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James Lawrence
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Sept. 29, 2011
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about me

Club player and EBU tournament director.

"minus1100" on BBO, a name I occasionally live up to!

In real life, I am a professional data scientist.

United Kingdom

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5HX-9 NV. Maybe that isn't an accomplishment...
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Legal or illegal?
I'd be interested in others' views on how honourable it would be, if W asked a lot of questions about 1 (including whether it was forcing), to take a view and pass as N, dumping W in it (and giving East UI problems too). Of course that could ...
Extreme Bridge #10: Bridge Bidding Puzzle
Were NS playing Romex?
Would you roll this back?
My reading of the OP is that South didn't know what X showed but did it anyway. Presumably he at least expected it to be forcing, though (or at least partner only passes with an absolute stack of trumps)
Out of Control
I wondered about that too --- the way I play it the 2 bid shows a hand that would have doubled an opening 2. We don't shade it to allow for playing in 2, for two reasons: - opener is going to bid 2 over 2 ...
A New Lesson
Perhaps there is an alternative lesson: "if you are not sure which play is a mistake, try a blunder instead! Declarer will probably play you for the lesser mistake and you will get away with it" I'm pretty sure I have obliviously followed this lesson a lot :)
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
I am but a simpleton — if we thought it was obvious to use exclusion but then we foreseeably decided we cared about the excluded keycard, might it have been better to use ordinary RKCB instead?
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
It is worth noting that there is no sign-up fee to join the EBU, that was abolished some years ago. Instead the EBU takes a levy on (almost) every session that is played. I think that was sound policy; it eliminates a barrier to entry. You might think that a ...
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
So if you actually open 1 and rebid 2, what does that mean instead?
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
over 1m, might it be a better idea to swap the 2m and 1NT bids, so that 1NT now shows an overcall in m (which partner might well want to play in 1NT) and 2m is michaels (slightly more pre-emptive than 1NT)?
Out of Control
I don't think 2 is a cue bid playing this treatment. And South will get in the way anyway.
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