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Jack Spear
Jack Spear
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May 3, 2012
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United States of America

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Grand Life Master
Jack Spear & Tom Kniest
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Chuck Said & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Steve Stewart
2 over 1 except suit rebid
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Tom Kniest & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Copy of JS Strong NT sect 021716
varied NT10-13 1,2 nonV - all other 15-17; 1M-2!c could be 2
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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 65 KQT9642 K864 ---
7NT. I probably would have bid 4 first round, best chance to keep the spades out of the auction. The slam potential of this hand is very high compared to most 4 bids, so 1 is certainly acceptable. 2 is inconceivable.
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AQ6 QT7 K8 AQ753
1, vulnerable at IMPs. But at matchpoints the reward is not so great, and the upgrade "target" of reaching a making game opposite 7-8 hcp remains narrow. The good 5-card suit is the main ingredient for the upgrade, trick-taking ability not accounted for in the hcp evaluation.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AKQ76 J654 A4 AT
Spades would not be a "working void" and should not be shown. I like 6 to ask for the queen here, can only bid 6 without such an agreement.
Gutless, conservative, or reasonable?
Pass is somewhere between "about right" and conservative for me, but with 3 small diamonds, pass seems reasonable. Unlucky for the passers to catch a maximum opposite, all working values, doubleton diamond.
A Slim Extra Chance?
playing local $bridge=locally famous only :)
Meckstroth Elected to Hall of Fame
Congrats, Jeff.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: JT762 AT985 K4 4
I think it's tempting, good distribution, and Michael's could be the winner opposite partner's good balanced hand with three small 's, when he will not take action. Quite surprised that no one bid it...
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: KJ65 KT54 T6 Q93
5NT. Answered 5 originally, cuebidding toward a grand slam. But I don't think we can get there, since I won't bid it next round, and partner won't either. So 5NT is better, getting us to 6 when 6 fails on bad breaks (agreeing with ...
David Libchaber's bidding problem: K74 KQ7 JT4 KJ54
Double. (not a preemptive 3NT) Let's hear what happens next--Partner may be long in both minors, void in spades, whatever...Why not give him a chance to describe his hand?

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