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Ilya Kuzkin
Ilya Kuzkin
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March 27, 2013
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
I am an Oracle database specialist who also happens to be a decent bridge player. I try to play 2 major events/year, but usually play zero due to the time constraints.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 Open Pairs events in a row at a regional with different partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gordon Campbell
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Silver Life Master
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You be the director!
Why does 2 show diamonds? Most likely, judging by West's confusion, it wasn't in their system. If West thought 2 had shown diamonds (as it would've been is East took his DBL as strong), wouldn't it make the pass almost automatic?
You be the director!
So, if partner has clubs, you are forcing him to bid the suit at the three level? Without a fit? Whether 2 is "pass-or-correct" or "bid your best major", I don't care much, but I don't think it should be your own suit. The type of hand ...
You be the director!
Shouldn't 2 be "pass or correct"? In fact, failure to alert made the pass of 2 by W more favourable as it should show a weak hand with natural diamond for the traditional meaning of the double.
Guess the Bridge Player
24 dollars was never a purchasing price for Manhattan Island because dollars were not in circulation in New Netherland. Therefore any conversions and calculation of interest to that amount are pointless. I wouldn't put much trust into the PP calculation of guilder in 1630 made by a "Nineteenth century ...
Play problem in 4!S
I play a club to the J at trick 2. I don't think West is a clairvoyant enough to return a club with original QTxx holding. Once I regain the lead, I play 2 rounds of trumps and test the clubs for 4-1.
Guess the Bridge Player
"Nineteenth century historians converted those 60 guilders to U.S. dollars and got what was then $24. That same figure has been repeated for almost two centuries since, frozen in time and untouched by changes to the value of currency—but those guilders don’t stand at $24 today. According ...
Guess the Bridge Player
According to the Wiki page, that was 24 dollars in today's money. A pile of beads worth 750K would be an impressive image.
Three for one
No problemo. You can always change South's holding to Qxx (or even Jxx for a comic relief)
Below the waters
The problem with North's hand is that is completely falls apart opposite partner's shortness and you have more than 4 losers outside of the trump suit.
Below the waters
That's not what your poll asked. You asked what would South bid over 2 and obviously 2 is unanimous. You didn't, however, ask what would South bid after North corrects 2 to 2. South can pass, but also can raise to 3 as ...

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