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Ivan Brajkovic
Ivan Brajkovic
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April 2, 2013
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July 13, 2016
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about me

23, bridge player, student and radio presenter from Rijeka, Croatia. 


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Pula Bridge Festival
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Can You Set 4!S?
Are you sure you want to discard the 8 from T852?
Can You Set 4!S?
[b]Solution:[/b] On the board where he discared the 2, responder's got only 3 diamonds. His hand was: x JTxxxxx 852 Jx Since he knew opener was perceiving his range as super-weak, he just tried to give count in the vital suits - hearts (3) and diamonds (2), as ...
Can You Set 4!S?
Kevin, with 19 HCP partner will probably know to bid 3 over 3, on his way to 3NT/4/5. But if partner is weak (the most probable occurrence), you won't preempt anybody, putting opener in a good spot. Paul, these bidding methods aren't ...
Can You Set 4!S?
Why would responder with 54 and maximally 4 HCP bid 1 instead of 3, especially when holding a singleton spade?
Responsive Double
Since my range is somehow capped here, hand #1 is pretty much the strongest hand I'd expect to hold in this spot.
(4!C) pass (pass) 4!D?
Why? If (3)-pass-(pass)-4m is (Leaping) Michaels, why should 4 here be something else?
Delayed Cuebid+Raise?
Well, perhaps you could have assumed that anyway. By giving hints and guidelines it could become pretty obvious partner's got a balanced GF hand with one major not stopped.
What is This Double?
Oh, I apologize. I noticed that some master with the name Oren Kriegel is noted as the captain of the strong USA open team in the forthcoming World Bridge Games, so I thought this might be you. (Wikipedia says: [i]"The Mr title derived from earlier forms of master, as ...
What is This Double?
Mr. Kriegel, a "Takeout of majors" option would be very nice to see here, since this is most often a (32)44 (or 2245) 12-14 hand.
Can You Set 4!S?
The point about not ducking the Q could be valid, but we have to take the whole picture into account: Would partner really respond 1 with (at best): x QJxxx Txxx Jxx? Would partner really not bid 3 (or 4) over opponent's game-invitational 2 cuebid ...

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