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Canape Agape
I can endorse the methods in BFUN as well. You can play the canape core with 12-15 point NT along with either the relay system over the Big Club as the author proposes, but you could also use another Big Club structure that might be more familiar to you, such ...
Brad Theurer's bidding problem: --- JT94 KJ8543 Q65
I do not like to make partner sit for a long time deciding what my bid may mean. In this case, he cannot misinterpret 5D as wanting to play in a different suit. As for level, I cannot think of an intelligent way to continue especially when we are unsure ...
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Have there been any drafts of a new Alert Chart?
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
No, I don't. I think that if someone is using a text to learn from, be it Hardy, be it Grant, be it Ricker, be it Cohen, that the restricted chart not blindside a pair. That being said, I think this chart is good for newcomer games, but not ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Ed - I agree with that type of configuration. Especially using the new Chart #3 as the GCC. OK, a few additions or exceptions maybe, but in general it is not too bad. Also, this corrects the issue, as I see it, to group newcomers in with Gold rush players. I ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
I have no problem with any restrictive chart when it comes to newcomer games. Maybe 199er as well. But Gold Rush? Why should there be any restrictions over and above the GCC? I also believe that the GCC should be way less restrictive than it is. It is hard to ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
I certainly don't expect to see language referencing specific works, but I would expect that the entirety of one of the founding texts on 2/1 be allowed in Intermediate/Gold Rush events.
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
I don't see why you restrict any event that awards gold points to something less than the GCC. The other thing I don't understand is why these charts seem to written in code. How about saying 2/1 a la Hardy or Lawrence is OK, as well as ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
Judging by the response to this proposed Midchart guideline, I can hardly wait to see comments on a new GCC. I can only hope that it is less restrictive than the current form, and more in line with international standards of bidding. For example, the English Bridge Union Blue Book ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
A further question along this same type opening - say the the 2D opening can be how Richard explains it OR a simple weak 2-bid in diamonds. Allowed?

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