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James Lawrence
James Lawrence
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Sept. 29, 2011
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about me

Club player and EBU tournament director.

"minus1100" on BBO, a name I occasionally live up to!

In real life, I am a professional data scientist.

United Kingdom

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5HX-9 NV. Maybe that isn't an accomplishment...
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Questions for the directors
Presumably, following this logic all the way off the cliff, the assigned score is 4XX-5. West redoubles as yet another re-transfer and East, still in a fog, passes. After all, the penalty for not alerting should be about three thousand points, right? :)
How do you rule?
Brian, would you adjust the score to 4 minus some? (I haven't calculated how many.) I guess 4X-many is not really possible?
Law on Bidding after Pause
@Yu, I wasn't calling you a cheat! Apologies if you took it that way. I think we just misunderstood each other. Thanks Paul for clearing up the confusion.
Law on Bidding after Pause
@ Yu C: You said "My wait ... was only to make anyone know this is penalty." This is why you were ruled against. You are only supposed to communicate with your partner through what your call is, not how long it took you to make it. Partner has to rely on ...
Eric Leong's bidding problem: 9 Q9 KJ873 KQJ93
@Eric, that is the only way to get a *good* score, but if 5 and 3NT both make exactly then we have got back to average on a board where we were in big trouble...
Comparable Call?
I think the ACBL have decided that they want to forbid any agreement after an irregularity by either side. The English Bridge Union have decided that you can have agreements after an opponent's insufficient bid, bit not after your own side's (to avoid the obvious loophole of giving ...
Mechanical error
"I believe that I should be able to accept this call even if opponent intended to bid 2♠" That isn't what the law says. If it is unclear whether it is a mechanical error or a misbid, it is the TD who must make that judgement (on the balance ...
Comparable Call?
you could still accept the 1 bid (though you'd need to call the TD to do that, and at a club if you don't want to stir the pot then fair enough)
Comparable Call?
In most systems yes, but there are some where 1 includes (almost) all those that would overcall 1NT.
What's He Doing This Time?
Patrick, why would a 3244 hand, presumably with <15HCP, want to force partner to the three level when everybody is vulnerable?
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