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New Zealand Interprovincial Championships. My first time on vugraph - not a great experience
After the first comment, directly tell the operator that their comment was inappropriate. If there's a second instance, inform the Director. Though the operator is clearly in the wrong, I'm pretty surprised nobody at the table did this.
Squeeze for 1400
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
I don't know the result of the hand. 4 could be a good result at matchpoints. Nor can I see all four hands so I don't know what double dummy has to do with anything. I'm not a good player, which is why is phrased my ...
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
After East's 4 bid, surely West can picture 6? That's not to say I agree with the bidding up until that point.
2018 European Championships Results
Typically Hong Kong, but I suspect in this case it's Sam's teammate, Helen Kane.
Opponment writes 100 for his own score.
Arguably, writing down a score is a "suggestion that play be curtailed".
Question to those of you playing Ekren
After 2D Ekrens I have played: 2NT - artificial puppet to 3C. Usually the start of an invitational sequence, but could lead to slam tries. (Responder may also be intending to pass). 3C - Artificial GF. Opener bids: 3D 4-5 majors; 3H 5-4 majors; 3S 4-4 majors min; 3NT 4-4 majors max ...
Controlling noise at your club
Ask a kindergarten teacher for tips - I suspect the tactics will be very similar.
2C-2D-jump in 2-way new minor forcing (XYZ)
"AFAIK jumping at this point show INV with a good 6 card suit" Is this standard?
Grand National Slams
"We play 1♥ - 2♠ as less than invitational with six or more spades, which frees up 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♦/2♥ - 2♠ as an artificial game-force. 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♦ and 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♥ are two of the most difficult constructive sequences in bridge." What's the best hand that falls into ...
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