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James Heneghan
James Heneghan
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March 24, 2012
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Dec. 15
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Bridge Player
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Dublin, Ireland & Washington, DC



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Played Camrose series for Ireland 2012
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Regent, Washington Bridge League
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James Heneghan / Hans Iukovici
2 over 1 GF
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You know its not your night when...
Bidding 3S took away losing options from your weak/moderate opponents and risked even less match points thank you eventually got. Hyper aggression rarely pays vs weak/moderate opponents as these actions box them into making a pragmatic decisions.
Losing in The Vanderbilt
I give South the Kx(x), 6/7 and the A and presumably the K. With S holding 7, you need to bang down the A and hope the K drops. If south has Kx,Ax,AKxxxx,Kxx and you cont. a , you are ok while a ...
Lee Sedol vs. AlphaGo
Bridge is more complex than poker/backgammon (all incomplete information games), but in bridge you need two bots co-operating with each other optimally whilst also needing to disclose their methods/system to opponents - none of the other games require this. This latter part may be the tricky bit - translating the ...
An Edgar Kaplan Observation
Hi Ed, I don't think x by North is good judgement.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: KQJT9 K2 KT9 J53
Hi Peg, Great texture but 3nt is out of the question because of a lacking of bullets. 3 is sensible but probably is not a pairs action. You will be in good company with your pass IMO. I can also see partners reasons for X, but in their deliberations ...
Do experts use Losing Trick Count ?
LTC (and HCP) is a proxy for hand evaluation. It's primarily useful for inexperienced players when deciding how high to to go. In a nutshell, an experts decision is based on - 1)The objective on the hand: complete, preempt or know when to stay silent with a fit. 2 ...
Knockout Phase Matchups
Here is a list I made of the BB qualifiers ranked Vs the other qualifiers ... England and France come out on top. My prediction for the semis are: Bulgaria, USA2 (marginal), France (marginal), England (as they have dominated over the top teams). For ...
Credential committee´s decision
I had fish on Friday, am I banned from a congress on the weekend?
New name for the Fantunes System?
New name: Mosca After its inventor Carlo Mosca In Bill Jacobs book on Fantunes, he credits Carlo with coming up with the ideas. Edit: Q: How was the system born? A: (Fulvio) The inspiration came from Carlo ...
Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!
You are probably right about being wrong.

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