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March 1, 2017
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Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
I like to over-alert. However, when playing a system that lends itself to such over-alerting on our part, I pre-alert the opponents so that if they want to limit our use of alerts to those mandated by ACBL, we comply and provide a post-auction reminder that there were bids that ...
Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
An era is starting to pass in Washington bridge. Beth is one of those players who will sorely be missed by the entire community. When I learned of her passing last night, I was in disbelief because she always seemed so sharp and robust from my distant observation point. My ...
Hesitation Problem
When I was playing in Indiana, there was a local club where 4 women (at the time, all novices) won the Dayton Women's Swiss - a win/loss 8-0 against the best in the country. They spent the next 10 years gradually getting enough master points to get their LM ...
Hesitation Problem
When I was starting out, most players in the Bloomington, IN games with 800 pts were pretty substantial players. Now, in many games that I've directed or played in, many players with 2500+ pts that have "earned" their points in the last 10 years often don't exhibit what ...
Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event
I'm sorry, but bridge has been struggling for year with developing a meaningful way to place limits on participants even as they open new doors to try to increase participation. I am all for ways to increase participation, but either you allow all those who meet the age criteria ...
Ted Ying's bidding problem: K876 J93 KQ8 KQJ
I think that the AI and the UI provide the same information; that the 3 bid was not descriptive of North's actual holding. 3NT is a logical alternative. Behind screens, the auction would have been the same except if asked, the South player would say that that the ...
Ted Ying's bidding problem: K876 J93 KQ8 KQJ
I am less scientific about these things - I subtract 1 for 4-3-3-3, another for the KQJ tight (treating the J as an x unless partner shows that suit), and another for not having any 10's, and give some credit back for nice 876 coupled with a K. So I ...
Ted Ying's bidding problem: K876 J93 KQ8 KQJ
I am going to largely echo Dave Beer: 1. I would downgrade this to a weak NT. 2. There is clearly a disconnect with my best guess being Puppet Stayman. I have no reason to bid again. 3. You were lucky you took another bid. I would have passed 3 ...
Another Zia class act story
Knowing David well, I am certain that decants is more applicable.
Todd Holes's bidding problem: AK3 Q964 QJ8763 ---
I voted at the table.
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