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Feb. 24, 2012
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Claim including a revoke
Ed, are you sure it was intended that the hand can no longer be played out once the director is called? I suppose that is a possible interpretation of Law 68, but it seems a bit strange. I can't think of any other place in the laws where players ...
To claim, or not To claim
Right, it's not correct procedure, which makes it an irregularity. It still seems strange to say that the director is breaking the law by making a mistake. If we want to fire a director, we can always fire the director for incompetence; there's simply no need for a ...
To claim, or not To claim
I don't buy your argument that the director violated 81C1 in my example either -- I don't think 81C1 is a catchall intended to make it illegal for the director to make a mistake. But for the sake of moving on from this semantic tangent, I'll offer a ...
To claim, or not To claim
If a director conducting a poll accidentally tells a player a hand that the player has not yet played, is that an irregularity? I think so. Has the director broken the law? I don't think so.
To claim, or not To claim
I meant it honestly. You could have known something that I don't, but I guess it's just a difference of opinion. To your second sentence, something doesn't have to violate a law to be an irregularity.
To claim, or not To claim
Is there an official interpretation on this? Claiming tricks that you can't actually guarantee you'll take certainly seems like a departure from correct procedure to me. Feel free to replace "irregularity" with "error" in my original comment, if you prefer.
To claim, or not To claim
What about a bad claim?
To claim, or not To claim
Let's finish that sentence -- S pulled the wrong card in the confusion created by his partner's irregularity. North makes an invalid claim in a situation where his partner could still misplay, South does in fact misplay, North-South try to argue that the confusion created my North's irregularity ...
Carding Dilemma
If partner is unethical, then his hesitation suggests playing a diamond; if partner is ethical, then his hesitation suggests not playing a diamond. I don't play with partners that I expect to behave unethically, so the UI suggests not playing a diamond. Therefore I am obligated to lead a ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
Nedju, I think you need to reread things. Declarer didn't show his hand and ask how many tricks he was taking; he showed his hand and stated that he would take 13 tricks. He has no way of knowing that. This is conclusive proof of an aberration.

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