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Jacek Sikora
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May 5, 2011
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1) I prefer 2 instead of 2 2) I'd bid 4 over 2, monster hand: Q10xx + side ace South's blame 100%
What does S show?
Card showing double: I dont know what to play, and if pd penalize my dbl with some spades it can be the best option here.
Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
90% of experts in Poland play Polish Club with wide range 1 up to 21 let say. Is better or worse - i'm not a judge here. At the table I bid 5nt as pick a slam, which should show 5h and some semi-fit in diamonds. It ended up ...
Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
Direct 4n after x is natural, yes. After 4c-4d-4n KC. I think this is „standard”, but every pair defines „standard” differently:-)
Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
Forgot to mention, 1d up to 21pts. Good hand in terms of tricks, so with akq 6th + side stopper you want to be in 3n if pd has few points with stopper in Clubs. Pd may have weaker diamond suit like KQJ, QJx, AQ109xx, x , sirect 3d doesnt promise super ...
What do you play against multi 2!D?
I can only speak for Poland. 99,99% use option 3 here.
What do you play against multi 2!D?
I encountered 2M as take out of that major when I played in Hungary and dbl as some 5card major, It seems this is quite poor solution, as with take out spades you need to play at 3 level. Due to lack of natural 2M bids these hands were put ...
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
Interesting system - just pair tournament which is a little bit more random than team trials. Pool is thin, agree, and this is why you decided for pairs probably. Mixed system was introduced in Poland recently: two first stages pairs and last two stages - teams which are formed of qualified pairs ...
Dufrat and Zmuda Win Women's Pairs
Well done!
Continuations after 1!c (2!d) multi overcall
I haven't mentioned about x BAL in my post
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