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Jack Hawthorne
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May 23, 2017
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June 9
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Jane Marshall
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The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
First of all, I don't think your suggestion would be ACBL legal, which was important to me. I verified that this treatment would be legal with the ACBL before implementing. Secondly, as Randy Pearson (above) stated, this is used with a Strong Club system, and our 2-level bids all ...
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
At last, a perceptive comment. Yes, opening this 1NT with long diamonds can be tricky. That is why we differentiated our rebids to allow opener to bid 2S with 3 spades and 5 diamonds, 2NT with only 2 spades and 5 diamonds, and 3C to show 6 diamonds. This allows ...
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
Unless you have played this or played against it, you can't appreciate how preemptive this treatment is and how inherently safe it is. When the opponents "balance," they often miss a game that would otherwise have been easy to bid. And when that game contract is not available, we ...
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
For some time, I opened 2H/2S with 10-12 and 5M332. This was very effective, but it did roadmap the defense. With the "Positional Asset Concealment" aspect of the "New NT," that advantage is removed. Since everyone knows what the NT bidder has, it is logical to display it on ...
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
On the contrary, it happens quite frequently, and the preemptive value - combined with inherent safety - is great.
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
You never play in a 5-1 fit. Responder is not forced to accept the transfer, and can remove the bid to a 43 fit.
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
First, it is not illegal. I asked the ACBL before implementing this. They did suggest that we ALERT 1NT and explain that the hand promises a 5-card suit, but it is legal and does not require a pre-alert. Second, with some high cards, you might pass with a balanced pattern ...
Precision interference
Me neither. Of course, I prefer to use a 1H rebid as a 2nd artificial force, promising 20+ pts, so rebidding a 4-card heart suit would not be an option.
Sandwich Cue-bid of Opener by Unpassed Hand
In the September 1989 issue of “The Bridge World” magazine, William C. Beall from Santa Barbara, CA suggested a convention he called, Hess Cue-Bids. He credited this convention to a young man named Carl Hess. The short answer is that Hess Cue-Bids are used to show off-shape 2-suited hands - ideally ...
Daisuke Sugimoto's bidding problem: Ax Axx T876x AKx
Agreed. I pass - for now. Why let the opps in on the location of all the points? Besides, this hand may well prefer to defend. Assuming South passes, if partner can't balance, what are we missing?

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