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Jacques Faure
Jacques Faure
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March 15, 2017
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Jan. 16
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about me

I am a retired surgeon, this backgroud explains I like going  straight to the target as soon as possible, but careful ! i play mostly machpoint

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2 ♣ Multi
with a hand 11.hcp or more and 5.4 Mj I open the 5 cards, I don't use preempts here is clear and classic. with 5 ♥ and 4 ♠ strong I use a reverse but it is not FG, and don't shows a 6.4, with 5.5 ...
2 ♣ Multi
i agree that my 2♣ with 4.4 majors was too shortly explained, the conditions IMo, are very resticted but no rare. these are hands 14.15hcp all in the tows Mj and patern 4=4(.4.1) or 4=4(5.0),so the opening of 1 minor can ...
opening two suited hands ,
thank you Ian good luck with yours
opening two suited hands ,
O.K Patrik,so the only differences are the limits, your upper limits around 7 losers are my bottoms, so your methods I agree are very good preempts, my method is the confort of part, may be I am a kind of altruist ! thanks
opening two suited hands ,
Patrick: the difference with a Wilkosz 2♦, is that mine have no upper linit; about the standard 2NT the differnce is the pattern ,in standard 2NT is regular,in mine is 2 minors suits and here also no limit. thanks
opening two suited hands ,
ian: my openings are not F.G except some after 2♣-(cf my previous post),so they are not rare, but they are not limited, it just that they make part more confortable, so in case of preemptive overcall opener can double showing a strong hand and partener know what ...
opening two suited hands ,
Patrick Wilkosz 2♦ opening is weak, mine is not,not banned yet,could be soon, let us wait, polish club is extra
the strong 2C opening, jacques Faure
steven how to show a 6.4 pattern? thanks you
the strong 2C opening, jacques Faure
in many systems after a 2C opening rebid of 2♥ is a 8 tricks hand ,by opening 2♥,this type there no possible ambiguity
the strong 2C opening, jacques Faure
to Dick: here it is clear that opener is the pilot (right or wrong)
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