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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
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April 30, 2013
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about me

Likes: strong club systems, weak NT, canape. My favourite system is (therefore) Blue Club. Dislikes: 2/1 systems with their byzantine accretions of flying buttresses :)


Created a Precision variant that I play with a few partners. Working out a system is always interesting.


Prefer count in almost all situations. As Guido sayeth, "we may not be good enough to know whether to encourage or not; but we can usually tell whether we have an odd or an even number of a suit". Amen.


Intolerant of rudeness and poor ethics. I tend to over-alert and over-explain, and bend over backwards to avoid using UI.


Wish the ACBL would have simpler GCC rules. How can it be illegal to play Roman in 2013? Wish I could remember stuff well enough to play a relay system. Ambition: read and understand the rest of the chapters in Love :)

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Copy of Basic Precision template
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Blue IP
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; canape
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Paul & Ian 2/1
2 over 1 / no Bergen
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Ian Wilson's bidding problem: J7 KQ AJT953 A96
Our 1NT in this position is 11(+)-14.
Bidding Style Variation during an Event
There is a nice Schroedinger's Cat thing going on here. Until an opponent asks a question ("makes an observation") the strength of the preempt is undetermined..
The Best Bridge Writer
I have this treasure also. I had no idea it was part of a larger treatise, however. I am in awe of the grunt work that must have gone into compiling many of these tables in pre-Fortran times. One table I actually consult occasionally is the number of cover cards ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Robert B. Ewen's opening leads book is an excellent book. It starts with a test on (surprise!) opening leads. Once you have done more poorly at this than you hoped, read the book and do the quiz again. I have found much of what is in this book most ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Reese, but it is tough to choose between him and Kelsey.
Best way to handle this situation?
I should perhaps have made slightly more clear that both opponents reacted visibly and audibly to my lack of alert of 2. Perhaps unsurprisingly they both had significant holdings. I am happy to admit to making a mistake. That is (partially) why I posted this. But I would ...
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
Answered 'other', since either you have discussed it and know the answer, or haven't and are heading for a disaster of enough magnitude to be worth posting on BW afterwards :)
Canape Agape
Blue Club provided a playable approach, using canape to show mostly shapely hands. Hands with clubs are treated differently. We have been playing Blue with intermediate 2/. Works quite well. Flannery hands: try not to pick these up..
What should I do when partner tanks
Isn't the hand over the J supposed to say something to the effect of, "sorry, I have no problem" after they realize they have inadvertently tanked before playing? If they were actually giving deep thought to which diamond to play from x(x(x(x(x)))) then I think ...
A Minor Case of Deja Vu
Swiss Teams, Sectional, yesterday. Board 17, we had a good auction to a cold 7 after a 2 opener. Our expert opps at the other table had a misunderstanding and only reached 6. 11 IMPs to the good guys. On the next board we reached a normal ...

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