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Jacob Vrooman
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June 26, 2012
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Aug. 9, 2017
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What's the Difference?
What about 4n as the forcing minor hand? I would not have risked 5s being passed out if starting with 5c...but there appears to be room for both a flexible invite and slam force. 4n-5x-5s 5c-5x-5s Assuming 4N shouldn't be 'to play' which frankly wouldn't suprise me ...
What's the Difference?
Well, if the prempt was a major, it would likely be a 6-4m possibly merit here to have it 6-4M. But I have a feeling some folks might play it as a 'good' 5m bid in all situations.
ATB - wrong game
I dont think the W cards are worth considering an upgrade. There isn't much to say about the auction after that. Except perhaps W doubling down with their decision...the hand was worth an upgrade based on the merits of the H suit, so should probably bid them again.
Gatlinburg Deals
Probably some gerber thing happened...
Green Ribbon Pairs? (ACBL)
Anyone else expect to see the Q for this be based on how much $$$ you've spent in the acbl?
Underbidding again!
1x (p) 1y (2w) X! I only ask because a megamillions pair played this as pen and never alerted. Seems obvious alert these days would likely point to support. What is the expected no-alert meaning then? T/o? Pen needs to alert too?
ATB: no-play vulnerable game instead of making slam
I give up. Which one is it? Wow, just wow.
Preemptor's Redouble
1D or 2D seems sufficient? I mean it's fun to postulate the optimal usage, but at the end of the day, it is the understanding that in a partnership where stuff like this is ok, pard can do what they want and your role is just catching.
Preemptor's Redouble
Having an agreement probably defeats the purpose of unsheathing it. If they had bid it's obviously showing a good 3d bid...offering penalty or demanding competING. Here, you already had your $...has to be reveal a, see above.
Gábor Szőts's bidding problem: AKx AQxx QT8xx x
I think "probably" is an overbid...I don't like plucking hands, but i'd take a moment to look at some insta passes with 5 spades that are GOOD games.

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