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James Krot
James Krot
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May 21, 2013
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Nov. 29, 2018
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Played a ton of bridge when I was younger, I remember sharping my game against some of the best juniors at the time.  Having to work full time through college limited my continued bridge play.  I now work for ImageMover(MD) as a Software Engineer in Madison, WI and play bridge infrequently.  I still teach quite regularly mostly to casual/social bridge players who are unable to make lessons at the local bridge club.  My son will be 6 this year and I plan on teaching him bridge when he gets a little older.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in Junior team trial with Noble Shore, Charlie Garrod and Drew Hoskins
Bridge Accomplishments
Made it to the semis on the junior team trials in 2002, lost to the world champions twice in a double elimination.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Madison Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Orlando Regional
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ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
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Not sure if this is a ruling question, but I've never seen this before
Jim and I used to have conventions for insufficient bids but in the ACBL it is not longer legal to have conventional meanings for such bids.
Great seeing stories about you guys, I miss the bridge dynamics we had playing against you and with you when I lived in florida really helped develop my game back then.
Mark Raphaelson's bidding problem: T75 KT5 AK63 852
Partner prob has some sort of 4225 10-12 count and basically doesn't want to get shafted in 1nt. he could even be a 4216 or something like that.
Mark Raphaelson's bidding problem: T75 KT5 AK63 852
I have seen some of my partners 3 seat openershe had other options just because you are a max for your bid doesn't mean partner even has a full opener.
James Krot's lead problem: AKJ5 AT976 A73 5
Other table ended up in 2 after my hand doubled for penalty, 2 was down 1. 1NT ended down 4 when we squeezed declarer. Only 4 small spades on dummy so it wasn't a pretty time after partner cleared diamonds and returned a spade.
James Krot's lead problem: AKJ5 AT976 A73 5
I thought about overcalling a NT but the stiff club just left a sour taste in my mouth.
James Krot's lead problem: AKJ5 AT976 A73 5
So leading the A or K can be right if you switch to a low diamond but beating the contract isn't certain because you have lost a little tempo. Winning lead was a small diamond either 7 or 3 due to being able to establish partners j10xxxx ...
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
North should really take a 4 after 4, he has both red aces a and the K and enough club length to make it so that they should have a 9 card fit which can make up for a lack of honor in the suit. Though we ...
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
Great story, I am trying to convince my kids elementary school to let me teach them barbu 1 day a week in an effort to get them up to bridge level. Thinking barbu for 4th graders and maybe leave out one of the complicated games till 5th grade and lead ...
Equal Level Conversion
I am a big fan of getting both majors in if my heart suit had been weaker I would have been more in favor but I feel like the 1 over for even lead purposes needs to be bid. Make the A the A and I would ...

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