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Ira Chorush
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May 11, 2012
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July 7
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FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
Now that the ACBL is giving away pigmented points for online bridge, it seems to me that if they want to maintain whatever limited utility these points have in determining the level of skill of players, they need to determine if players accused of using unauthorized information participated in any ...
Anyone heard ANYTHING on how long live bridge will be crippled for?
The biggest variable that will influence the end of the "flu era" will be the question that I have not seen definitively answered as to whether having recovered from covid-19 confers immunity upon the patient. There have been statements made both ways. If immunity follow AND covid-19 doesn't mutate ...
Governor Dewine announcement
If you could answer your own question, I might not dislike the ACBL so passionately
Spring NABC Robot Individual
As an example, if you have a flat 11 HCP hand and your partner opens the bidding, you know he has exactly 11 and would be foolish not to respond 1NT, or, with some hand not to pass th opening bid;
Spring NABC Robot Individual
Additionally, when you are on defense, the bots have no signalling system. You are totally on your own. It is true that good players will do better than bad players at this on average, but it still ain't bridge.
Spring NABC Robot Individual
That is exactly correct. It is not bridge, at least not bridge without the adjective "robot" appended. It is just another wy for the ACBL to sell their master points. Never will they get another dollar from me.
Ohio to cancel mass gatherings
The city of Columbus may save the ACBL, little as is deserves to be saved. Can you imagine all of those 80 year olds gathered together in close proximity , a few getting infected and then taking themselves back to their bridge clubs which are exclusively populated with other 80 year ...
What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?
I like the fact that those who had become life masters did not pay dues. While I would have donated 5 times the fee if asked, I quit paying it for 25 years and will now quit again.
A Spade-Double inversion
I think it would be useful to include this because of the enhanced flexibility, especially after 1-1-2 where double showing a spade raise would allow a further invitation via 2NT or 3m after a 2 spade sign-off. It would have the further advantage of doing away with ...
A Spade-Double inversion
Most people play that a responsive double in this sort of auction shows both minors; that one simply bids the unbid major if one has it rather than doubling. If not, a hand such as xx xxx AQ10x K9xx becomes rather difficult to bid after (1H)-dbl-(2H)-?
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