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Jacques Faure
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March 15, 2017
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Feb. 29
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about me

 i play mostly machpoints in a club with many british playing ACOL

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1NT and Majors suits
steve: 1) I din't say that missing a major suit fit is fine if opener is strong,I said it is acceptable,and it is already accepted by those who open 1 NT 14.16 or 15.17. I open these hands 1C so missing a Mj-fit is really ...
Ronald with close no HCP (second seat has 16 to 18 HCP) O.K nothing is wrong,you have nothing but distribution, a singleton or 2 doubletons =( or regular of course you pass, distribution is"king" says Maxwell,with a singleton they ...
in classic Ripstra you show your tolerance by biding directly 2♣,or 2♦,but these bids are already used by DONT, so our X is RIPSTRA up-side-down and it is the responder who ask for the tolerance,as he is there no problem TO be short ...
HEh! Michael the exact writing of Faulkner is "past is not dead is not even past" pass sounds close to past, sorry M it's just a bad pun pardon me please let'us ask Faulkner to forgive me
ronald in 4th I bid with the HCP and the pattern of the second but maybe you are right that I should not be more lax
2 ♣ Multi
with a hand 11.hcp or more and 5.4 Mj I open the 5 cards, I don't use preempts here is clear and classic. with 5 ♥ and 4 ♠ strong I use a reverse but it is not FG, and don't shows a 6.4, with 5.5 ...
2 ♣ Multi
i agree that my 2♣ with 4.4 majors was too shortly explained, the conditions IMo, are very resticted but no rare. these are hands 14.15hcp all in the tows Mj and patern 4=4(.4.1) or 4=4(5.0),so the opening of 1 minor can ...
opening two suited hands ,
thank you Ian good luck with yours
opening two suited hands ,
O.K Patrik,so the only differences are the limits, your upper limits around 7 losers are my bottoms, so your methods I agree are very good preempts, my method is the confort of part, may be I am a kind of altruist ! thanks
opening two suited hands ,
Patrick: the difference with a Wilkosz 2♦, is that mine have no upper linit; about the standard 2NT the differnce is the pattern ,in standard 2NT is regular,in mine is 2 minors suits and here also no limit. thanks
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