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Ian Payn
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Aug. 27, 2015
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Feb. 16
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Vice-Chairman, English Bridge Union

Chairman, London Metropolitan Bridge Association

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I happened to be in a hotel bar post-event recently with England international and NPC of the England Women's team, Derek Patterson. We don't see much of each other now, but decades ago we started at the same clubs at the same time, and we reminisced about some ...
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
"I liked your [Andy Bowles] response, because it was truthful (and transparent). No wonder why you weren't retained as a Selector." - Gene Saxe Why are you assuming he "wasn't retained as a selector"?
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
The web site is in the latter half of its life-cycle: nothing lasts forever, but to overhaul it would be a major project. There's a lot of information there, and it all needs to be dealt with. in some ways, there is perhaps too much, and there might be ...
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
I've voted for Dhondy and Callaghan out of loyalty. Who I really think will win is Liggy and Erichsen.
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
It's that tell-tale depressing throb from your phone just as you're attempting to not revoke. As you reach for the wretched machine at the end of the round (having thanked opponents, checked the scores etc, etc: trying hard to cover all the "Mister Polite" bases here!) you just ...
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
The NGS is incredibly popular, Mike: people check after every session to see whether they're up or down. It has an almost mesemric quality. And, as Jeremy observes, looking at other folks' rankings is fairly addictive as well. Pride, rage, envy, humiliation, schadenfreude - it's all there: like a ...
Tricky ruling
I'd assumed that Kieran Dyke was either North (and extremely vindictive) or South (and extremely penitent).
Tricky ruling
"Forgetting partner is a passed hand is a relatively common error. Why, I may have done it myself as often as twice." - D. Burn ...and then on to Board Two...
Can you help me figure out if I am crazy or not?
"The definition of a reverse..." ...and forces preference at the level of three, as it used to be so quaintly put...
These are a few of my unfavourite things
I played against AM yesterday, 12 boards, first half of a match. We finished, and the director came over and told us that the other table had two boards still to play. "This," I said to AM "must be a first for you..."
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