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Ilya Kuzkin
Ilya Kuzkin
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 27, 2013
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Jan. 20
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Bridge Player
about me
I am an Oracle database specialist who also happens to be a decent bridge player. I try to play 2 major events/year, but usually play zero due to the time constraints.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 Open Pairs events in a row at a regional with different partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gordon Campbell
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Failed attempt for a doubled overtrick
Pretty low price for friendship.
Room for Saturday - SF
Phil should be grateful he's still able to post here.
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
Mike Lawrence sees it as an exploit. You see it as a weapon. I don't know if it can be both at the same time.
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
Michael, here's where my problem with the adjustment lies: - South claims that he originally took as 4NT as quantitative. I have no reason to doubt that with the facts presented. This is not a gray area, this is very binary - he either did or he didn't. If it ...
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
Michael, - When I wrote "quick" I meant that exactly - quick 5NT. Shotgun-like. The actual reason for the shotgun DOES NOT HAVE TO BE "we're off two aces" (for example partner had anticipated my 5 response and already knew that he would rebid 5NT over it). Whether this action ...
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
Marty, There is no any evidence that South had misunderstood the meaning 4NT. In my view his actions are consistent with explanation. In your view he had no sufficient grounds to accept the invite. And that's fine with me. Whether he really took 4NT as ace asking or not ...
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
"if the BIT didn't wake South up to the fact that 4NT was quantitative, not Blackwood" Sorry, South explicitly said: "After the deal, director came back and asked S what was 4N. S said Quantitative invite and he accepted as he had 1 more HCP than minimum along with ...
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
Let's review the situation from South's perspective. I bid 5, and partner goes into visible considerations. How does that change my perception of the following 5NT bid? To me quick 5NT would be "we're off two aces", and a pause "I am sorry, I am just ...
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
I would like to hear the director's reasoning how 5NT after a pause delivers the "it's NOT the king ask" versus a quick 5NT.
District 8 Georgia Heth Elected ACBL President
Doesn't anyone find it peculiar that neither of these two people is registered on this (or any other), the largest PUBLIC bridge forum to be a bit closer to their constituents? Where can we find mrs.Heth or mr.Cuneo's presidential programs so we can take a closer ...

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