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Ilya Kuzkin
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March 27, 2013
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about me
I am an Oracle database specialist who also happens to be a decent bridge player. I try to play 2 major events/year, but usually play zero due to the time constraints.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 Open Pairs events in a row at a regional with different partners.
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Gordon Campbell
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Minorwood or Redwood?
Hi Barry, Left field: I don't buy into a concept of using 0314 or 1430 based on a context regardless of age and memory capabilities. It is a disaster waiting to happen. That's why I like using 0314 throughout. The losses are situational and minimal, but being risk ...
Minorwood or Redwood?
You should be able to ask about aces/keycards in a minor oriented auction. Whatever your agreements are, there has to be a mechanism available to ask about those. Not sure how your 1b is related to anything in my text.
Minorwood or Redwood?
You can effectively play both with the following set of conventions (The way I play it): It's a Minorwood IF a) The suit was agreed before 4 level. (1-2-3-4) or b) Jump raise in a GF auction. (1-2-4) It's a kickback ...
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: AK3 AQT AK AQJ53
Poker style equity calculation: Although the 6 bid is a rare bird, I'll act on the assumption that partner knows what he is doing. The other assumption that I'll make is that 2NT doesn't promise any additional strength (since not specified), also I would guess that ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
As mentioned above, gazzilli would've definitely helped. With that said, however, North's response to 4 should have been 4, which is an offer to play showing 2-3 in the majors (I don't think it should be a control bid or last train when you still ...
Very Unlikely
Kit, You do realise that for the majority of ACBL players 3 does not exist as an offer to play, right? And for those who don't play Lebensohl, it does not exist at all. They might pass it, but only because it put them in the panic mode ...
Very Unlikely
Just a little disclaimer: I do believe that 3 is the correct contract on the hand and I do think that was an unjust ruling. That was not the main topic of this post, however. The topic is the use of the construction VERY UNLIKELY, and it's identity ...
Very Unlikely
The director said (quote approximate): "There was no UI by the end of the auction". All information that was unauthorized after partner's unexpected alert became authorized after the 3 bid, because that bid cannot have any other meaning for this player. This is the National Level director we ...
Very Unlikely
Bill, No one has questioned item #3. The item in question was #1.
Very Unlikely
But then the reasonability is only in the eyes of the beholder (TD), which is extremely subjective. This particular one didn't see the natural 3 bid as a possibility, but most of the others would.

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