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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AKQ QT63 74 AJT6
The advantage of this system is that you can practice endplays. Here it was a self endplay. Better to play 3c as any minimum. A lot of minimum hands can make 12 tricks with our hand as dummy and sometimes it might be very easy to get to 6h after ...
Jannes van 't Oever's bidding problem: KJT532 K62 J76 4
This hand is not favorite to make 4s if partner has minimum hand so 4s is very wrong imo. we have 8 losers hand and most of the cover cards needed are required in aces and kings. and while partner can have AXXX in sp saving 1 cover card (Qs ...
Ned Kohler's bidding problem: Q982 K3 Q43 AK87
It looks like partner has 4531 shape or so because: if he had 4-4 im h+s he would have doubled so he has 4-5 shape and s didn't supoort unvul so probably has 0-2 diamonds. partner might base his bid on stiff club and i hace a suseless ...
Roland Voigt's bidding problem: J K75432 K3 T765
A great system indeed That reveals whatever needed. The problem is should i enter the bidding or should i wait a litte more as opp's bidding are more effective than ours. Here i learned that partner has 0-1 clubs and 3+ hearts and 5+ cards in sp. where are ...
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: J8 AT J62 AKQT85
Most probably partner is planning to pass any bid i make holding 0+ points and short clubs. Try that with somebody else. Pass. Ok. partner can have the right cards to make 3nt and we might get 0 points in 2c contract but i don't realy have diamond stopper ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K2 4 KT5 QJ98743
There are some questions to ask: The first should be if 4h is forcing encouraging or sign off. Partner didn't bid 4h over 3s. Why? and what does it mean. Horrible as it might be should 5c be natural here or maybe heart fit and control in clubs...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K2 4 KT5 QJ98743
I think both 3c and pass are wrong. Pass is wrong because it gives opps free ride and misses an oportunity to give partner quite a good picture of what i have. 3C is wrong because partner will might expect a better suit and might think that KXX might give ...
Jim Rasmussen's bidding problem: 5 KJ9875 KJ985 3
I posted 167 problems till now most of them of bidding. Maybe the problem i like best is a hand i posted that my partner opened out of turn so i was barred from further bidding. Partner had 4 cards in sp and i argued that he should bid them ...
Yosep Hutasoit's bidding problem: A974 J8532 J9 AJ
5h last train? Here we need some help to decide what to do and i hope i can count on ... east to deliver it. If he has K/A h he migth think he should tell his patrner who will be on lead about it and then partner can show ...
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: A8654 Q97643 54 ---
I don't see why 2nt is better than 4c. At first sight it looks nice. We might partner with stiff sp and bid 3s which looks fine and also saves space. Still not easy to continue. Maybe you should bid 5c but that can backfire. For example: X KJXXX ...

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