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Jack Feagin
Jack Feagin
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Aug. 12, 2013
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about me

I am a retired attorney and a long time bridge volunteer but also a strong advocate for an improved and open ACBL. Among other things I have been chairman of the last four NABC and 31 regionals in Atlanta.


My other hobby is coaching high level girls' AAU basketball.

Facebook= Atlanta Girls AAU Basketball Georgia Pistols

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my wife Claudia
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Platinum Life Master
Copy of Jack Feagin & Randy Pettit 2285762
2 over 1
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Copy of Jack Feagin & Randy Pettit
2 over 1
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Toronto Summer NABC Housing Update & other info
In probably about 3 1/2 years we have spent a million on collecting money from existing members who mostly have emails and make payments over the internet all the time. Maybe the search committee for a new CEO should ask the candidates what their thoughts are on this problem ...
Toronto Summer NABC Housing Update & other info
Certainly did not want to be unfair. When I got their email I wanted to be sure everyone was aware of it and I was too lazy to start a new topic. Sorry if I out of line. However, I would comment that spending $ 300,000 annually seems like a ...
Toronto Summer NABC Housing Update & other info
just got this email The new regular membership fee for one year is $49
NABC Housing Problems: Kansas City & Toronto
why would this data about who played what sessions be private data as it related to the Atlanta NABC
Mentor program morphs to Coaching program
me too
Membership and Telephone Directory
Our Unit decided to make it a member only but that was not required. Each member of our Unit was sent an email that asked them if they wanted to share certain information like their email address and telephone number in our directory. They can decline or they can take ...
Membership and Telephone Directory
This is outside of my area of expertise ( not sure if I have any areas of expertise any more. lol ) However if we got the telephone number and email address orginally from Pianola it would seem like it could be updated in the same fashion. I will double check with ...
Membership and Telephone Directory
I believe changes in email addresses and telephone numbers are changed in the update. Perhaps James Ward can clarify. Certainly the member can update easily. In our six year search for a solution this is the only one that created the directory easily and solved the major issue of getting ...
Membership and Telephone Directory
But Units who have a large membership its hard to gather up the info BUT the real problem is you need proof of the member's consent for you to publish it according to the ACBL and Pianola solved this problem and keeps it current. The only info shared in ...
Membership and Telephone Directory
You need to contact James Ward because he solved those types of problems. the database info they are keeping current is their telephone number,email, mailing address and masterpoints. If they keep their info current with the ACBL it will be automatically updated.

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