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James Coutts
James Coutts
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Feb. 16, 2012
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about me

Former U26 and Mixed Teams representative from New Zealand, now living in Australia.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the national provincial championship in 2014 after being robbed by an incorrect committee ruling made during playing time with no players present in 2013
Bridge Accomplishments
Gold Coast Teams 2019, South West Pacific Teams 2019, NZ Pairs 2018 + 2019, NZ Teams 2013 + 2017
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Play 1NT
Opening lead was on the other side of the screen (hand rotated to make south declarer). There were no inferences available at the table that the lead was either fast or slow - I didn't notice anything other than normal tempo on my side.
Eight ever, nine never? A new situation
I was the declarer at Liam's table. West (Justin Mill) ruffed with the 9, not the 10. East (Tony Nunn) was lightning-quick with his plays to the first four tricks, and Justin insta-ruffed with the 9. Against these guys though, you expect no less in terms of pace. When ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Just to clarify - my personal views on ethical acts in bridge aren't based on proving myself to other people. Internally, I'm comfortable with my own actions and thoughts. I think this logical alternative topic is very difficult, and I'm hoping to learn more and figure out ways ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Richard, that's precisely what I would like to happen. I would have no problem with the opponents calling the TD and a ruling going against me in a situation such as this. What I wouldn't like to happen is for a ruling to go in my favour and ...
How should I act after a BIT?
I agree with Jean-Christophe that bidding decisions are often (not always) substantially easier to consider in this regard than leading problems. I find it a lot easier to look at a bidding decision and decide that I think something will be considered a logical alternative and make my choice accordingly ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Shawn, your first paragraph raises a very interesting point. You are definitely right that if I was in that position I could very well do something illogical and reflexive just as you say. Making all the deductions that I made which led to the conclusion that a diamond lead is ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Thanks Alexander and Kit. I think I agree with everything you both say. What I don't understand though is the statement in the basis of the appeal: "It was the unethical use of partner’s BIT that produced the diamond lead". It seems inflammatory and offensive, aside from the ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Oh, I'm very sorry I misunderstood that. That negates a significant proportion of the reason my post. I guess an opponent is always free to call me unethical if they want, though I would still like to avoid it if possible. I will try to edit the OP in ...
An awkward 2NT opener auction
This sequence for us shows diamonds and the other major. Single-suited C/D would bid 2NT-4H/S direct.
Showing the Five of Spades
I don't know anything at all about this project. But surely a possibility is that only one player in the partnership was showing information, and the other was receiving.

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