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James Huntington
James Huntington
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Aug. 21, 2015
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Jan. 10
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about me

First ACBL session 1973, first master point the next year, played pro in 1980s, took many years off, came back in 2000s, now playing almost only on BBO.

United States of America

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Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
'Old' Bridge Magazines
I'd pay postage plus $20 - please message me if you are interested.
The slow and the fast
How about BRIDGE with jokers? Remove the minor-suit deuces. The colored joker is the high trump of whatever suit its owner makes it, the black-and-white one second.
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
They suggest it, but don't demand it. West could have had QJx and the likes of KJ10x.
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
If 3NT is right even opposite QJxx, maybe East should just raise notrump instead of messing around in spades.
What is the "statistically best way" to play the AJ9 opposite Kxx?
Should be in the Encyclopedia...
Hawaii NABC Report & ACBL Issues of the day
Since they started providing comps through players' clubs a couple of decades ago, food has not been cheap at all in Las Vegas. It still has that reputation, but a few years ago the average Strip hotel dinner buffet, for example, was over $20.
Have you booked your rooms in Istanbul?
Silly - avoid certain inner city areas, and you're fine.
Have you booked your rooms in Istanbul?
What "obvious reason" do you think caused the State Department to overreact against Turkey in particular?
Have you booked your rooms in Istanbul?
You two are missing the point - this is about Turkey in particular. Our State Department says Greece, Jordan, Bahrain, Bulgaria, and the United Arab Emirates are safe, if of course you use normal precautions. Our State Department says Turkey is NOT safe, and says the chance for Turkey, as opposed ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
But not in rubber bridge, where they're dealt one at a time. Counting your cards there used to be a giveaway that you were primarily a duplicate player.
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