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Ilya Kuzkin
Ilya Kuzkin
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Basic Information

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March 27, 2013
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
I am an Oracle database specialist who also happens to be a decent bridge player. I try to play 2 major events/year, but usually play zero due to the time constraints.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 Open Pairs events in a row at a regional with different partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gordon Campbell
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Is Anyone Else Confused?
"I'm positive one day a bridge-literate or better sponsor would assemble the top five world players and her(im)self, but what winning with such a team will prove? " That you still aren't able to beat the Blue Team if the Blue Team follows the Blue Team rule.
Very slow suit preference signals
Happened about 10 years go to me (I was on the "offending" side though) My partner was on lead against 4M in an auction where I had made an unusual NT overcall, and partner bid clubs. Partner lead the A and found KQx in dummy. I had to decide ...
You too can score 90%!
.. and then he again opens a singleton, Quartzy. I don't really understand how one can play with humans, they are so erratic and unpredictable. I wouldn't call that bridge, that's quasi-bridge at best.
Moysian game
Is this matchpoints? Why would E never show his diamond support? I know the hand would no longer be beautifully instructive, but this is insane, especially knowing the suits won't break well.
Public statement from and myself
I was able to get a photocopy of their defensive signals exaplanation
Decision after a Good 19 to 21 2NT opening at Matchpoints
I think Boye in his Fisher-Schwartz investigation report provided a hand very close in point count and structure to the one in question and mentioned (by quoting someone if I am not mistaken) no high caliber player would stay away from game opposite to a standard 2NT opening (unless the ...
One Law for the Rich?
- Director!!! - How can I help you? - I asked for medium rare and my chateaubriand, obviously, isn't. - You can accept it and it stays on the table, you can send it back to the kitchen or you can order another meal and your steak stays on your table until someone ...
Unusual Pairings and names.
I suggest you play with Eric Greco.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
"Papas Bravas" - a group of programmers working on a bridge AI engine.
proofredaers wanted!

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