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Jack Spear
Jack Spear
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May 3, 2012
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Grand Life Master
Jack Spear & Tom Kniest
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Chuck Said & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Jack Spear & Steve Stewart
2 over 1 except suit rebid
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Tom Kniest & Don Stack
2 over 1
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Copy of JS Strong NT sect 021716
varied NT10-13 1,2 nonV - all other 15-17; 1M-2!c could be 2
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Jack Spear & Robert Weaver
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Richard Fleet's bidding problem: QT5 9764 AQ A953
2NT. Involving partner in a decision may not succeed, but guessing whether to try the aggressive 3NT or conservative 3 certainly has no guarantees. At least we will have a learning moment. (How important are these masterpoints we are trying to win in this holiday game?)
Alan Frank's bidding problem: x Tx K9xxx KQTxx
This psychic artificial 2NT inquiry over partner's weak two has been addressed and re-addressed. I will research (reluctantly) and get back. Thanks for your reply.
Stuart King's bidding problem: AK953 Q5 Q6 K874
Many club matchpoint players bid 3 without thought--bidding with points vs passing often leads to a good result vs a bad result. When hands like this are posted, I can't help but think 3 doubled went for "sticks and wheels" (1100 = A picture of two upright sticks ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 4 KQT62 QT54 A84
Redouble might work out quite well, since East's average hand would be something like a 5-2-3-3 three-count. If my partner doubled 2 in a money game, it would be steak for dinner.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: x Tx K9xxx KQTxx
No. The last I heard, psyching the artificial bid of 2NT was not allowed without a reasonable expectation of game. Someone please update me if this is not so...
Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: 9732 QJT9 AJ KJT
Bidding a major over 1m-(X)-? is generally more effective than redouble in reaching the optimum contract. Over the redouble, opponents may now preempt with weak hands creating difficulties, like this hand. Redouble has become a low frequency action here as a result. After 1M-(X)-? redouble becomes much more ...
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
Played Meckwell versus strong for a while, but hated guessing the longer suit, so modified: 2=4+ with 5-card major 2=4+ with 5-card major 2/2=natural X=4-card major with longer minor or both majors (or one minor) The important feature is ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AKJ642 K83 Q2 K6
2, but... A common agreement in 2/1 is for 3 to promise the AKQJ, or else bid 2. I am OK with AKJT and extra value, but best to have an agreement about suit quality. I also like an agreement here that 3NT shows good 6-card ...
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: 3 A6 KQT98xxx K7
2. My 3 bids usually table a likely running suit, or else extra value. This gives my partner has a better chance of getting it right...
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: 9 AQJ4 JT963 A62
1NT. Happy to see the large percentage in agreement. This hand can now be accurately described over 2 GF, identifying the singleton and suit lengths. I am also happy when 1NT is the only makeable spot.

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