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Request from Board re Players who Drop off World Championship Teams
In my opinion, if a Team is no longer eligible to represent the US, then the 2nd place finisher in the Trials should be selected to represent the US. I think the conditions you lay out are very reasonable for when a Team has withdrawal(s)
Vote on Mixed USBC Conditions of Contest
I voted on the lower numbers but did not comment. My comment was intended to apply to 13+. Suppose 13-16, I would hold RR1 of 2 days to reduce to 8. The remaining teams would play RR 2 of 1 1/2 days to reduce to 4 teams. These 4 ...
Vote on Mixed USBC Conditions of Contest
2 day RR to reduce to 4 (or 8) teams if entry is large enough to require. 2nd 2 day round robin to reduce to the number of teams eligible fo USA2 which will "fill out" the tournament. Any remaining losers of RR2 are eliminated.
Senior USBC RR length
Arrangements with the hotel for a (very) late check out will need to be made since play would end about 2:45.
Screen Procedures
With respect to 8 in Peter's post above, there should be no option in whether the opening lead is face up or face since if at player's option. information can be transmitted. Additionally, once specified as face up or face down, it should be specified that the card ...
Report on Vote on Tie-breaking & follow up vote
The original reason given for the desire to avoid overtime play was a desire to not impact the schedule when the overtime would affect the start of other matches and the desire not to send the declared winner into the next round with the handicap of having played more boards ...
VOTE on How to Break Ties in Knockout Stage Matches
I would favor any reasonable method of breaking ties EXCEPT when we are selecting only 1 team and the match that is tied is the final, or when we are selecting 2 teams and the match for USA2 is tied.
How Long Should the 2-team Open USBC be?
Would it be impolitic to note that all those who voted for 120 board matches are professional players and all those whose vote is shown for 90 board matches are not professionals. Chris didn't vote but his sentiments would lie with the amateurs.
How Long Should the 2-team Open USBC be?
I would point to the recently completed USBF Seniors where (IMO) of the teams I rated in the top 3, 2 succeeded and the other lost (twice) in the finals. Again, IMO, we got what we wanted: the best possible representatives for the world championship.
The End Of The Beginning
Yes, and for the same reason. If, for example, the coughing doctors only gave a legitimate signal after clicking their ball point pens, they could cough on many hands to disguise the hands on which a signal was being given. They could click their pen but not cough, which would ...
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