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Jack Futrell
Jack Futrell
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May 23, 2013
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13 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
the many years I played bridge with Hermine Baron
Regular Bridge Partners
Rae Murbach, Gerry Belcher, Tim Lolli, Jerry Murbach, Steve Sturm, Joe Viola
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Glendale, San Marino and Pasadena
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Drury
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Gold Life Master
Steve Sturm and Jack Futrell
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Tim Lolli and Jack Futrell
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Canadian National Team Championships is Live on BBO Vugraph this weekend
Peggy I know you won't remember this but I was with Hermine in SF at a National many years ago and I called you Joan(Sutherlin) as in the famous Opera singer (I do think she spelled her last name Sutherland) for those of you who don't know ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
Craig, sorry but I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything except that a good suit head by AKQ10X is as good as a six card suit --that was my response --also I agreed with Richard and your making it out to be a big deal that I posted ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
Richard, I do agree with you in part but I was suggesting it only because of the strength of the hand in the balancing seat. Incidentally, how often do you hold a good 6 cards suit with opening values? Not very often. Everything is flawed for sure but it would ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
Marty, this is a friendly discussion and i notice your disagreeing with other people constantly as well. You can certainly disagree but i think your nitpicking when you say 2 spades shows six and as i already commented that the suit quality was like 6 but perhaps you didn't ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
The quality of the Spade suit is like 6 --did you read my other comment? If your going to tell a lie you should tell the least one and bidding 2Spades with only 5 but great quality is not a lie. Furthermore East can bid 3 hearts forcing since he ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
I think so Steve -usually shows 6 card suit but the quality of the suit is great
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
Why couldn't West have bid 2 in the balancing seat to start with? That might have made it easier later in the auction.
Sivert Dombu RIP
Sorry to hear that --The Dombus used to live in the LA area in the valley and were well thought of and very nice people.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
and we could call the BOD the "Wild Bunch"
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Bill Walton had an incredible game if I remember correctly --I believe he made 20 of 21 field goal attempts --that will not be repeated!!

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