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Ian Hodges
Ian Hodges
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Feb. 26, 2019
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Like unusual systems, Currently trying to see if Roman Club is playable in any way.  If anyone has a suggestion for what dbls shd be other than the penalties of the original let me know.

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2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
just as much as I wld trust american software.
For System Geeks Only
You can play ambra style relays if you want complexity.
Major suit raises
I was thinking about major raises recently and wondered if it was possible to remove all raises from all other bids except 2M, 2NT, 3NT and 3M So in this scheme 2M is normal 3M is preemptive raise, 3NT is some balanced 3 card raise you can pass and all ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
every bid my partner makes would be less than 10 out of 100 sometimes his mad action work.
Does full disclosure include frequency disclosure?
how about partner is mad and 99.9% of the time feels the need to rebid even when pass is available after the opponents interfere. Real life situation. I got fed up and even alerted the last time.
Understanding Bots
I suspect Truscott and Jordan are interchangeable and one is UK and the other US. I would have been fooled by your 2NT being pass aswell, how do the passers show a good diamond raise? Oh apparently they have to redbl first which is just a joke method.
Bridge Hackathon Crowdfunding - your help needed!
that is why Nukkai team have made different NN to those used by alpha zero etc. They had a main goal of making the NN understandable to humans and with that end in mind configured it.
Bridge Hackathon Crowdfunding - your help needed!
There is Blue chip bridge. Which has a database of bids you can edit. I haven't seen a new version but it wasn't that strong in the past but you could at least pretend you were teaching it your system. There was also bridge captain which had some ...
A field day for the heat
maybe its not a lead problem because pard should have doubled diamonds I have no idea though.
Bridge Hackathon Crowdfunding - your help needed!
lc0 does indeed keep move history and it matters even in chess so I can't believe it doesn't matter in bridge.
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