuals?
bridge is a mind game not a physical game. Computers have just as much of a mind as humans.
OK Bridge is far from OK. Agree or Disagree?
There is another alternative. Bridge player live. It has a constant drop in drop tournament always running. It is matchpoints though in case you hate that. They have a free trial. Once you pay the membership everything is free which may suit you if you spend a lot. Don't ...
Simple Stayman Question
I think the tricky ones are 6 of a minor with 5-7 nothing to do with stayman though.
Simple Stayman Question
Most singly annoying thing about Wbridge5 is it plays some ridiculous French stayman where you need values and it has 2nt as both majors.
Has your bidding evolved?
I double too but mine is t/o.
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
All the characters from bridge in the menagerie series by Victor Mollo.
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