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Sept. 20, 2013
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Richard Granville's lead problem: AJ54 2 K643 8752
Forgot to add that by playing ace of h we are protecting QH if p has it for obvious reasons (remember the story of the dog that didn't bark?)
Richard Granville's lead problem: AJ54 2 K643 8752
ace of sp. Isn't it better to atack d from p's seat at trick 3 after p ruffed my s continuation at trick 2? Now seriously: p usually will have something in clubs something that opps told us deliberately that doesn't worth much. If declarer is short ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: AQJT32 T9 Q T932
I held this hand and asked myself what should p have for his 2nt bid. I think that it invites 3nt from me and not asking like over weak 2 bid because in that case he could have que bid any red suit. As i shd have 6 cards for ...
Sarper Uslupehlivan's bidding problem: J9xx AKT QT8xx x
5d. I was invited (4d) to this party and see no reason to refuse. ODR (offensive defensive ratio) is high enough for that.
Itzik Ezra's lead problem: Q76 AQJ6 975 K84
Will someone please be kind enough to explain why is qh better lead than Ah? QH wins if finds kxx in dummy and misguess but loses havily if decarer or dummy has kx kxx and dummy 10xxx or declarer k109x or k108x a lot of cases. what is the benefit ...
David Loeb's bidding problem: AK J6 AQ43 87543
For me the key to this hand is partner's hoding in c. I need ace or singleton with 8 tricks in h to make 6 . 5d shows no control in clubs so must have sp 1st round control and slam invitation and partner will know to bid 6 or ...
Jake Corry's bidding problem: J54 KQ3 T5 AJ865
I think that double is takeout but asks p to pass if has a deffensive hand. Double is wrong because 3d by p will not be a success. If double was meant to punish it was wrong too. North should have real sp suit and in that case x is ...
Peter Lipp's bidding problem: --- AT9742 K AKQJ83
I don't like 4c/4h bid. 4 C won't get "prefernce" with 3 c cards and 2 h cards and 4h might find partner passing with a singleton and 3 c cards. What should double show? in my humble opinion short sp 5-5 or so and controlls (double ...
Mike Baggott's bidding problem: QJ4 8 AKQJ2 KJ75
after 3c 3nt or 3d which is better? if p has sinleton sp he may leave 3nt because 3nt might have double stop. in that case we might go down in 3nt when 5c might be on with xx/xxx in sp and good c he might ask for sp ...
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