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Ig Nieuwenhuis
Ig Nieuwenhuis
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Basic Information

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March 19, 2013
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Living as I do inthe Netherlands, I am a member of the european bridgecommunity.


My modest bridge-abilities are expressed playing in what in America is probably regional competition (hard enough for me)


I was hooked on this game as a student and have been playing ever since (when moving the first research-point is what bridgeclubs are in the area)


I have 4 kids in their twenties who are more and more selfreliant and selfsupporting. I enjoy the process of letting them go their own way but still supporting them very much.


Next to my passion for this game I also enjoy science fiction, crosswords, other puzzles and mindgames and of course supporting my kids in their endeavours


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
going 1 off in 1S after declaring (and making) my first 7NT. by the way: the other table made 1S +3
Bridge Accomplishments
scoring plus in the butler at the transnationals in Veldhoven in 2011
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Oog in Al
Favorite Conventions
weak NT, Transfer-walsh, unusual NT/double in sandwich
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Which card do you play at trick 1?
I used my own methods before I saw "standard methods": low encouraging :-)
Brigitta Fischer's bidding problem: Kxx KQ Q AKQ9xxx
This type of hand is one of the reasons we distributed different handtypes over our opening-bids and customised the followups. I can tell partner that I have a semiGF onesuiter in clubs. We might get too high in 3NT, but opposite the right ace and the spade queen I have ...
How do you rule?
System forget by East? In NL normal to play (as added in the description) that 3 is a good weak 2 in 's. In that case East has no reason whatsoever to bid NT, which probably lacks a -stop. So my conclusion is that East thought that 3 ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AJ8 64 Q953 QJ83
I dont get the voting (I am the lonely passer; so far): what is the expectation: that partner suddenly has extra values? In that case he would probably have started with any other bid than 2. I have a bad hand; partner just overcalled and East passed with presumably ...
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: J3 AQ3 QJ8543 Q8
was a direct 3 a consideration? I would have thought about it very seriously. It's often good to bid a long minor over the multi directly if you can.
Ig Nieuwenhuis's lead problem: AJT764 T KT94 54
Thanks Gregory. We were never leading a after this sequence. Either a trump or one of the minors. Since partner doubled I chose a minor (to prevent blowing a possible, but unlikely, trump-trick) So your inferences are not naive to me. I still dont know any argument to choose ...
Yu Chang's bidding problem: T94 A72 Q94 AJT7
3 as puppet But in my agreements I can ask almost everything about openers hand and then decide where to play with 4NT a distinct possibility; so system-agreements are fairly relevant here.
Peter Jan Plooy's bidding problem: AJ643 AQ732 --- J42
2254? With a J and a Q in the majors?
Ig Nieuwenhuis's lead problem: AJT764 T KT94 54
Uhmmmmm ........ (embarrassed silence) Thanks Buddy. No it wasn't. In creating th bidding problem I filled in the wrong one. This one represents the situation at the table. However: we often disregard the 'colours' in bidding decisions except at this vulnerability. Though bidding at this 'level' for us often makes ...
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: AJT876532 T2 --- K3
I like Namyats with this hand

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