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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 72 KQJ9852 652 T
I held this hand and passed. N: AQJ954 A KQ J652 S: 10863 74 8 AKQ973 W: K 1063 AJ109743 84 6S was cold -1430 was about -10 impsa 7h is -4 -800 After thinking about this hand i agree with Richard and the others who chose to bid (well ...
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: J65 K76 J8765 A6
3nt. North can't have 15-17 balanced (1nt) nor short clubs with 5 diamonds like 4351 (he would x) so i think he has 6 diamonds (and 2+ clubs as 3 3 6 1 he might x ) Partner also is not likely to be void in diamonds as with 4 ...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: Q K975 9764 KQ64
Nice idea. Can be used. "Put a pretty shining diamond on the ring and propose me again..."
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: --- T652 KT9863 T76
Hi Richard. As much as i understand x is used for guarbage hands usually 0-3 or some 4 points. After the bidding my hand improved so much that i must do something about it. You may bid 6h over 6c bypassing 6d if you like but over the imediate 6h ...
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: --- T652 KT9863 T76
4 questions that we have to ask: 1. is it safe to bypass the 5 level? I think yes. 2. Is grand possible? I think yes. XX AKQXXX AQX AX is definetly not too strong for 2c + 5h. 3. Is my void in sp likely to be a usefull unformation ...
Malcolm Pryor's bidding problem: AKQ5 Q74 Q52 AK5
2h. Partner has some points as both opps passed. If he has strength in hearts i want him to play 3nt. I will bid 3nt over partner's response of 2nt 3d or 3h but if he bids 3c i will pass. If so he is likely to have 5 ...
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: KQ AQ95 KJ43 JT9
I would have x playing imps as -200 is not terrible and opps rarely x. At mp they don't need much to x so pass.
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: K4 AKQJT642 8 54
Partner informes me that 4hx= is not enough on this hand. That means blood. I expect +800 or more from 4spx.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: AJ97432 AT32 J 7
Thank you Paul for your reply. It was interesting in terms of the bridge discussion but has been very helpful to me in a different context. I didn't know exactly what debater meant, so I turned to Google who referred me to a fascinating IBM project called PROJECT DEBATOR ...
Ronald Vickery's bidding problem: Q4 642 K9632 AK2
I opened 3rd hand though vul. Partner second x is very risky so he must have a good hand. i expect 10-11 points and probably 3 cards is sp though he might have also 2 cards in sp. If 2sp is -1 we will get a top. I will take ...

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