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Jack Lavigne
Jack Lavigne
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July 14, 2013
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Feb. 10
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I like 5-5 invitational
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K9 AK8643 A95 97
feel great uncertainty on how to proceed but with 3 1/2 quick tricks I think I have to do something
Assign the Blame
At this vulnerability North can typically expect a profit by taking advanced save. Also keeps opponents out of 6H (luckily makes on this hand but could easily be cold if the A of spaces were the K of clubs and J of diamonds instead).
Jim Griffin's bidding problem: xx Axx A KQJ9xxx
One of the advantages I see of bidding 2D is that if partner now bids 2H you still have enough stuff to bid 3H. Holding KQxxx of hearts and xx of clubs gives at least a play for 4 hearts. Partner may pass the book bid of 3 clubs when ...
Which card(s) to play in trick 3?
I can afford to lose one heart, one diamond and one club. Assuming normal breaks I think it is best to lead a heart toward the King (covers stiff A). If opener has AJx of hearts I need the club finesse.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K52 QT97 86 AT97
It is unclear to me whether my partner's pass is forcing. I think they have 9 spades and that we have 9 to 10 clubs bringing the total to 18 to 19 tricks. I think I will double and hope that they make undertricks rather than overtricks.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 865 A76 K7 QJ864
I like the 4S bid. I think I am a bit stronger than partner is counting on so feel like I should make some bid. The question is, what bid? I choose 5 diamonds.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: --- 8764 AQJ95 K965
Even in passout chair I think the values are too light for a bid.
If, When and How do You Use Equal Level Conversion Double
If partner bids 3C I will pass with 2 clubs but bid 3D with six diamonds and a stiff club
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