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Jack Futrell
Jack Futrell
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May 23, 2013
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14 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
the many years I played bridge with Hermine Baron
Regular Bridge Partners
Rae Murbach, Gerry Belcher, Tim Lolli, Jerry Murbach, Steve Sturm, Joe Viola
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Glendale, San Marino and Pasadena
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Drury
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Gold Life Master
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Richard Bley's bidding problem: QJT6 AT9 KJT932 ---
1 -an insufficient bid and correct to 2 and my partner is barred LOL but i voted for Pass
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Thanks Magnus for being clear about that the WBF is responsible for lack of proper written procedures. I also agree that the WBF has bungled this and should pay all the compensations for the DBF as you have already suggested. And to put some pressure on them don't pay ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Am I missing something here? why should the WBF bar the nation? it was a couple of individuals who were cheating not the nation? if thats the case you could bar practically all nations including ours!!
Team USA at the Beijing Hua Yuan Cup
Congratulations to the USA women and the excellent write up. So happy to see my favorite World Champion Kerri Sanborn to still be playing a world above most mortals!! I not only respect here bridge game but she is a wonderful person who I have known for many years.
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
Richard, maybe they should have prefaced this stop card usage by turning to your left hand opponent and as an example say "West" and then pull out the Stop card and place it on the table
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
Why not impose an instant penalty if they instantly bid? that will teach them!! or the 1st time its a warning and they will be told there will be a penalty if it happens again in the same game!
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: K4 AKQT AQJ7 A84
Its better to be lucky than make the right bid sometimes LOL I voted for 5 like a bunch of other 92% rational human beings.
What is he thinking about?
I thought of that earlier but rejected the idea because his partner would be leading into declarer not through declare r
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: K8 AT6 KJ43 J532
Hi Greg, Yes, your right it's an amusing story. Here'a a story about Lew who was Hungarian and I had a friend here from Hungary who wanted to meet Lew so I introduced him at a regional in Pasadena, CA. Lew watched my friend declare a hand and ...
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: K8 AT6 KJ43 J532
Greg: I believe you have that wrong about Lew Mathe! He told her never to lead away from a Jack (leading Away from a King was ok) and after going into the tank because she had all 4 Jacks he said come on just lead, i know what you have.

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