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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
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April 30, 2013
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about me

Likes: strong club systems, weak NT, canape. My favourite system is (therefore) Blue Club. Dislikes: 2/1 systems with their byzantine accretions of flying buttresses :)


Created a Precision variant that I play with a few partners. Working out a system is always interesting.


Prefer count in almost all situations. As Guido sayeth, "we may not be good enough to know whether to encourage or not; but we can usually tell whether we have an odd or an even number of a suit". Amen.


Intolerant of rudeness and poor ethics. I tend to over-alert and over-explain, and bend over backwards to avoid using UI.


Wish the ACBL would have simpler GCC rules. How can it be illegal to play Roman in 2013? Wish I could remember stuff well enough to play a relay system. Ambition: read and understand the rest of the chapters in Love :)

Bridge Information

ACBL Ranking
Copy of Basic Precision template
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Blue IP
Strong club; weak NT; 4-card majors; canape
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Paul & Ian 2/1
2 over 1 / no Bergen
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Ian & Joe 2/1 weak NT
2 over 1 / Weak NT
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Ian Wilson's bidding problem: T86 K954 QJ5 Q85
Paul: two questions- a) what shape(s) are consistent with partner's bidding? b) do you find 1NT incomprehensible?
Ian Wilson's bidding problem: T86 K954 QJ5 Q85
Paul: being 2 levels higher than the field contract and making 1.5 tricks more than the field contract explains my average score quite accurately :)
Best bridge advice ever:
Amen to that. Have never forgotten gruelling GNT District Final in Buellton. Bringing home a grand on a trump coup .. until I discarded a small trump on one of reentryless dummy's winners .. Since then I obsessively check that the card I am playing is the card I think I ...
4 Convention Cards on the table possible motion
A slight modification would make this a completely usable scheme: when a partnership registers, they proffer one convention card. The seller of entries makes 2 copies of the proffered CC, with some official stamp to indicate their registration; then the pair takes one registered copy each and plays the event ...
Full disclosure?
Just to clarify: the ACBL requires that we prealert the system, and alert the second bid in a possible canape sequence, e.g. in the 1-1N-2, the 2 bid must be alerted.
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
after the 2 relay, 2N shows any upper range; then after the 3 relay, 3N shows top range. On reflection, I can see some, er, slight problems with this.
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
This structure easily extends to 3 ranges, e.g. 10-12, 13-15, 16-18. (Not my idea, came across it and it seemed like A Good Thing).
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
tangentially related:
Poll on Psychs - 1
For reasons I don't fully understand, I feel less comfortable psyching online than I do at the table. Favorite psyche story: George Winter directing. I psyche a strong NT, end up in some doubled spade partscore, making, on unspeakable defence. George calls me over: "don't do that next ...
A point of curiosity
FFR, according to the OED, the three commonly used plurals for 'platypus' are correct: - platypodes (the *most correct* form, a Greek plural for a Greek word) - platypi (would be correct were platypus Latin, which it isn't) - platypuses (the "English" form)

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