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Jack Spear
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May 3, 2012
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Jack Spear & Tom Kniest
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Chuck Said & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Steve Stewart
2 over 1 except suit rebid
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Tom Kniest & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Copy of JS Strong NT sect 021716
varied NT10-13 1,2 nonV - all other 15-17; 1M-2!c could be 2
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Jack Spear & Robert Weaver
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Daisuke Sugimoto's bidding problem: AKT9 K6 KJT6 A84
Bidding 3NT seems like a good gamble, but rates to lose when West leads 's and their side holds the A, a likely possibility. It may also lose opposite AXXXX. I like preempting when possible with most North hands, including this one, making the opponents guess as often as ...
ATB missed grand
Reference was made to RKCB books by Kantar. Agreement might be possible that this treatment qualifies as (d) "best-documented" or (e) "most well-known."
ATB missed grand
Yes, good point. {I revised my comment.}
ATB missed grand
Knowing the Q is a trick is another advantage of "showing" with 6 instead of "asking" with 6. In general, asking with 6 works better in situations when "asker" has something like AQX/AQJX in the suit, and the king adds more than one trick. {revised to ...
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
Page 6 should read, ..."those who passed 3..."
David Parsons's bidding problem: JT643 62 A62 984
2M over 1NT showing M-m is much more playable if promising 5-cards in the major. Overcalling with only 8 cards in the two suits is not a winner in the long run.
BW 2/1: 1!D-2!C-2M
The part of this I like is that 2NT does not lose a major fit. (Partner can check back with a major.) We are usually going to play 3NT on this auction, so why tell the defenders our distribution?
BW 2/1: 1!d-2!c-2!D
Most accurate may be to rebid 2M showing 4-5 or 4-6 (next identify any shortness or min/max), otherwise rebid 2 artificial by opener on most hands. Then 2=some 4-card major (next identify suit, any shortness, or min/max); 2=no 4-card major, unsuitable for declaring ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: AK83 Q64 AKJ75 A
3. The 2 bid last round, showing the fit, was much better than redouble. 3 now shows an even bigger fit, more forward-going than 3, better describing these values. Partner has a doubleton at most--a singleton with 5-card 's could be 11 tricks ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: Q8x AQ AJTxx J8x
Partner's green card means more when playing such light openers. I think it's right to pass, despite setting myself up for post-mortem blame. Quality of the opposition is not a consideration.

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