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James Creech
James Creech
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March 1, 2017
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Jan. 23
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been involved as a member and officer of ACBL's Unit 109 board,  as the unit and club director, and currently involved as an administrator, teacher and TD for the BBO associated Intermediate/Advanced Club.  Through the years, I have developed friendships in the bridge world, and played with or against some of the world's finest players.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Earliest was running an accidental squeeze against Easley Blackwood and receiving a compliment from him. The most memorable was keeping the Boyd/Robinson squad on the ropes in the first round of our DIstrict's GNT final; they needed the full 32 boards to beat us as the bottom seed that year.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in 0-10K KO 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
currently none, past Ransone Price, David Trent, Mike Cheng, Peter Whipple
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO's IAC (intermediate/advanced club) as player/teacher/TD
Favorite Tournaments
IAC's Dare to Practice - prepared hands to practice declarer play problems including squeezes, endplays, trump coups, managing danger and the like.
Favorite Conventions
The one that best describes my hand at the moment its needed (when needed, it is almost never played by the partner at the time, and if it is, then partner has forgotten it)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
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BBO Changes for Teaching Bridge
You may also want to check out The program has a lot of step by step hands with discussion and is free.
1!h-2!s and 1!s-3!h to show 3-card limit raise in opener’s major?
What seems to have been lost in this discussion is the primary question of has "...anyone has ever utilized these bids for such purposes and what, if any, downsides there might be to doing so." So far what I have seen is a general concern that you end up on ...
Education Via the Scorecard
First, "Can it ever be right for a Director to punish a side via a result unlikely to be unattainable through normal play?" Shouldn't this be either likely to be unattainable or unlikely to be attainable? Second, I never use an adjustment as a form of penalty except in ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: KQx Ax KJx AT742
This reminds me of learning to bid against canape systems. When they open and it goes pass pass to you, it is almost always best to pass it out. They are almost never in their best spot.
Tuna, I never thought about the term "asymmetric post-mortems" before. I usually assess myself with 100% of the blame for partnership harmony (even when I truly believe otherwise), but now that I have a term for it, I will use it.. The time I can recall assigning the blame elsewhere ...
Congratulations to John Adams
Congrats John! I remember the one time we played together.
Odd Movement
That is what I did when I had complete control of my games.
Smart Dude
I am certain that it will add to his personal diversification of skill sets, which is never a bad thing. Edited for unintended snarkiness. I have only admiration for Oren's skills and abilities. And think that the law will only enhance his toolbox for the future.
Bridge and Sex on the High Seas
I don't remember Jake Winkman having difficulties with the pursers, but then as a character in a series of books, perhaps his predilection was already well-known by the time of his appearance in a similar role for Cruise Bridge. . Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing

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