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Ian Hodges
Ian Hodges
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Feb. 26
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Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
Just bid stayman before they start doubling.
Lame Claims
weirdly the never claim option might be against the rules. I seem to remember being reprimanded when I was in my refusing to ever claim because the opponents are always stupid about it in some way mood. I said ok then I'll just play this out one trick at ...
Ian Hodges's bidding problem: 6 T863 J852 A876
I think he means it is obvious and unless he was playing a different game he would bid 1NT. Snap is a kids game in the UK.
ATB - Missed Game
What did dbl of 1 show? If 4 spades should north ever try to play in spades? Did north think passing 2 was forcing which wld seem odd given pard is a passed hand? Hard to attribute blame without knowing what is going on. I don't think ...
Gratuitous Question!!!
Right the time to think about punishing E-W is when they have an almost take out dbl of 2 or an almost lead directing dbl of 3. The rule never ask any questions until the end of bidding when you don't want to bid unfortunately falls down ...
Throw Anything
even if calling rank and suit you aren't safe e.g. you somehow accidentally say q instead of q. It is harder for some reason to miss pickup a card than to miss say the one you want. And dummy can always miss hear you.
Online Bridge Ruling, Psychic or Fail to Alert
Ok so nothing dodgy there either then. Pretty much everything that looks like it might be dodgy with the exception of break in tempo situations normally isn't. 99.99% of bridge players are trying to play bridge as an intellectual exercise not win at all costs and cheat using ...
Throw Anything
never ever say throw anything. never ever call for a card from dummy. Always pick the card up you want to play and play it. Anything else results in this. I would maybe act as you did if the Hog was dummy and declarer was incompetent and made a habit ...
Online Bridge Ruling, Psychic or Fail to Alert
I am not a TD and know nothing of the rules. Lets assume innocent until proven guilty. In this case South has psyched. This would mean NS were not playing redbl =10+ no fit and simply had the mad idea that passing the dbl with these hands was normal. I ...
Lame Claims
This sort of nonsense is why in any serious game you can't make claims.
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