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Calling all probabalists!
I agree that it's a guess in the given situation, but I think that method ignores a slight complication here. It isn't quite true that we can be completely blind among the JT9. What are you going to do if RHO plays the J at trick one, then ...
An unethical behavior (in my view) happened at a regional - what should I do?
Tell a director, and have the director go look at the pro's scoresheet. If this guy was actually dumb enough to write down your result on a board that he hasn't played yet, you've got your proof. If that fails, I don't think there's much ...
10 card Solid or almost solid suits.
I once picked up AKQJT76543 A A A in a kitchen table game. Yes, all four of us were at the table when it was shuffled and dealt. I think that's the only ten-card suit I've ever been dealt.
Procedure After Failure to Call Director
> If the lead out of turn had been the deuce instead of the king, West wouldn't have led a losing diamond unless compelled to do so I don't follow. The whole point here is that West wasn't informed that his partner's lead was a penalty card ...
Procedure After Failure to Call Director
South must not benefit from his attempt to make a ruling despite not knowing the law. He certainly can't tell West to lead, then decide that he'd rather exercise one of his other options after seeing what West chose. Therefore both "proceed as for lead out of turn ...
Rule this Claim!
"Crashing honours or leaving winners in an entryless dummy is, I think, less careless or inferior than presuming a suit will not break 5=0." I assume you meant "more careless or inferior." Otherwise you're proposing an extremely radical standard for how thorough claims need to be.
Rule this Claim!
Bill, are these novices that you're teaching bidding 7NT on 34 HCP? I don't think I've ever met anyone who would bid this grand, but doesn't understand how to take a free finesse.
Rule this Claim!
Wayne, you haven't answered my question. Would you still rule against declarer in my examples? If not, what exactly separates those examples from the actual example?
Rule this Claim!
Suppose the declarer claims, saying "Running the lead to hand. Making seven." Will you be satisfied then? It's trivial to state unblocking the queen of clubs before cashing his spade winners. That this was not stated begs the question that declarer appreciated the need for such a play. Okay ...
ACBL Big Ideas - Augmenting Rank/Point Structure
Gordon, does MyACBL include a way to sort my per-event winnings? I don't see one. (Nor do I see any convenient way to export my winnings to another program.)

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