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Jack Feagin
Jack Feagin
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Aug. 12, 2013
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about me

I am a retired attorney and a long time bridge volunteer but also a strong advocate for an improved and open ACBL. Among other things I have been chairman of the last four NABC and 31 regionals in Atlanta.


My other hobby is coaching high level girls' AAU basketball.

Facebook= Atlanta Girls AAU Basketball Georgia Pistols

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my wife Claudia
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Platinum Life Master
Copy of Jack Feagin & Randy Pettit 2285762
2 over 1
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Jack Feagin & Gabby
2 over 1
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Copy of Jack Feagin & Randy Pettit
2 over 1
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Summer NABC Moved
FYI 100,000 square feet would very comfortably hold 850 to 950 tables. each table in a 9 foot x 9 foot area is spacious. 8 x 8 is tight. Although this was a fairly obvious April 1st joke it seems very unlikely that Montreal will take place. The ACBL ...
Summer NABC Moved
There is nothing currently on the ACBL site so it maybe just fake news. April fools day joke. But I doubt that the NABC in Montreal will take place.
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
Yes, they handled it well. I have been involved with bridge tournament contracts for almost 40 years and they played this hand correctly. Unfortunately it was the first time in a few years since we won the trip for the pairs. It does point out how important the wording of ...
Five No Trump Bids
Yes the answers are like questions. Fortunately my bridge is better than my posting skills on Bridge Winners. Anyway from the answer to questions it gives some suggestions on handling these matters. However I was hoping some would in comments set forth their rules. Thankfully some have made comments as ...
San Francisco BoD meeting
" I did not notice any unwieldy problems stemming from having 25 BoD members. On the contrary. It ran smoothly and covered every area expected. It just didn't address most of the pressing issues confronting us." It may run smoothly but the size and the structure of the representation are ...
Slam invite question
What sequence will get partner to bid 6 spades with xxx,xx,Qxx,Jxxxx 9xx,xx,Jxxxx,Kxx 10xx,xx,Jxxxxx,xx etc, etc I think bidding 6 spades has more chance of winning imps. 5 spades may also go down.
Another Proposal for SF
I have been told that the ACBL Board APPROVED his proposal which had been requested by District 7 and Atlanta for a change of game times for the 2023 Fall NABC to be held in Atlanta, GA. The approved game times would be 10 AM and 3 PM for the ...
Bart Bramley: Master Storyteller
So far just listen to the Lou Bluhm segment and enjoyed it very much. We were so lucky that Atlanta was his home for his bridge career. We all benefited from knowing him.
San Francisco BoD meeting
The ACBL is a membership organization and the Board does owe the members a fiduciary duty. Who owes the assets does not matter but it some way the membership does because that is the nature of a non profit organization.
Another Proposal for SF
Even if the issue is close my main point is that by 2023 we will have had 30 at 1 and 730. At least one should have some of the NABC events on a daytime schedule and the hosting Unit and the Hosting District are making this schedule. They will ...

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