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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
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April 30, 2013
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July 17
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about me

Likes: strong club systems, weak NT, canape. My favourite system is (therefore) Blue Club. Dislikes: 2/1 systems with their byzantine accretions of flying buttresses :)


Created a Precision variant that I play with a few partners. Working out a system is always interesting.


Prefer count in almost all situations. As Guido sayeth, "we may not be good enough to know whether to encourage or not; but we can usually tell whether we have an odd or an even number of a suit". Amen.


Intolerant of rudeness and poor ethics. I tend to over-alert and over-explain, and bend over backwards to avoid using UI.


Wish the ACBL would have simpler GCC rules. How can it be illegal to play Roman in 2013? Wish I could remember stuff well enough to play a relay system. Ambition: read and understand the rest of the chapters in Love :)

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Strong club; weak NT; 5-card majors
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GNT 2/1
2 over 1
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Copy of Basic Precision template
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Blue IP
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; canape
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Blue Club HB
Strong club; 4-card majors; canape
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Bill Neal / Ian Wilson
Standard American
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MacPuffle 4/2/2014
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors
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MacPuffle 2/2016
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; limited canape
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Copy of Basic 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Al + Ian 2-over-1
2 over 1
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Intermediate 2's, stronger 3's, not Approach Forcing (no forcing responses)
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Atsuko/Ian 2/1
2 over 1
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Dustin GNT 2017
Strong club
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Spawned by 'Weird Two-Bids'
I have an official letter on ACBL stationery signed by Chris Patrias that states that Bludgeon, a system even more natural than yours, is playable anywhere, under any conditions. He did suggest that we prealert parts of it just to avoid whining about unusual methods (my words, not Chris's ...
Namyats and related alerts
In a strong club framework, it's useful to get these hands out of the 1 openers. Obviously if you can intervene at the 4-level then you can jam a 1 opener. So I think we're ahead here, in that partner is in the picture. If not ...
Directors Ruling
If this is in ACBL land then a non-forcing 2 response to a weak 2 opener is an alert. Now we are heading for interesting UI :)
Going over the convention card
Our local club has a short lecture before midweek games. These are popular and aimed at novices. One example hand I happened to notice featured an 11-count with 4 spades faced opposite a 1 opener. I was depressed to hear the unanimous answer to the question of what to ...
Active Ethics; System Pre-Alerts
May decades ago in a far-off land, we played an English homebrew Precision variant that we licensed (at the time, you had to license complete systems) under the somewhat strained name PROMETHEUS (Precision Responses Over Minors Especially THE Use of Spades). This mostly involved 1-1 as the negative ...
The Worst Convention Ever
It works pretty well in the context of Blue Club as a whole. Obviously the frequency is much lower than that of a 'normal' 3 preempt.
"Daily Bridge Club" on OKBridge?
I believe that OKB started when Matt moved to do his doctorate in Finland. When he moved back to CA, he started the commercial version.
Torturing an opponent
I looked up 'Dutch Squeeze'. This is attributed to Slavenburg in 1965, but the basic principles of pseudosqueezes (including rectifying the count, etc) are given in Love. Or am I missing a subtlety? Groetjes :)
Is this a psyche?
Of course - otherwise I would have called the Director :)
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
I prefer playing 4-handed; but, given the expense and difficulty of fielding 4-person teams that contain people who have to work (i.e. professionals, but not bridge professionals), I would expect the change of format to cause yet more dropoff in entries. Hopefully annoying enough.

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