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Jake Corry
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Feb. 23, 2013
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2018 European Championships Results
Typically Hong Kong, but I suspect in this case it's Sam's teammate, Helen Kane.
Opponment writes 100 for his own score.
Arguably, writing down a score is a "suggestion that play be curtailed".
Question to those of you playing Ekren
After 2D Ekrens I have played: 2NT - artificial puppet to 3C. Usually the start of an invitational sequence, but could lead to slam tries. (Responder may also be intending to pass). 3C - Artificial GF. Opener bids: 3D 4-5 majors; 3H 5-4 majors; 3S 4-4 majors min; 3NT 4-4 majors max ...
Controlling noise at your club
Ask a kindergarten teacher for tips - I suspect the tactics will be very similar.
2C-2D-jump in 2-way new minor forcing (XYZ)
"AFAIK jumping at this point show INV with a good 6 card suit" Is this standard?
Grand National Slams
"We play 1♥ - 2♠ as less than invitational with six or more spades, which frees up 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♦/2♥ - 2♠ as an artificial game-force. 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♦ and 1♥ - 1♠ - 2♥ are two of the most difficult constructive sequences in bridge." What's the best hand that falls into ...
Why are there multiple posts about the exact same topic?
I'm resisting the strong urge to start a new thread to discuss this topic.
Why aren't you playing in the USBF Trials?
Bring your mother to the trials? :)
School Bridge promotion - a cross cultural trip to India
We bridge players tend to hate it when uninformed non-players make ignorant, sweeping generalisations about our game. We should probably therefore avoid doing the same concerning other hobbies.
Suggestions on books on probability calculation
Another thumbs up for 'Bridge Odds for Practical Players'. I left my copy on a bus and, thinking it was unlikely anyone would take it, checked at the bus station. I was mildly embarrassed when the assistant asked me what the name of the book was. She then proceeded to ...
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