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Itzik Ezra
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Sept. 19, 2013
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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: T87 QJT85 A73 T7
Ophir in case you didn't receive my message pls send me your email and i will send you the files - i am not able to do it here sorry.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: QJ9865 AK KT AK6
Partner needs to have 10XX XXXX QXXX XX to make 4s a very good bet. I hope we don't have to find a new partner if he passes. We have the boss suit and we can beat any 4 level contract so can handle opps bidding - in other words ...
David Patterson's bidding problem: K53 8 Q543 AK987
1C and if partner bids 1h i can bid 1sp
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: T87 QJT85 A73 T7
Yes there are. I will publish them here soon
Conor Boland's bidding problem: K62 AKQ8542 976 ---
3D does not promise AKQ but when you bid 5s with nothing in h+c and missing KS you should have a reason. Take the actual hand AJ JX AKQXXX XXX 5s might be ok but minimum. Now change the diamond suit to AKXXXX or even AKJXXX would you still ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: AJT542 T5 6 T965
Very good argumet as surely south expected north to have some sp so there is no club loser. Finding partner with X XXXXX XXXXX XX shape and club loser when we had 12 cards in sp and passed all the way would have be very surprising. Still i expected south ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: Q6 J742 9 AKJ932
What was the layout?
Conor Boland's bidding problem: K62 AKQ8542 976 ---
7H. Partner must have ace of sp + very good diamonds to invite 7d. He bypassed 5h so must have 2+ cards in that suit. unless your system is to show ace before singleton). If both red suits behave then 7h is fine. what if one opp has jxxx in one ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: Q6 J742 9 AKJ932
What can i say about 2c bid? Obviously it it the right bid in the sense of the decent bid. We might get to 4h , might show our shape and let our excellent partner to be involved in the bidding. But you have to face reality. Opps probably hold the ...
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: --- AK95 KJ9762 763
I don't like 4s as it bypasses 3nt. Double looks better at first sight. We might get to 4h 3nt or 5-6-7d. The problem is that if p has 4 cards in hearts then we have double fit which means opps have double fit too. That means 2 things ...

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