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Ian Payn
Ian Payn
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Aug. 27, 2015
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April 17
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Bridge Player
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Vice-Chairman, English Bridge Union

Former Chairman, London Metropolitan Bridge Association

Former Chairman, Young Chelsea Bridge Club (London)

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Not Losing Money on NABCs
I think your logic about non-North American players is completely wrong. If someone has paid more to get there, why would they happily fall in with paying much more than people who have already paid out substantially less? Willingness to spend on airfares and hotels doesn't equate to wanting ...
A major contribution to bridge problems
Ronnie did indeed qualify as being "remarkably annoying" (how can I annoy thee? Let me count the ways...) but not guilty this time. I was thinking more of a chap who used to play at the London School of Bridge (not sure he ever dipped his toe in the waters ...
A major contribution to bridge problems
A remarkably annoying elderly player at a bridge club where I once worked had a (predictably) annoying habit. If he wanted to ask you about a hand it would go something like this: "It's gone pass, pass, One Spade on your right. You pass and left hand opponent bids ...
2019 Lederer Memorial Trophy
Jones-Paske also top of the cross imps, closely followed by Gary Hyett and Graham Kirby.Second equal were the Gillis and Ireland teams. For the final match between Allfrey and Zia there were 700+ BBO viewers in one room, 400+ in another. In the on-site VuGraph room, there was a ...
2019 Lederer Memorial Trophy
Yes, and they gave plenty of notice that they might have to cancel, so when they did it was neither a surprise nor desperately inconvenient.
2019 Lederer Memorial Trophy
Sadly, the holders, Israel, are otherwise engaged this year, but hope to return next year.
'Old' Bridge Magazines
When decimal currency came to the UK I was at primary school. We had to listen to a programme on the radio once a week explaining it to us. Hosted by DJ Dave Cash (ho ho) there was an enchanting little song we all had to learn and join in ...
A curiousity... Burt Marks proves bridge is a game of skill
In England some years ago (forty?) the rubber bridge player Alan Manch, a doctor and a fine upstanding citizen, took the Inland Revenue (as it then was) to court when they attempted to tax his winnings. His assertion that it was skill was accepted by the court. I'm afraid ...
Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer 1927-2018
"it was obvious that they made their signals as obvious as possible." Anyone who ever played against Harry Millward of blessed memory would only interpret this in one way. He waved his signals so close to your nose you could have got blocked sinuses.
A Request from Ms Manners
I think Ray has hit the nail on the head. There is a world of difference between real-world communications and what's written on message boards/ groups/whatever. One wouldn't dream of writing to one's cyber-friends what one would say to the face of one's real friends ...
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