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James Coutts
James Coutts
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Feb. 16, 2012
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45 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Former U26 and Mixed Teams representative from New Zealand, now living in Australia.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the national provincial championship in 2014 after being robbed by an incorrect committee ruling made during playing time with no players present in 2013
Bridge Accomplishments
NZ Teams Championship 2013 + 2017
Favorite Conventions
Transfers, penalty doubles, suit parity signals
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
An awkward 2NT opener auction
This sequence for us shows diamonds and the other major. Single-suited C/D would bid 2NT-4H/S direct.
Showing the Five of Spades
I don't know anything at all about this project. But surely a possibility is that only one player in the partnership was showing information, and the other was receiving.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K9xxx x J87xx Tx
I presumed it was a 1S vs 2H style question. About which I have no strong opinion, but I think 1S is more normal.
Interesting hands from Wroclaw (4)
I was south and was faced with the unenviable decision over P-P-1D-(4H)- I bid 4S for better or worse, and the auction proceeded P-P-5C- I bid 5D for better or worse (worse as you will soon see), and the auction proceeded 5H-5S which really did not excite me. But ...
Interesting hands from Wroclaw (2)
I was west on this hand against you Paulo (I think)! I did give some pretty serious thought to doubling 3D at matchpoints - 2D was 8-11 (not 6-11) so I did know partner had some values. In the end I decided having so much in clubs was bad and the ...
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
Wroclaw feels like a very safe place, as I commented during our first evening of walking around here. However, please be very security-conscious. The first night we were here (Thursday 1 September), my partner and I had our apartment burgled, while we were inside sleeping. In the lounge were my ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
As someone who has always been (irrationally, I know) superstitious about the seats I sit in, I was very annoyed to recently find this arbitrary rule that disallows me from sitting in *either* of my seats at the upcoming Mixed Teams event in Wroclaw. Having read this enlightening discussion, I ...
James Coutts's bidding problem: A97653 --- T9853 T5
If someone chooses to bid 2C with 2551 and "hope for a double" when vulnerable, that seems like a poor decision. We would not do this. Just because you disagree with our system does not mean we are silly people who make bad decisions. Perhaps I should have been clearer ...
two quasi-restricted choice questions
1. Yes Well, kind of. I was playing a matchpoint tournament a couple of months ago. There are a lot of those in my area, and they are frequented by many of the same people. These opponents in particular are at almost all of them (although not always playing together ...
James Coutts's bidding problem: A97653 --- T9853 T5
We play the same system when we are vulnerable. I'm not sure how your comment about a 5-5 diamond fit is relevant - as explained above, 2D/H/S are natural run-outs. We would bid 2D with the hand you mention. Aside from the poor example, I understand the theory ...

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